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What do you love most about being an interior designer?

1 of 28 Interior Designer Interview Questions and Answers Written by Professional Interviewers

How to Answer

The interviewer needs to hear that you are passionate about some aspect of being an interior designer. What do you love most about your career? Is it meeting so many people? Is it being creative every day? Is it keeping up with the latest designs and trends? When you share what you love, your passion will automatically come through!

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What do you love most about being an interior designer?
I love the free world of imagination that I can leave an impact in the world only by a peace of furniture.
Actually, I got into this field to become an architect but midway through my education I realized that I loved the interior aspect a lot more than the architectural aspect. I really enjoy designing personalized spaces for people and for brands and not the overencompassing architecture. I enjoy studying people and making designs that reflect what people want specifically. I feel architecture was more about building and efficiency and things like that. Interior is more about the person and the user which is really what I'm into.
When you see your design has been built and get publish on a news, and you know it was your design.
Watching nature.. Varies type atmosphere.. Visiting different places. Talking with people,
To play with theme design.
I feel that interior design and/or designing in general holds and provides this sense of freedom in terms of the way an individual can interpret concepts. In designing this is where I get to express myself I always find myself designing whether it'd be on paper or visualising it on my head as a way of expressing myself and releasing different emotions. Designing I feel like is where I always find myself doing.
Seeing the finalization of a project. How the vision was accomplished.
BY getting respect from clients.
I love being able to change the mood of a room through my designs and growing as I learn new styles and looks.
I have chosen the concept and creat the new desion.
What I love the most is the end result in projects. Building relationsips with client and improving their way of living in their homes.
Working with people and providing them with a space that helps to heal them and make them happy.
I love designing and I love interacting with other people. I also love site visitation.
Trying to visually enhance a space.
I have different eyes, soul than other its more artistic.
I love designing so this is the best way to show my talent.
Being able to be in a creative work environment with other alike individuals. I think that gives me the best satisfaction because ideas are just stirring endlessly.
I create functional and comfortable living/working environments.
The thing I love most would have to be making others happy with what we could come up with. I made their dream come true.
I love being able to influence the way people inhabit space and experience space. How culture affects the spatial environment and vice versa. How space can influence our inner thoughts and emotions.
Its design with shapes, colors and concept.
How I can try all types of combinations. With such a variety of textures, colors, swatches of fabric... Anything is possible.
Seeing satisfaction from clients and helping them achieve their dream project.
Creating concepts and working with a design team.
I love the creative process. I have been an artist since chidhood and my interpersonal growth has taken me to a whole different level of thinking and creating.
First thing is to design my own house by myself and then, to be a part of the design field of dubai.
The conceptual part of interior design is probably my favorite. How ideas stem from point A to point B is always fascinating to me. I am also a very goal oriented person, so I think that watching my visions turn into reality is incredibly rewarding.
The impact and value design adds to peoples lives.
What I love the most about being an interior designer is that I can have an opportunity to create and design a space where people can have great experiences.
I get the chance to implement all my ideas in designing a home or a place where people can see your work and compliment on it.
I can relax and show my expressions through interior designing.
Create new and innovative designs.
I have been involved in a few interior design projects, these.
The ability to shape a space that a person spends so much time in. As designers we have more power than most people think. The psychological effects of the environments we spend our days in affect us, as designers we have the duty to improve these environments for our clients in our designs even though they may not realize it.
I love the idea of starting from scratch and adding colour to the room.
The outcome is always the best. Which leads into seeing peoples reaction and seeing how the design changes the mood for people. Whether we notice it or not interior design and architecture has effects on us everyday and I like to see how different designs and styles play different roles in people. No one is alike so no design should be alike. This allows for a lot of creativity to be put into play to create beautiful designs that will make peoples jaws drop. It's always great to know that something you created and worked hard on payed off and brought joy to other people.
New client new challenge new design and creativity. And m a person who live to design and design to live.
I love seeing the beauty of designed creations, all the various styles and different moods they cast. It's a full personality expression. They make my chest swell with happiness.
Just getting creative and the overall feeling after a completed design, seeing the design done and up gives me a satisfying feeling.
Making users'dreams come true and the fact that they feel that the space is their own reflection.
I love the relationship I develop with my clients. The excitement that overwhelms them when we have completed their project.
I love the ability to create something for someone to make them happy living in their home. I also like the satisfaction of having an end product that was created by just a vision. I love seeing the vision come to life.
I love the problem solving aspect of design! There is noting I enjoy more than facing a difficult problem head on finding a solution to the puzzle! It is so rewarding in the end, and the more difficult the problem, the more satisfaction you get upon completion!
When I see my clients happy with the space I designed usually makes me love my job. I love to see people happy and as an interior designer, I could lift up people spirit with the spaces I design which is something that I love to do.
Being able to inspire the many with creative and functional solutions. Expressing my visual imagination for everyone to see.
I love the balance in interior design. I am collaborating with employees, I am meeting with clients, I am choosing a fabric, I am running numbers on a budget, I'm in the office, I'm on site - every day is a little different and I love helping people in this almost indirect way. There is an ASID video about interior design as a profession and the first statistic is that humans spend 93% of their lives indoors - and we can transform and make that 93% the BEST quality there is.
I love that we have the ability to create a feeling within someone. To be able to make someone feel glamorous, or comfortable, or elegant etc is such a powerful contribution to life. I love that we are able to transport people through materials or shift they way in which the use a space through planning.
Creating a space that makes someone else happy and assist in creating a stress free lifestyle. The colors and textiles never hurt though!
Creating beautiful spaces that meet the clients wants and needs.
That I can make others dream come true and make difference in their lifestyle.
Being able to express my ideas with others, as well as having the opportunity to transform a space.
Creating new spaces and layouts. Also theres a joy in making people happy about their space. They have somewhat of an idea what they or or sometimes no at all. Kinda like psych analyzing them to come up with the right solution for them. And the thing is no 2 people are the same so projects are different and interesting.
Creating spaces that have positive impacts on people.
I aspect that I love most about being a designer is how my work actually changes how people relate to the space they live in for the better: sometimes it gives them a whole new relationship to their families!
I love the most when I design and the customer love my design.
The ability to change the way someone uses a space, the way it makes them feel, is such an exciting and enjoyable process, I am always motivated to work on my designs as I have such a passion for this industry.
Decoring a space with creative ideas.
I love to help my client to live more creative life. I like my field so that I can provide a safe and creative environment to live their lifes.
Being an interior designer make your confident level higher than your expectation because you have to deal with people and material.
I like drawing so I think about client needs our dream home design.
Sai baba.
That challenge you get to change the empty space to something beautiful anf functiona.
Decorating places with the chosen concept and make the best design.
Decorating places with the chosen concept and make the best design.
Designing an interior space by it concept for human life.
Designing an interior space by it concept for human life.
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