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Tell me about some of your past design projects from your portfolio.
The interviewer wants to hear that you enjoy being a part of a team and that you contribute to the success of the team. Start off by sharing the last time you contributed to a team effort. Discuss how you personally made efforts to contribute to the team, and be sure to mention how successful the team was! Finally, be sure to mention that you enjoy working on a team from time-to-time because your collaborative efforts often result in a fantastic outcome! It is also great to learn from other designers and building professionals to help further your career through gained expertise.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about some of your past design projects from your portfolio.
It was challenging, but a positive learning curve.
I am a team oriented person, and during my experience, working in teams was the key to success.
Yes, I do have work on project with team. it is a good experience. U work with people who has different ideas and imagination that taught us how to combine different ideas together, and walk together as single unit.
Yes, we worked on a kitchen design project to help the metod range. Working as a team allows to voice their ideas and suggestions. This helped us see different visions and create a complete design with everyones perspective.
I have worked in teams on a project couple of times. Experience was good. In team work diffeent people has different skills, different knowledge when we bring this strength together then the result is going to be more creative.
Yes I work in teams on a project at my school project, it was nice to be work in teams because I can learn more idea and things from teams and share a lot of experience.
Yes when I did a retail design project for Amazon. Com in college. Actually at first, sharing and putting a lot of ideas together was challenging and hard. However, my team members and I learned and started to balance each of our ideas to make the best one.
Yes. I felt that working in a team was a great way to think outside the box, as well as the best way to get things done quickly. Working with a team brings new ideas to the forefront of concepts and design ideas, and this is where I think the best ideas stem from.
Yes and all work going smooth.
Yes worked in a team, I was good.
I worked well within a team. Its best when in a team, everyone has their allocated role/task so that the project runs smoothly.
Nope sole worker in projects.
Yes I did, it was pretty good and more funny than individual work.
I did. In college, I worked on multiple team projects to create architecture pieces. I really liked collaborating with team members and getting feedback on my ideas.
At school, each semester, I are grouped to work on a team project together. I like team project, because we can discuss ideas and find the best solution for the problem facing. In team projects we also give support to each other, pull-all-nighters together, so that we are more motivated. I really like it!!
Of course, on my very first project, I was worked in a team to designed a Hospital in Nigeria, and my part was to design the facade and the hall of that hospital. And I brought the succesfull design for the team.
I have carried out team projects and am involved in team work on a daily basis on my current job. Team work can be about compromise and experimenting ideas in a group. It is important to have individual productivity to collaborate with team members with in order to contribute to the project.
It was good experience, feel like I work well with others.
I liked it. Working with people make more creative and brilliant ideas about the projects.
Yes, it was nice to divide the work and each give their best in this project.
Yes . It was a good experience.
Yes, In team work we can take all opinion & afterwards we take final dicision.
Yes. It was fun, challenging and took the load off my shoulders in some aspects. But I learned that communication is most crucial to successfully pass through.
I worked in alot of team projects since first year. I've had a few bad experiences with difficult partners but a lot of positive ones. Over the summer I worked with a group and we did more than three design competitions together. We even had team-building sessions where we played board games together haha. I really enjoy the process of bouncing ideas back and forth with other members, it develops our concepts much deeper than if one person thought of it. I find in design we always have a big audience/market so it makes sense that multiple people design things because everyone has a different perspective. Certain people in the market may not see something the way I do but if we have a team looking at it, chances are we can turn more heads.
Yes. Most projects were team based in college. I loved it. The best ideas come from multiple thoughts from different people rather than just one. I always thought the best projects came from teams. Also, I have experience working with Model homes. That was a ton of team work. Collaborating ideas, working with decorating and accessorizing the house, and coming up with different schemes all took a lot of team work to come up with the best designs.
Yes, Iworked in a team it learns me a lot and I enjoyed it.
Yes and it was challenging and handled dynamically.
Yes. Working with in teams on a project better then working alone.
Yes, I did. It was good, every one in the group, pool up the ideas, to make a great one.
As an interior designer, I've always been working in teams on a project and I would say there are pros and cons. Pros, I get to see and hear other member's ideas and thoughts and incorporate those into a project. Cons would be that sometimes I need to listen more and talk less when there's conflicts between the team members. The most difficult thing working in teams would be when there are conflicts and you need to work through it to keep everything together.
Yes I worked in a team it was worth experincing working in a tem.
Yes I work with the team it was a good experience for me while working I got many new ideas new designs in team we can find solution while discussing with the people.
Yes, I enjoyed having colleagues to work through ideas and help delegate the work load.
Yes I have. Working in groups is always the best way to get positive project results as you have all the support needed.
Yes I have worked in a team where I got the chance to work with fellow students to find solution for a problem. We had to create a design with only materials that were available. This experienced helped me to understand and take other people's opinions into consideration as well as incorporating my own.
Yes I am working in a hospital building project . Its fully civil drawings and viva question and answers.
Yes, I have had a lot of experience working in teams in a variety of facets. In each group, individual dynamics play off of one another and it is exciting to bounce ideas and learn from another and their perspective. Not all ideas are a good fit for the situation at hand, yet the level of group respect and consideration is of utmost importance.
In School. And as part of a company I worked for. It went well, we always worked through design problems together and resolve them.
I did in my space planning class. There were 4 of us in a group and one of them dropped out of the program so we had to divide her workload among the 3 of us. We completed the assignment and we did a fabulous job.
No I worked only part time as a cashier.
Yes. I'll learned alot from different ideas of my groupmates.
Yes I have for the enex 100 project. I personally enjoyed working in a team of designers and architects. I learnt a lot from that experience such as how senior designers work with the client and to create a brief. Every designer brings a different approach to the project.
When I was doing my internship, most of the project we work in a team.So I get to learn more on communicate with different people.
Yes, multiple times throughout studio, you learn how important communication is, how to delegate tasks to the right people, time manage and collaborate within a creative team.
No I have not yet had the opportunity to do that.
Yes. It was a challenge working with different personalities and determining each team members strong point.
Yes. It was a challenge because I like to have control ofthings. I'm a hard worker and I don't like when people get in the way of what I am trying to accomplish. I do enjoy bouncing ideas off of other people and having discussion about how things can be better.
Yes, many many times. I love working in teams. I think the best ideas come from team brain storming, and bouncing ideas of each other. I think the key to a successful team project relies on two elements - one: trusting in the ability of your team mates, two: each member giving 100% into the work they're producing.
I always work in teams on all my projects. Even though im the lead designer of my past projects, I still collabarted with the sales person that is attached to the project along with the in house estimators and project managers. It can be very hard to work in teams but if everyone does their part and holds accountability, it can go smoothly and that was always the case with Working for TQ
Yes, we have group projects in school and I feel that in a group project is really testing the amount of effort you want to put in. In most of the group projects I would say, I usually try my best to take the initiative to lead the group. I feel that there is always a free loader in a group. I am quite an assertive person so I will usually persuade the other party to do their work but if is to no avail, I usually take it upon myself to do their work.
I didn't do any team work. I dont have that experience.
Yes, I really enjoy collaborating and working as a team.
Yes, I did my sem 5 and final project with other three members, it is work efficiently for me in a team environment.
Yes I have it was a great experience applying my knowledge receiving constructive criticism and most importantly learning from my team members.
Yes, and we did it very excellent without any member felt dumped.
Yes, I like the collaborative process.
Yes I did, I have been working with my teams while studying in raffles . And that was great, I learn to accept and understand others point of view.
Yes I worked in group/teams and I enjoy having different designs on how we display a project to a class, even if it a poster, slide show or a play.
Yes, recently I had a research design project in a group of 7 members. It was difficult to decide a topic we all agreed on but we realized we wouldnt all agree so we decided on a majority vote and gave each member a part of the project to complete.
I constantly work in teams, my professors recognize the collaboration aspect of the careers we are pursuing so most of our projects are done in at least teams of two. It takes a lot of organization but the collaboration is so important and the best ideas come from bouncing ideas off of each other. Technology really helps teams stay organized so we can stay on track and don't miss any work.
No I never worked witha a team because I am a freelancer.
Yes, we shared different views in any aspect and we debate what is the best solution to solve a problem without argue with one another if his/ her suggestion can not be accepted.
Yes work in a team is great as you are all able to input for the greater good of the firm.
Yes, I actually designed a tea shop and we are 3 designers then, and all of us have different task to do and responsibilities. Like me I do the technical, the other do the shopping, the other one is the licensed designer so she is the one really dealing with contracts and all, and we had a chance to present to client and give design propopals, and all and in the end of the day it really it turned out well. As of now the shop is operating and we are really happy with our work.
Yes. It was during this site analysis period.
I hav worked as a team in site execution project dat was really good.
Yes, apart from my freelancing roles, which were mainly lone projects, I worked within a team for most of four years in my previous job. I found the workload was more manageable as the pressure was felt by everyone, the concepts flow easier (two heads are better than one) and overall confidence in the creations were higher due to team work and support for each other. I also found it challenging as some creative minds can clash and conceptualising the same vision can be difficult, but overall I think team work is an advantage to any project.
Yes I did as a trainee we were making a design proposal for an hotel abroad it was a pleasent experience as I got to take part in designing a prototype and its final presentation and I had to interact with my superior architect and colleagues which ended up in a productive outcome.
Working in a team as a member and as a group leader makes me fully professional and I have gained communication skills.
Many times I work independent because you get task from your manager, but were projects where we worked as a team.
Teamwork is the way to go.
Yes, I did. There always have problem but the situation was not that bad. Most of the time when I was working in the teams the problem is each of us have different ideas but some time some people do not open there ears and heart to listen to another people ideas.
There were many projects at university where we worked in groups. This experience was valuable as I learnt how to cross collaborate design ideas and to mediate between one person to the other. The most important lesson was that stronger and more effective solutions come when you share opinions and bounce ideas off from each other.
Yes, I have a lot actually. It went well. At first I wasn't as good in teams because I preferred to be independent but throughout my years I have build good team membership and leadership.
Yes I do, I love working in teams to share different ideas.
Yeah. I worked as a team in my college projects. In fact, I am the one who lead the project along with my team mates. That days remember me like, one must have discipline, co ordination, straight attitude, cheerfulness, adaptable minds to achieve greater heights.
I always loved to work as a team on a projects because working as a team could have lots of various ideas however I also do not mind about working alone.
I did, When I did internship, I worked with educational design team. It was first time of internship and I know nobody at the company, My team mates help me to adjusted to the company.
Yes I work in teams on a interior project . It was good because it increases our knowledge and also increases our relations towards our team mates.
I have worked with teams on different projects at my current position. I think it went very well. I believe the key to working well in a group, is to stay organized, and to communicate thoroughly.
What is general intersts for interior design.
Yes I did. It was a positive experience.
Ya class project .It was amazing.
I do work in teams during projects. I enjoy it because its nice to have other peoples inputs and ideas.
I loved the challenge of meeting deadlines and communicating between different people.
Yes I have worked in many team projects in design and business school. Usually, it went very well since I love working with teams to complete projects. I believe teamwork and understanding each other's personalities important for effective completion.
Yes, I worked. It was good experience as everyone can see the same thing with totally different way and thats why we can find good idea for project when we are working together.
Yes. All the time when I worked for the government. It was fine. I was usually the team lead, project manager or within our department a team member.
I had a real good experience.
Absolutely. I prefer working in teams bouncing ideas off each other and embracing diversity.
Yes. To be honest, at first I was never a fan because I felt like I got stuck with people that didn't do their work. But, I realized that is how the real world is going to be and you need to have those hard conversations if someone isn't doing their job. I have lead a lot of projects in academics and organizations, and I really enjoyed the feeling of being trusted to lead that certain project.