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Tell me about some of your past design projects from your portfolio.
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Yes, it was nice to divide the work and each give their best in this project.
I have worked with teams on different projects at my current position. I think it went very well. I believe the key to working well in a group, is to stay organized, and to communicate thoroughly.
Yes. Working with in teams on a project better then working alone.
Of course, on my very first project, I was worked in a team to designed a Hospital in Nigeria, and my part was to design the facade and the hall of that hospital. And I brought the succesfull design for the team.
Yes. All the time when I worked for the government. It was fine. I was usually the team lead, project manager or within our department a team member.
Yes I work in teams on a project at my school project, it was nice to be work in teams because I can learn more idea and things from teams and share a lot of experience.
Yes, I really enjoy collaborating and working as a team.
Yes. To be honest, at first I was never a fan because I felt like I got stuck with people that didn't do their work. But, I realized that is how the real world is going to be and you need to have those hard conversations if someone isn't doing their job. I have lead a lot of projects in academics and organizations, and I really enjoyed the feeling of being trusted to lead that certain project.
I liked it. Working with people make more creative and brilliant ideas about the projects.
Yes I have worked in a team where I got the chance to work with fellow students to find solution for a problem. We had to create a design with only materials that were available. This experienced helped me to understand and take other people's opinions into consideration as well as incorporating my own.
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