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Top 10 Insurance Underwriter Interview Questions

Describe a time when you were able to effectively communicate a difficult or unpleasant idea to a superior.
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Developing and using a detailed procedure is often very important in a job. Tell about a time when you needed to develop and use a detailed procedure to successfully complete a project.
Question 3 of 11
What kinds of challenges did you face on your last job? Give an example of how you handled them.
Question 4 of 11
Tell us about a time when a job had to be completed and you were able to focus your attention and efforts to get it done.

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Give me a specific example of a time when you used good judgement and logic in solving a problem.
Question 6 of 11
Tell us how you keep your job knowledge current with the on going changes in the industry.
Question 7 of 11
Tell me about a time when you did something completely different from the plan. Why did you go that route?
Question 8 of 11
Tell me about a time when you couldn't reach a decision on whether or not to provide insurance to a customer.
Question 9 of 11
What do you know about our company?
Question 10 of 11
What types of insurances do we offer?
Question 11 of 11
Why did you choose to enter the insurance industry?

About Insurance Underwriter

May 24th, 2017

Insurance underwriters assess applications for insurance cover to determine if they should be accepted and to draw up the coverage terms and conditions. As part of their job, insurance underwriters peruse insurance proposals, evaluate the applicants' background information, calculate potential risk and draw up appropriate contracts.
There are no specific underwriter programs but employers prefer to hire an applicant with a degree in finance, business, economics, management or law. This is an office-based job, Most insurance underwriters specialize in one specific type of insurance such as general, commercial, life or reinsurance. Insurance underwriters must have excellent analytical, accounting and problem-solving skills.
At your insurance underwriter interview, the interviewers will want to know more about your experience in the field and what were your exact responsibilities during that time. They will also ask you if you are confident about your decision-making skills, if you have the ability to work to tight deadlines, and what are your career goals. You can find more commonly asked questions at insurance underwriter interviews when you go to mock interview questions.

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