Top 25 Instructional Coordinator Interview Questions
1. How do you usually determine which textbooks you will choose?
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List of Instructional Coordinator Interview Questions
  1. How do you usually determine which textbooks you will choose?
  2. How have you helped teachers understand new technologies for the classroom?
  3. If a school is performing poorly in a certain subject, what are your immediate action steps?
  4. How do you keep up to date on new technologies to better enhance students education?
  5. How would you interact with faculty members in order for them to understand that integrating technology into their lessons could be beneficial?
  6. How do you continue to educate yourself?
  7. What is your favorite book for educators' self development?
  8. Would you consider yourself to be highly accountable?
  9. As an instructional coordinator you will often find yourself on the less popular side of opinion. How do you deal with that?
  10. Would you consider yourself an influencer?
  11. Are you a strong negotiator?
  12. Do you want to be in Education for your entire career? Tell me about your long term career goals.
  13. Why did you initially aspire to be an instructional coordinator?
  14. What drives you do do your best every day?
  15. As an instructional coordinator, how do you keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic even when you are met with resistance?
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Instructional Coordinator Information
September 12th, 2014

Instructional coordinators assess the effectiveness of curriculum and teaching techniques established by school boards, states, or federal regulations. For example, they may observe teachers in the classroom, review student test data, and interview school staff and principals about curriculum. Based on their research, they may recommend changes in curricula to school boards. They also may recommend that teachers use different teaching techniques that can help students learn.
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