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How have you helped teachers understand new technologies for the classroom?
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I would research new technologies and conduct a demonstration for understanding.
Large and small-group inservices, one-on-one, encouraging experimentation, hands-on training related to their classrooms.
Our technology department was looking for a group of teachers to learn Smart boards, the only catch was we had to become a trainer of trainers. I jumped at the opportunity. I also introduced a really neat program, Class Dojo. Class dojo is amazing, you can track student attendance, behavior, send information home such as homework assignments or sign-up parents to participate at school, or whatever you may need to communicate for the home communication component. Parents love to see all the positive reinforcement their child receives throughout the day. It also, brings awareness to possible behavior. The idea behind the program is for teachers to give more positive reinforcement rather than negative. It also, helped track attendance for the Pbis team in a very user-friendly manner. I have also participated in online author studies.
Modeling and providing practice opportunities.
Being one of the younger teachers in my building, I have shared digital resources with my PLCs as a means to incorporate technology in instruction. I've also assisted team members with utilizing various platforms after a training when they've needed additional support. A more specific example is when we began using google classroom, I would find ways to create assignments for students to complete using the school's databases and the worked with my team in sharing tricks for sharing the assignments, grading them, providing feedback to students.
First I would want an understanding of the new technology myself to discover the strengths and how to incorporate it into instruction to ensure it would meet one or more of the skills a student of the 21st century need: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. Then I would prepare a professional development training on how to use it with the teachers and what benefits it would have on not only the instruction but student learning. Next I would provide time for the teachers to work with the technology and develop a lesson using it before they left the training, so they would have a lesson ready to try in their classrooms.
I have trained them on the new equipment.
The best way to help teacher learn new material is through getting into the rooms and modeling it for them. Also, having professional development that is focused is very helpful.
I have led several professional development work shops after school, explaining new technology, such as game-based learning and Google Apps for Education as well as curriculum specific developments, such as Go Maths! ThinkCentral. I begin by preassessing staff needs, such as with a Google Form to gauge my audiences needs.
Time and computer in front of them...
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