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How have you helped teachers understand new technologies for the classroom?
Use concrete examples if you have any. The main point is to paint a clear picture for the interviewer about the way you engage with teachers. Walk them through what you might do, step by step, without getting into too much detail.
Answer examples
"I ask the principal if I can take up some time on professional development day for a seminar to teach the teachers about a new technology. I gather all the teachers on that day and I'll give them an overview of the technology. For instance, it might be a new eLearning platform. I'll show them a quick tour of the features and give examples of how they might use them in the class. Then I'll have the teachers interact with the platform for 5-10 minutes, and then we'll have a Q&A session. I take their feedback and then I make sure that they have easy access to me if they have any more concerns or questions."

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User-Submitted Answers

How have you helped teachers understand new technologies for the classroom?
Our technology department was looking for a group of teachers to learn Smart boards, the only catch was we had to become a trainer of trainers. I jumped at the opportunity. I also introduced a really neat program, Class Dojo. Class dojo is amazing, you can track student attendance, behavior, send information home such as homework assignments or sign-up parents to participate at school, or whatever you may need to communicate for the home communication component. Parents love to see all the positive reinforcement their child receives throughout the day. It also, brings awareness to possible behavior. The idea behind the program is for teachers to give more positive reinforcement rather than negative. It also, helped track attendance for the Pbis team in a very user-friendly manner. I have also participated in online author studies.
I help and show them new technologies and way to apply it in their room.
I have created a website that has informational links to activities or websites. I have taught a few workshops to aid colleagues specifically in technology. Specifically I have taught a workshop on USAtestprep, NEE Portal for teacher evaluations, and Interactive websites for all teachers.
I have helped teachers understand new technologies for the classroom by modeling their use, surveys to see which technologies they need help with, and seeked other teachers who were proficient in these technologies to also help.
Provide adequate training.
By sharing the different methods and perhaps get a workshop that would make them understand the importants of technology in the classroom.
Oral explanation with guide tool of new technology to understand and implement to studdents.
Teachers will have workshops on new technologies.
I have worked with the ITF in our district to present examples of new technologies in the classrooms. I use the new tech in PLC and staff meetings so they can experience it. Then I offer to assist in the classroom to implement the new technology. This begins with planning sessions to ensure that the technology is enhancing the instruction of state standards and that it is being used at a higher level.
Used google docs to track student behaviors, helped train teachers to use smart boards and projectors, used Jumprope for standards based assessments, used Atlas for curriculum mapping,
I have led several professional development work shops after school, explaining new technology, such as game-based learning and Google Apps for Education as well as curriculum specific developments, such as Go Maths! ThinkCentral. I begin by preassessing staff needs, such as with a Google Form to gauge my audiences needs.
So far that has been a one on one basis. But I have offered to show step by step what the technologies are for and how to effectively use it in the classroom.
The best way to help teacher learn new material is through getting into the rooms and modeling it for them. Also, having professional development that is focused is very helpful.
First I would want an understanding of the new technology myself to discover the strengths and how to incorporate it into instruction to ensure it would meet one or more of the skills a student of the 21st century need: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. Then I would prepare a professional development training on how to use it with the teachers and what benefits it would have on not only the instruction but student learning. Next I would provide time for the teachers to work with the technology and develop a lesson using it before they left the training, so they would have a lesson ready to try in their classrooms.
Modeling and providing practice opportunities.
Time and computer in front of them...
I would research new technologies and conduct a demonstration for understanding.
Modeling in the classroom.
Being one of the younger teachers in my building, I have shared digital resources with my PLCs as a means to incorporate technology in instruction. I've also assisted team members with utilizing various platforms after a training when they've needed additional support. A more specific example is when we began using google classroom, I would find ways to create assignments for students to complete using the school's databases and the worked with my team in sharing tricks for sharing the assignments, grading them, providing feedback to students.
This year we implemented MICA fot making assessments. I helped teachers pull reports AR reading.
Large and small-group inservices, one-on-one, encouraging experimentation, hands-on training related to their classrooms.
I would enlist the cooperation of those in our district who are very adept at using the technology for instructional purposes to offer training and assistance to others.
I have assisted in all ways necessary. I have shown teachers step by step how to use technology by walking them through it with verbal directions as they navigate or utilize the technology, I have written down directions, I have demonstrated how to use technology, and I have provided practice opportunities for them to use their new skills.
I was the first person to pilot the Smartboard and as technology liaison for the building I helped teachers incorporate the smartboard into their instruction. I helped them access the virtual manipulatives from the gallery so that students can come up and manipulate them on the board (counters/clock/dice/spinners). I have helped them use tools such as rulers/protractors to model for students. I have helped teachers incorporate videos (Khan academy videos) into their lesson. I have used book blogs and various sites that are great for students to use such as virtual thesaurus and animoto to make presentations come alive. Sites such as timerrime and timetoast for making timelines. epals site for pen pal programs and skyping them. With one to one initiatives are going to change the way we teach as well with apps for education becoming very popular. It is important to remember to still keep the skills and concepts in focus and not the technology itself. The technology is just the tool we are using to learn the concepts/skills. The other important piece with any technology is to provide that ongoing support for teachers, not just give them the initial training and expect them to fly with it. Some teachers will, but not everyone can do that.
Yes. I think it is important for teachers to work collaboratively together in many capacities. Through teaching others, I also get a chance to learn from others.
I will work with teachers to learn and develop skills needed to be successful.
Demonstration and coaching. Team teaching has also been very effective.
Modeling is essential to learning, whether it is for students or teachers. In my previous school I did a SMART technologies sample show, where I took SMART pages from my lectures and compiled them into a file. I then presented these examples to my peers and we discussed how these activities could be adapted for their classroom and content.
I have shown teachers how to make their website, print their documents, create grading systems and fixing their computer programs. I also helped them look into different apps and websites to allow their lessons to be more lively and interactive.
I have trained them on the new equipment.
I have modeled lessons on how to integrate technology into the classroom. I have led professional developments on how to use specific technology tools iavailable at our school.
By guiding them through the process, giving them tasks similar to what their students would have to do in the classroom.
I am quite tech savvy hence I am responsible for my team to jot down notes to provide a brief training for my teachers to ensure they understand the programs.