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Information Clerk Interview

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What is the most difficult part of being an Information Clerk?
User-Submitted Answers
When you are under pressure.
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Can you tell us of a recent incident in your job where you had to handle an atmosphere of stress? How did you handle it?
User-Submitted Answers
Calm down rectify where necessary.
Question 3 of 20
Tell me about your typical workday – how do you prioritize assignments?
User-Submitted Answers
Istart with emergency work from my boss not from other direct source.
Question 4 of 20
What are your educational qualifications that would support your application for the job of a clerk?
User-Submitted Answers
Honestly, I almost feel like the job description was written with me in mind. I have the 6 years of programming experience you’re looking for, a track record of successful clerk.
I have a diploma in Medical Transcription.
Question 5 of 20
Which computer software have you used?
User-Submitted Answers
Window 10, window 13 and window 7
Question 6 of 20
Why are you the best candidate for us?
User-Submitted Answers
I have enough experience in the above job.
Question 7 of 20
What is your ‘words per minute’ speed? What is the accuracy value that you have at that speed?
Question 8 of 20
What is your job experience?
User-Submitted Answers
I have experience in in clerical work for 5 years now.
Question 9 of 20
What sort of interactions did you have with the public at your previous job?
User-Submitted Answers
Good communication skills.
Question 10 of 20
What information were you responsible for processing at your previous job?
Question 11 of 20
How are your computer skills?
User-Submitted Answers
Microsoft word, excel. Publisher, powerpoint, adobe ad publisher.
Question 12 of 20
Why did you choose to pursue a career as an Information Clerk?
User-Submitted Answers
It was interest and target to so in life.
Question 13 of 20
Do you manage time well?
Question 14 of 20
Are you efficient with your time?
Question 15 of 20
How does your work experience equip you for this job?
User-Submitted Answers
Imlearn more concerning it.
Question 16 of 20
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
User-Submitted Answers
Some one doing well and developed.
Question 17 of 20
What are your career goals as an Information Clerk?
User-Submitted Answers
Build the the nation, by being honest, accuracy and inteligent.
Question 18 of 20
What is the most rewarding part of being an Information Clerk?
Question 19 of 20
What do you like least about being an Information Clerk?
User-Submitted Answers
Doing about with math calculations.
There is nothing that I do not like about it.
Question 20 of 20
What do you like most about being an Information Clerk?

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