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Are you good at multitasking?

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Housekeepers need to multi-task to ensure they have every space cleaned prior to guests arriving for a stay, and the interviewer wants to hear that you can meet this expectation. Think about a way that you are really good at multi-tasking. Are you able to cook dinner, watch the kids, and plan your weekend activities at the same time? Are you able to do laundry, chat with a friend, and pick out a new outfit online all at the same time? These personal examples are great for answering this question! When asked, mention that you can multi-task well, and share your example!

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Are you good at multitasking?
Yes I regularly have several dementia patients needing my attention at the same time.
Yes I regularly have several dementia patients needing my attention at the same time.
I believe I am. For example, in the past I have worked as a Barista. This was pretty much my first job and at first it seemed like a lot of was going and I was quite amazed at how my colleagues were able to pull of their tasks and still have time to chat in-between. However, as I was slowly eased into the task, I built up this muscle memory to carry out various tasks such as keeping up a clean environment, carrying out stockroom duties, making sure everything is topped-up, and working at the till and handling transactions and so on. This element of multi-tasking is also important for housekeeping. For example, with cleaning up a guest room, after a while one builds up this schema of what to do. It nearly becomes like muscle memory after a while. You go in, you take care of the linen. Then you attend to all the rubbish. Then I make my way into the toilet and work from the bathtub to the sink. Then I go and make the bed. This is followed up by surfaces. I then take care of the hoovering. The miscellaneous aspects are taken care of. Finally, an overall check is make to make sure everything has been conducted to a high standard. While doing this, I also need to keep track of what I've done so far. If I'm stocked up and what also I need to take care of.
Yes I am but sometimes I do too much and run behind on getting something done.
Yes am very good at multitasking, my flexibility allows me to be good at it.
I take little time to learn .... But once I learn then I am good at multitasking.
Frankly, I am not sure about that. In some case, I work more effective in multitasking with under pressure like time limited with overload homework.
Yes I can do a few job's at once.
Yes. I am very good at multitasking. I can handle multiple jobs at once without losing focus.
Yes for example I am able to do my job whilst helping others.
Yes I am good multitasking.
Yes, I m good at multitasking, I prioritize them and set to work out my day task.
I am good at multitasking things I know how to do. When I am learning something new, I need to focus until I have mastered it.
Yes I am. I am cookin while I sweep. I washed my hands before I go back to what im cooking.
I think that im pretty good at managing multiple tasks and others around me have told me.
Very things wash and clean.
I am very good at multitasking.
Yes, like I can do the same things at the right time.
I am good at multitasking. I can do two things at once.
I never had a problem doing more then one task at the time.
Yes I am good at multiasking.
Yes I am good I can adjust easily myself according to work demands.
Yes l am because l immediately prioritize them.
Ofcourse I'm. When I talking telephone on the other hand ı prepared some reports and talking other staff.
Yes I can do many things at a time.
Yes having three young children requires a lot of multitasking.
Yes I cleaned the windows, restocked the beverages, swept and cleaned the restroom at my bakery job.
Yes I am very good at multitasking, I love juggling more than one thing because then i'm never bored.
Yes I would multi task every day with my employees.
I am good in multi tasking. When my manager or boss give me a multitasking job I prioritize them and set them to work.
Very good at multitasking.
I organize myself mentally to care out many different tasks. As I am working, I continually think about what needs to be done next.
I would say so, to prepare for multitasking I would make sure I am fit mentally as well as physically so would make sure to do things like getting a good nights sleep.
Yes I am, I am often put into situations where I am challenged to do different things at once!!
Yes, I often have to balance school work, family commitments, and social clubs.
Am good at multi tasking . I give great concern to those tasks and pristine them.
Yes I am good in multi task.
Yes I love to make multiple things happen.
Yes its something you get used to do at home.
Yes, I am very good at multitasking.
Yes I am very good at multitasking.
Yes I am good at multitasking.
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