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Why should we hire you?
What sets you apart from all the other candidates? Can you offer a flexible schedule? Are you a pro at handling the most difficult of customers? Share a few qualities and consider giving examples to match each one. This is your chance to sell yourself, so make the most of it! Remember that you have unique qualities that will help you to be successful as a host. Don't be shy! Articulate your awesomeness!

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we hire you?
I am willing to work. I am honest and can be trusted.
I have great communication skills, I have experience in this position, I live right down the street so transportation will not be an issue. I believe I want your company is looking for.
You should hire me because I feel I can meet all the tasks and the requirements. I also feel that I can bring in good business and service. I am very responsible very obedient and I feel that I can bring more positive energy into this restauraunt.
I am a very open person! I do great on stuff that are very hands on.
Because I am someone who is eager to learn and who can learn fast.
I will put my full effort into anything that is asked of me and I will add to this work environment.
Because I know thet my personality is right for this kind of job and I see that this position is perfect for my life goals, so I will give my best to justify the name and the reputation of the company and try to make it even better.
Because I offer a passion for this industry that I don't think a lot of people come in here with, I am not just here for the money I want to see the restaurant succeed in the best way possible and my skills and personality are great for this kind of position.
I am dependable, honest, and love serving others.
Because I am a friendly person who will be able to greet people and make them feel welcome.
Due to my experience am the best candidate.
Because I will do the job as I am trained to do...
Because I'm a hardvworker and can bring joy to the company.
I think that I have the knowledge and the skill to make the customers happy and my co-workers happy. I am also reliable and have a flexible schedule.
Because I am a very vivaous person, I want to ensure all customers leave moxies with a wondferul expirence, I am hardworking detail oriented and super friendly and optimistic.
I am quick Lerner I am able to provide great customer service to everyone, deal with irritate customers.
I am confident with my skills, knowledge and experience that I can ptovide highest degree of service with the guests.
I believe my experience and personality can benefit you and your restaurant by putting forth my fast learning skills and calm demeanor in this establishment.
Because I will do my best to keep a smile on my face and the customers.
Because I believe that I will be successful as a hostess because I have some skills that make me a good candidate to fill this position, with trainning I am able to learn the way that you need to perform as hostess.
I'm a passionate and open minded individual. I'd like to be a part of the restaurants present and future success being able to execute whatever comes my way. I'm quality driven and very willing to do whatever it is to learn and grow.
Because I have a sense of humor and I am a fast learner and you could say that I am a beginner but I am a fast learner I am very caring towards the people around me.
I have proven experience that I know what I'm doing and that I am able to succeed at what I do. I am incredibly dedicated to my work, to making that great first impression, and to succeeding in all that I do.
I'm a very hard worker, I love fast paced environments, and I'm very reliable and punctual.
Experience, outgoing, organized, communicater.
You should hire me because I am a hard working person, I am honest, and I would be a great addition to this team by using my bilingual language if needed.
You should hire me because I am hard-working and dedicated to making sure that every customer has a wonderful eating experience.
I am friendly, logical, and can get along with people of various backgrounds.
Your company should hire me because I will go above and beyond to make sure the guests feel welcomed and appreciated. I will come to work all the time, early, eager and ready to work.
You should hire me, because I think I can be a good employee and I am a happy person and I'm positive even in challenging situations.
I am fit for the job and I know how to talk to people in a friendly tone.
I think you should hire me because I understand the customers, I am patient, and hardworking.
Because I bring a certain feel to the restaurant that nobody else can. I believe that I can bring a fresh look to this restaurant and that I have the ability to work hard and be successful in anything I try to do.
I have a very positive attitude, I love to make people happy, I work fast and efficiently, I am very responsible and punctual, and I am eager to learn new skills.
You should hire me because I can work lots of hours. I'm very hardworking, I like meeting new people. I can stay on my feet of long periods of time and I'm very respectful and calm.
I have a lot of valuable experience in the position. But not only that, hire me because I want to work here. I chose this job because I think it could be mutually beneficial for us. I think I could learn a lot here to better my future and I think thats an important quality to look for when hiring someone. To me, it isn't just about the money.
I am amazing and always strive to go above and beyond the expectations.
I have great communication skills, exquisite manners, I'm very punctual, clean and organised.
I think I would make a great asset to your team because I am positive and hard working and willing to commit myself to this job for the time I am here.
I am efficient, reliable, and outgoing in the workplace, I believe I would make a great addition to your team.
You should hire me because I am a friendly and naturally hospitable person.
Because I think I fit perfect to this position and I have all the required skills.
Because of my extensive knowledge of the casino business, being that of the table games side and also for the countless relationships I have with many of our premium players.
I am willing to learn new things and I had been to different places for my internship. I believed that I could adapt to an environment easily and I would be able to perform my tasks with my enthusiasm and passion.
Because I want to be apart of your team.
I think I would be an excellent addition to the team, I am wanting to work full time, and grow with the company.
I think you should hire me because I will put my all into every task. I am a very friendly person and will do my best to make everyone feel welcome. I am also very reliable. Lastly, I am bilingual and can translate at any time.
I'm friendly, reliable, and hardworking. I care about the job and I also live less than a mile away, so I could potentially be there if there was a cancellation by another employee.