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Why is it important to smile at every guest?
User Submitted Interview Answers
It is extremely important to smile at every guest, because hostesses are the first people diners come in contact with, which adds to their positive dining experience.
It will be my job to make sure that all guests are having a great experience.
Very. One smile can make one persons whole day (& and experience at IHOP) much more enjoyable and memorable.
Very important. I think that you have to make all the guests feel welcomed.
Its important to smile at every guest because you are the first thing sight they see when walking into the restaurant and you want them to feel comfortable and feel like we enjoy having then dinning with us.
You never know who you're looking at. It's important to treat everyone with equality. If their having trouble with something they trust they can come to you to fulfill their issue.
Very important! Everyone deserves to feel welcome and smiling at them is a great way for them to feel wanted and comfortable. It also gives out friendly vibes.
I feel that it is very important. Personally if I walked into a restaurant and the hostesses werent smiling and looked mad or frustrated it would ruin my overall dining experience.
It is very important because as the first face guests will see when entering the establishment will be mine, smiling will provide them with a positive vibe and a better overall experience.
Very important confirming you are approachable and can assist them with any manner or concern.