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Why is it important to smile at every guest?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Host or Hostess interview

Customer service is all about consistency. Smiling at every guest gives restaurants and bars a solid reputation. As a host, you are the first point of contact for customers, so you need to be sure to treat them kindly. Tell the interviewer, "I understand that I'm the first person a customer meets when they walk through the door. It's important that I make a good impression with each person."
Basic answer example
"I understand that I'm the first person a customer meets when they walk through the door. It's important that I make a good impression with each person."

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Why is it important to smile at every guest?
Very important, this shows customer how important and welcomed he or she is.
Very. One smile can make one persons whole day (& and experience at IHOP) much more enjoyable and memorable.
It is important because it's the way to show the respect and way of welcoming every things.
Very important a smile a day keeps the sadness away.
Very important. I think that you have to make all the guests feel welcomed.
I think it is proabably the most imporant part, because a smile is something that can make someones day. I think it is amazing hospitality to smile at all of the customers to ensure they feel welcome.
I think that is the most imporant part, smiling at every guest shows great hospitiality and also shows that they feel welcome in our resturant and that they feel invited as well.
That should be done every day no matter what.
Very important. A smile really can tell how friendly a person is going to be. Whenever I don't get a smile from a hostess I think to myself oh she is having a bad day or oh she might not be very friendly.
It's extremely important. A hostess is the first thing they see and the last thing they see so it's essential to providing guests with an upbeat and positive experience. It brings in business. A scowling hostess will only deter guests.
Very important, to make every guest comfortable.
It is critical! As I said before, a hostess is the face of the establishment so you have to always look and feel welcoming to every person who walks in whether they may just be asking for directions in the town- or they have made a reservation.
As a hostess, smiling is the most important thing to remember. Smiling makes people naturally feel welcomed.
Extremely important. A smile is likely the first thing the guest sees and therefore it will likely dictate the note of the whole experience. In a sense me smiling at a guest will reflect the positivity and good hearted nature of the restaurant and company as a whole.
Very important I am the very first person they see, and it should be positive.
Its important to smile at every guest because you are the first thing sight they see when walking into the restaurant and you want them to feel comfortable and feel like we enjoy having then dinning with us.
Because it welcomes the guests and allows for them to enjoy the restaurant.
Very important because I will be the first person to greet them.
The smile opens the door to memorable moments.
You never know who you're looking at. It's important to treat everyone with equality. If their having trouble with something they trust they can come to you to fulfill their issue.
Very important because what attracts a customer is a positive attitude and being welcoming to cutomers.
Smiling conveys, confidence, happiness, and contentment - feelings we all want our guests to experience during their dining experiences.
It is very important to smile at every guests because it's respectful and it makes them smile when they see you smile.
Very - a smile makes everyone feel welcome and presents a great first impression. It is one of the simplest and most important ways to break the ice.
Extremely important. You want everyone to feel welcome.
It is very important because a smile could change a guest's entire experience.
Its very important to smile and make customers feel welcome and comfortable in our restaurant.
Well I smile at everyone.
Extremely important, as a host you are the first person the customer sees as they enter the resteraunt and you want to start them off with a good experience and greet them and make them feel welcomed.
It is important to smile to every guess that comes to the restaurant.
Very important! A smile is one of the most welcoming gestures that a hostess can possess.
It is one of the most important parts of the job.
Very important. A smile goes a long way. I want the customers to come in to Applebee's and feel welcomed and ready to enjoy a nice meal with their loved ones.
Also very important. By smiling at the guest, it lets them know that you recognize their presence and are excited to see them.
Oh very important. I mean every way that you treat your guest is important because a resturant is so much an experience as it is anything else. An especially when it's expected as I think it is in a hostessing setting then I think to not smile can also be to show disrespect.
It's very important because it sets a good mood and then everyone is happy.
Very, its the first impression you give and you and representing you you are represnting the company.
Very important. It shows your friendliness.
Very important. The hostess is the first person a guest interacts with at a restaurant and a smile is the simplest way to show the guest that they are welcome.
So important! No guest should be greeted with a frown.
I feel that it is very important. Personally if I walked into a restaurant and the hostesses werent smiling and looked mad or frustrated it would ruin my overall dining experience.
Very important... I love to smile.
It is very essential to smile at every guest because you are their first impression when they walk inside. They want to feel welcome, so giving a genuine smile is the best way to make them feel good.
Its very important so that you show kindness and not seen as a rude person or bad customer service.
Very, smiles are contagious.
Very important. A smile at every guest can make a big first impression as you are the first person they see when you're greeting them. They want to feel welcomed.
Extremely important to make guest feel welcome in the restaurant by smiling and greeting them.
Its very important because you don't want to seem rude like you want to be there. You want o present yourself respectfully and presentable pl Ike you really want to be there.
Very important. You want each and every guest to feel important and welcomed.
It is very important to smile at every guest to make them feel welcome and to create a happy enviorment.
Very important. Smiling is contagious. You will not only make them feel better but maybe they can pass on the good mood to their server or other people throughout the day. Plus every guest deserves a smile because you have to be consistent. If someone doesn't get one and notices you giving a regular a smile, they won't feel as special.
Super important, and be enthusiastic and passionate about your job and customers.
My smile is the first they see when they wake in the door and anyones smile fanlight of the room. By smiling at them I can provide them with comport and a positive environment for them to enjoy there dinner.
It's extremely important because as a hostess, you're most likely the first employee the guest sees when they walk in. It's important to make a good impression and set a positive, happy tone that will make them eager to eat here.
It is very important as you are going to be the face of their experience.
I believe it's really important. A smile is an easy way to make a customer feel comfortable and welcome.
When the day is being very slow the first thing I do is ask my colleagues if they need some help, I don't like be waiting doing nothing while the others are working, make me feel really bad so I always find something productive to do.
Very important. It gives a sense of hospitality and warmth to the environment.
It's very important to smile at every guests. I think it makes them feel more welcomed and it makes the overall feel of the place more comforting.
It is very important because as the first face guests will see when entering the establishment will be mine, smiling will provide them with a positive vibe and a better overall experience.
Very important. I think a smile makes the guests feel welcome and comfortable.
Very important, I think with a positive attitude you can enhance the guests experience.
It can make the customer feel welcomed and if they smile back it will feel rewarding and you know your doing your job.
It is one of the most important aspects of customer service!
Very important as a hostess were the front of the restaurant and greeting a customer sets the motion of the experience they are going to receive from us.
Its very important to smile at every guest because they will feel welcome, and it warms them up. A smile can go a long with and its they first impression they get of the resturant.
It is very important to smile, so you build the connection with each guest.
12 on a scale of 1-10. A happy face starts a happy meal experience.
Super. Especailly if you're a hostess omg haha.
Very important you want them to feel welcomed.
Smile is the first memorable impression.
It is extremely important to smile at every guest, because hostesses are the first people diners come in contact with, which adds to their positive dining experience.
It is very important to have a good fisrt impression and a welcoming smile.
It is the first point of contact which creates a nice atmosphere.
The first impression is very important. They will know they're respected and taken care of.
Since a hostess is the first face of the restaurant it is extremely important to smile at every guest.
It is very important that way they feel welcomed as they come in.
The utmost importance- Every customer deserves to feel welcomed and safe in the restaurant.
I believe that smiling could definitely create a good first impression to the guests. They would be able to feel the friendliness and warmness that are provided to them before they even request something, hence allowing them to feel as their own home.
It is very important to smile to your guest to make them comfortable and will feel the positive environment of the hotel.
It is important to smile at every guest because as a hostess your the first person they will see and encounter with so therefore by you just greeting with a bright smile your setting the mood for the environment of the company with no spoken words.
It will be my job to make sure that all guests are having a great experience.
It is very important to smile at every guest because it makes them more comfortable and shows that I am a friendly person.
It's the most important part of the job.
Its very important showing your appreciation to each and every customers.
Extremely, it is a must that the first person to greet the guests is smilling and very welcoming.
Very important confirming you are approachable and can assist them with any manner or concern.
Very important! Everyone deserves to feel welcome and smiling at them is a great way for them to feel wanted and comfortable. It also gives out friendly vibes.
Because smiling at them makes them feel welcome. And that they are going into a happy environment.
I think it's important to smile at guests because my smile might be the brightest thing they see that day. I'll never know what kind of day they've been through, and smiling at them is the least I can do to make them feel welcome.

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