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Host or Hostess Interview Questions and Answers
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Why do you want this job?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Because I would rather be doing something useful with my skills than waste time at home doing nothing productive.
Because I'm in a part of life that I've found is lacking social engagement; my kids are grown and I live on my own and need more people to talk to.
I want this job because I love to meet people. With my experience, I found the jobs I had the most fun at were the ones where I greeted guests and escorted them and helped them.
My supervisor at Forever21 is actually one of the hostesses here, and she told me I would be a great fit here. We have a great working relationship and I trust her judgement. Also, this is a beautiful restaurant with fresh and amazing looking food. I watched the video of PF Chang's restaurant history on your website and I was amazed on how dedicated the owner Phillip Chang was to make his food unique from using recipes adapted from his mother's authentic recipes from China. I would love to be a part of this company.
To use my knowledge, and to live a better life.
I'd like to learn about the greater side of hospitality. I love seeing satisfied guests and being able to help with their needs. It's also a person accomplishment I'd like to acquire.
I love this field and have a well experience here and it will be one of my achievement to be a part of your family.
Ive visited this restaurant before and I love the atmosphere and the staff, I thought I would fit the qualities of this job just like my previous job, I care about the customers, and making it a happy and welcoming work space, when I heard of the opportunity of job offerings, I thought my qualities could fit your job opening.
I want this job because I want to be a part of the red lobster team and be apart of their journey to becoming the worlds best sea food place.
I want this job because I get to work with all different types of people on a daily basis.I feel that this job can teach me so much about customer service.