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Why do you want this job?
It's important to do your research before an interview. This question can be easily answered if you take the time to learn more about the organization and role beforehand. The interviewer wants to be reassured that you're not just looking for any job. What about the position stands out to you? If you are currently in the role at another company, talk about how this position is different and fulfills something that you are missing from your current job, or better yet, how this role will help you accomplish your goals.

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User-Submitted Answers

Why do you want this job?
I want something different. I have worked in a doctors office for so long I would really just like a chance to learn something new that I could possibly be good at.
I want this job because I love the amosphere and energy it provides, I already am trained in this area and It is a good way to pay for college.
As I said before I love being around customers, and this job is based on working with them,
I want this job because this is the job I have been dreaming of ever since I was 14 years old other than being a waitress. I want this job because I need to stay busy im getting older so I feel that I have to learn responsibility I also want this job because I am a senior in high school and senior year is exspensive and I feel that this job will help me out alot.
I just time to get one I need to start getting money to pay my expenses.
Because one I have always wanted to the see how this job works and too it allows me to be in a constant communication with other in a different perspective from all the other jobs.
I think it would be a real step up from the job I'm working now and it could propel my career in the direction I'm hoping for.
I want this job because my brother and sister both worked here and they both had great experiences here as there first job. I think it is a great place to learn good work ethic and how to work in this environment.
My passion for hotels and restaurants start when I had 7 years and saw first 5 star hotel. I was knew I will want to do that whole my life so I finish college for tourism and hospitality managment and I hope I can improve knowledge in the same.
I would love to be in the industry because I love getting to know new people and I would like to learn as much as I can about the different positions there are in a restaurant because I enjoy the environment of being around people and working at a fast pace .
I would love to improve on the skills that I already have and be able to finally apply them to a stable job. I hope that I can expand on a lot of my personal goals and prove to myself that I can work independently.
I would love to improve on the skills that I already have and be able to finally apply them to a stable job. I hope that I can expand on a lot of my personal goals and prove to myself that I can work independently.
I am excited to see what can of challenges you can give me.
Ive visited this restaurant before and I love the atmosphere and the staff, I thought I would fit the qualities of this job just like my previous job, I care about the customers, and making it a happy and welcoming work space, when I heard of the opportunity of job offerings, I thought my qualities could fit your job opening.
I love to be busy all day, it makes me motivated to be working nonstop and I love getting work done.
I want this job because I feel like I will be able to work efficiently here, and I believe that this is a good fit for me.
To use my knowledge, and to live a better life.
Because I'm in a part of life that I've found is lacking social engagement; my kids are grown and I live on my own and need more people to talk to.
I love this field and have a well experience here and it will be one of my achievement to be a part of your family.
To help support my kids and pay for school.
I want this job because I want to be able to expand my work exprience into food. and also ive always I loved working at a positon where I am able to communcate with other people and I feel that being a hostess here at moxies will provide me a excellent oppertunaty to do so.
I want this job because I want to be able to expand my work expirence, ive always loved moxies, and I think that moxies would be a great place for me to start my journey in the food industry.
To enter the work force and provide my learned skills to bolster this company.
Because hospitality sphere is my passion and I like to deal with people and make them happy.
I really enjoy meeting new people every day and I appreciate friendly customer service so I really would love to be able to contribute to that.
I want this job because I love the restaurant, and love the ambience of the entertainment district, especially in the summer months. I know I'll strive as a hostess and I know I can represent your brand well and provide the best experience for guests. I've wanted to be a hostess for a long time, and now is my opportunity.
Because this is my forte. I love dealing with different people. Engaging with them everyday.
I love meeting and interacting with new people, and I feel that a place like this is a great place to make connections and also can be beneficial as it can show me areas I can grow.
I want this job because I have heard nothing but great things about the company. Everytime I have dined here I have had nothing but great service, and great products.
I have previous experience in a fast- food company where I enjoyed meeting new people everyday I the ability to make each customer feel welcomed.
I want to be able to work somewhere where I can see the effect of my work right away. When customers smile or are friendly back to me, I know that my job was done well because the customer is happy. I want this job because I prefer working with people and for people.
I want this job because I think I would be a really good fit. I work hard, I work well with others, I enjoy meeting new people everyday and helping them have the best experience that is possible.
I have grown up in this restaurant. It is comfortable for me to be here, it is even very close by. I want to take on new responsibilities and make my own money.
I want this job because I want to be a part of the red lobster team and be apart of their journey to becoming the worlds best sea food place.
Because I want to gain experience in the restaurant environment.
I want this job because its something new that I never done professional and I am good with people.
Because I am pursuing new opportunities to career change and I believe that hospitality industry is a greate challenge for my professional growth.
I'd like to learn about the greater side of hospitality. I love seeing satisfied guests and being able to help with their needs. It's also a person accomplishment I'd like to acquire.
I want this job because I want to further my skills as a hostess and hopefully level up from there and help my family with their necessities.
I want this job because I am a friendly person to be around.
I want this job because I am people oriented and strive to work in a fast-pace yet fun environment.
I want this job because I love greeting people and helping the people out.
I want this job because contains so many components of what I love to do - I love to meet and talk to new people and to help people find solutions to their problems. I think of it a bit like a puzzle which I have always enjoyed. Additionally, it fits really well with my past work experience and is in a field that I would like to continue to work in.
I would love to build job experience and I love working with people.
I would like the chance to step out of my comfort zone a join a company that could expand my skills in the restaurant business.
I want this job because I take pride in everything I do and I would love to work somewhere with a great reputation like your own.
I want this job so I can have the opportunity to work in a restaurant and with other people and to develop stronger communication skills.
Its a social job and I enjoy meeting new people.
I am very friendly and I enjoy working with people, I have experience in this field and I really enjoyed it in the past and I would be honored if I could continue being a hostess here.
I want this job because I want to start an experience working with people, serving people, and working under stress and learn to multi task.
I want this job because I want to make sure that every customer that walks into this establishment receives the best customer service experience.
I've been coming here my whole life, and I need a way to support myself for my next semester of college.
I enjoy interacting with people, and since a hostess gives customers a first impression about the restaurant, I would have the opportunity to make others have an enjoyable time.
I would like to be a hostess here because I love people. I love greeting people with a smile and creating a comfortable enviornment. I believe it would be a fun job and a great learning experience.
I want this job because I know that I can be an effective and positive aspect to this company by doing what is recommended of me and by over doing my part to the best of my ability.
I think I would be really good at it, so there's a certain satisfaction that comes with that obviously. I really love a busy work environment, getting to work with other smart, social people; like the little kids I nanny are absolutely adorable but sometimes it's just nice to have a conversation that's not about dump trucks.
I want this job because I want to be able to have something to look forward to every day and have a responsibility.
I want to find something that im more happy doing, and were I feel there is room to improve while at the same time providing for my family.
I love the rock river and it looks like I will have a fun time.
I love learning new things and having new experiences.
I want this job because I have heard that this company is great one to work for and I think that being a hostess and being able to meet new people every day would be a fun challenge.
I want this job because I get to work with all different types of people on a daily basis.I feel that this job can teach me so much about customer service.
To meet new people every day and to be the face of the company, you are the first and last things they see.
This job lets you meet a lot of new people, and thats what I love to do.
My supervisor at Forever21 is actually one of the hostesses here, and she told me I would be a great fit here. We have a great working relationship and I trust her judgement. Also, this is a beautiful restaurant with fresh and amazing looking food. I watched the video of PF Chang's restaurant history on your website and I was amazed on how dedicated the owner Phillip Chang was to make his food unique from using recipes adapted from his mother's authentic recipes from China. I would love to be a part of this company.
I want this job because I feel as if this would be a good first job. The job that I'm applying for fits my personality in my opinion. I love meeting new people, working with others and also because this is a very family oriented place.
I believe it will give me the experience I need to continue to achieve my career goals.
I want this job because I love to meet people. With my experience, I found the jobs I had the most fun at were the ones where I greeted guests and escorted them and helped them.
I think its a crucial stepping stone in my career. It will help me with my social skills and creating new relationships. The experience I gain here will help me for years to come. Especially if I plan on becoming a future restaurant owner myself.
I want to gain more experience and now that I have left direct and indirect impression on people.
I really am just looking to next year. I'm just trying to gain experience and save up some money from next year.
I think it's a fantastic way to start, I love being around people. I really enjoy customer care.
I want this job because I want to learn how to work on a team on the professional level and because I really like Bonchon and I think it would be cool to work here.
I would love to have some experience working in the restaurant business. I love being around people and interacting with new faces everyday and I think this job would combine that with my desire to learn new things and improve my skills.
I would love to work here and I think that I would be an assest to this team.
I love meeting/working with new people and would love the opportunity to save money while serving people.
I want this job to gain expirence to build my career. I believe this is the best to get the skills I need.
Because I would rather be doing something useful with my skills than waste time at home doing nothing productive.
Because I love to have a direct contact with people and I think it is a good start to buid my career in the hospitality industry.
Because I love meeting people everyday and makes me happy when I put all my effort on direct and indirect servise so that a client has the best experience and make him want to come again.
It would like to be able to make someone feel welcomed, happy, and satisfied with their service.
This job match my skills and ability and can bring great value to the company.
I have a passion for people and being able to help to help others in this job would be great. I like restaurants.
Because I enjoy working in a fast paced environment as well as meeting new people.
I had been going through internships during my college times, I had been through different kinds of restaurants with various concept yet I had not been given any opportunity to explore the hostess jobs. I might not have any experience in this job, I believe that I would manage to give out all my efforts to complete the tasks that was given. Moreover, I am passionate to accept new things and learn it.
Just to be in a different environment for learning new things and for my personal growth.
I need something consistent and I have excellent customer service skills.
I have always wanted to work for a company like shorts. Such a fun environment and growing.
I would like this job because I love interacting with people and feel that this is a great opportunity to do so. Also, I am looking to try new things so that I can gain experiences and learn new things. Lastly, I just get a great vibe from this environment and would like to be a part of that.
I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and helping them. I enjoy the environment, and I live less than a mile away so it's very convenient.