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What qualities make you the best person for the job?
User Submitted Interview Answers
My hours are open and flexible and I have reliable transportation which means I can be depended when there's a need for an emergency fill-in.
I am more happy, jolly, easy to approach, hardworking, positive, More experience with customers behaviour, got longer patience...
I will be prepared, on time, always keeps myself busy and focused to work.
I can provide you with a friendly atmosphere happy customers, and above and beyond service.
I always go the extra mile to initiate the greatest quality, it's not just a job. It's a business challenge I push myself to be the best in.
I enjoy being around people, even strangers, and will be able to use my interpersonal skills to ensure customer's are as satisfied as possible .
I can give a pleasant working environment, I am very friendly and sociable with others. I always make sure my job my first priority and I am not on my cellular device.
I've been acting for 8 years of my life, and I've learned a lot of skills and became very outgoing. Through this I can bring my expertise that other candidates can not.
I have more experience since my dad owns a restaurant, took psychology and can deal with a variety of people.
My experience of being a greeter for the Apple Cue Conference has taught me how to deal with all types of customers, including impatient and angry customers, in a very polite and successful way. My strong listening and cooperating skills are what makes me a great candidate and I am a people person, so I will enjoy meeting new people daily.