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What qualities make you the best person for the job?
What qualities will make you stand out above other candidates? Think about some of the key characteristics that the restaurant will be looking for. Next, think of examples of how you embody these traits. For example, if you are dependable, you can talk about how you have always been willing to fill in when others don't show up for work. If you are trustworthy, you can share how the cash drawer at your last retail job was always balanced without any errors. Share your best qualities and paint of picture of how they will help you in this next role.

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User-Submitted Answers

What qualities make you the best person for the job?
I feel can express myself better in English than other candidates can. I'm able to switch from Italian to English and vice versa rapidly and efficiently.
Integrity and my word that you will always receive 100% from me in the work that I do.
I cannot tell what other candidates do or cannot do. I can only tell you what I can do for this company. I believe that there is nothing better than hiring a person who who wants to live his/her dreams. Because you can be rest assured that this person will not just work hard but would be working with passion to fulfill her dreams..
I can bring something fun and new to the business.
I can give a pleasant working environment, I am very friendly and sociable with others. I always make sure my job my first priority and I am not on my cellular device.
I can provide a great first impression through a warm and friendly greeting as well as listening to the customers needs and wants.
What I can do for you is that I always get things done and on time, whatever you gave me I will complete it although it will be very hard for me but I will ensure that the work will be perfect. Besides, I also think differently from others which means that I have a creative thinking and it will come true if you give me an opportunity to perform my skills.
What I can do for you is that I always get things done and on time, whatever you gave me I will complete it although it will be very hard for me but I will ensure that the work will be perfect. Besides, I also think differently from others which means that I have a creative thinking and it will come true if you give me an opportunity to perform my skills.
I can provide a sense of direction if things get ourlt of order, act as a voice of reason to an angry customer and maybe another employee, and provide efficient work.
I can give you person who is eager to learn something new and who enjoys interacting with all types of people.
I'm experienced but I still have a fresh face and an open mind.
I enjoy being around people, even strangers, and will be able to use my interpersonal skills to ensure customer's are as satisfied as possible .
Well I am kind and I dont show anger even on tough times.
I am willing to do any busy work that is needed, I also enjoy talking to people so I would be very welcoming and friendly to the costumes.
What do you know about our company.
I can show my knowledge, skills and use my previous expiriense and make guests happy and satisfied every day.
I am a well-organized and hardworking individual. I can assure you that I will be a dependable employee. I also am bilingual because I speak Tagalog.
I can put a smile on everyone's face better than anyone I know.
I can show my best effort and complete any tasks for me.
I can provide a critical and discerning eye for situations that need fast action, and I am willing to do any job even beyond the required tasks of my position.
I don't be leave there is anything one can do that the other can't physically that is but characteristicly I will bring forth an openmind great attitude and welcoming personality. .
Ability to remain polite in any circumstance.
I have a passion for the food industry so that allows me to want to learn a lot more than others do about the company and job itself .
I'm an open book. I'm very eager to learn and i'm excited to work in an environment that's new.
I'm an open book. I'm very eager to learn and i'm excited to work in an environment that's new.
I have 6 years of restaurant experience, I have al the skills and experience for being a host.
I am very self- driven and motivated. This being said with anything I do, I tend to put all my energy into that one thing, whether it be school or extra curricular activities. These traits, make me in the work place a really hard worker.
I can guarantee a healthy attitude on a daily basis. I am very good at brushing off all my personal troubles the moment I step into the workplace and making myself the perfect fit for this job.
Well, I am able to motivate my coworkers busy or not. I am able to make the work environment sometime by being polite to customers and my coworkers. I am known for being charismatic and helpful. I believe I can bring a lot of positivity to your restaurant if you hire me.
I am a very fast learner, so training me wouldn't be a problem. I am also a great listener and am able to fulfill tasks exactly to the manager's expectations.
I dont know what skillset others are bring to you, but I bring a unmatched level of understanding to the customer service position. I think its good to put yourself in the customers shoes. This avoids and misunderstandings and confrontation.
I will be prepared, on time, always keeps myself busy and focused to work.
Joy, Sympathy and Quality.
I can promise that everyday I will put in 110% effort.
I can stay active and happy the entire day, and I work well under pressure.
My genuine love for customers and also a very friendly attitude.
I can do my job on the best way.
I can friendly, professional, and provide excellent customer service at all times. I can remain composed under pressure and handle difficult situations. I'll provide customers with hospitality that will not only leave a good impression but also a lasting impression.
I can provide great service with my communication and eagerness to work.
Provide exceptional customer service, go out of my way to help another co-worker and having the passion for work.
I am very familiar with the area and the clients.
I am a very friendly person who will be able to greet customers and help out around the restaurant.
I welcome customer very well with a big smile.
My hours are open and flexible and I have reliable transportation which means I can be depended when there's a need for an emergency fill-in.
I am determined to prove myself and provide excellent service to the customers, preesenting myself in a kind respectful way as to make the customer feel more comfortable.
Bring a positive attitude to work everyday.
I am a good listener and fast learner and I will give the best effort while doing my job.
I can bring happiness to the company and try my best in all my task.
I've been acting for 8 years of my life, and I've learned a lot of skills and became very outgoing. Through this I can bring my expertise that other candidates can not.
I will be there every day putting in equal effort each day trying to be the best I can be.
I think bring a positive, light hearted, organized and welcoming feeling that all I am able to give all customers when they walk in moxies.
I think the main thing that sets me apart form other candidates is how that I am able to pick up new skills quickly, I am very friendly and easy going. I am a very optimistic person and I try to give off a positive energy all of the time.
I am a workaholic so I dont mind working more hour.
Speak 2 languages, Communicate effectively with any and all customers.
I am able to provide great customer service and all guests will have positive memories and desire to return.
I'm extremely motivated I'm willing to work long hours and put in over time, and to learn as much as I can about the industry.
I can provide very helpful and friendly customer service and I know how interact with people of all ages.
I can provide a genuinely positive attitude and experience. I don't believe in the whole "fake it till you make it" mentality. I don't let my personal life interfere with my work life, and genuinely want to work and want to do my best every day.
All of us have own capabikities but I am confident with my skills, knowledge and previous experience that I can contribute neccessary ideas about this field.
My personality is a blend of all the important traits for a hostess. I am extremely organized and responsible and get my work done efficiently. I am very quick on my feet and when put on the spot, can react in appropriate time. I am also very personable and am excellent at customer service.
I may have more experience with customer support, having had to interact with customers from a young age - as well as being around my parents 24/7 who run their own company.
I can create a fun and welcoming atmosphere for not only the customers but co-workers as well. Yes everyones main goal is to satisfy the customers, but if the co-workers aren't enjoying their job it will easily be noticeable.
I can be on time to work everyday, I can maintain a neat environment, I can be respecfful of those around me.
I have got other skills that the other candidates they dont have.
I can be a valuable asset to your company I have the desire to tend to other.
I'm genuinely passionate about any position that I take on. I take my responsibilities seriously and I always go above and beyond what's expected of me. I'm a natural over achiever.
I am a team player and unlike other candidates I am a very quick learner and I enjoy being taught new skills. I also have a lot of experience working with children as well as adults so I can make sure everyone is well accodatied.
I can provide you with a friendly atmosphere happy customers, and above and beyond service.
I am a very positive person, and I think that will help with the job. Also I am a very welcoming person that will show the costumers they are welcome.
I can exhibit excellent customer service, make the guests feel wanted and comfortable and also keep things organized and ensure the communication between my coworkers.
Passion to do a good job always.
I feel that I am great with talking to new people and would be a good person to have greeting people as they walk in.
I can positive energy and professionalism.
I have a flexible schedule, and I learn things very quickly.
Maybe, to speak portuguese with costumers from Brazil or Portugal.
I always go the extra mile to initiate the greatest quality, it's not just a job. It's a business challenge I push myself to be the best in.
I am bilingual and I have a positive attitude and I am a fast learner and I can satisfy not only the customers but the staff as well.
What I can do for you that others cant is being cheerful and outgoing most of the time and staying positive in stressful situations.
Learn everything quickly, treat others with kidness no matter what.
I can use my experience and skills to make sure tasks are performed efficiently.
I can bring a friendly environment to the work place.
I am a fast learning and a creative problem solver. I easily relate with all kinds of people and have a unique and thorough background. No other candidate will receive so much job from working with people as I do, and that is reflective in my work ethic.
I am incredibly attentive and I push myself to make sure that customers are getting the best experience from when they walk into the door until when they leave. It is important for me to make the customers feel welcome and know that there is a free line of communication open with me.
I'm really good at dealing with people. I have all together six years of experience working with people in a customer service and sales position, and have taken on a leadership role in that capacity this past year. I'm an incredibly quick learner, I think on my feet, and I have a lot of experience working both individually and as part of a team.
I can offer positivity, a good attitude when days aren't looking good, I can also stay calm in negative situations.
I can speak to spanish speaking customers and also make them feel comfortable.
I have more experience since my dad owns a restaurant, took psychology and can deal with a variety of people.
I believe that my unique blend of experience, problem solving skills and people skills differentiates me from most other candidates. I am motivated, disciplined and focused and am willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
I will be reliable and work my absolute hardest to accommodate my fellow employees and my customers.
Keep a positive attitude throughout the shift.
Always on time and want to do my best.
I can communicate in other languages, and I can understand better the demands of each client.
I have prior experience being a host. I know how to greet customers, take them to their seats, answer phones, set tables, and deal with large crowds.
I can bring a friendlier customer service.
I can provide friendly and efficient customer service. I am a hard worker that loves to learn and adapt to new environments.
I have an interest, drive, motive and strong determination to get success in this role.
I have acting experience, so I can use that to help make customers feel at home.
I believe I have the personality and professional demeanour that will show through this job. I may not have experience like the other candidates, but that would make me even more determined to do a good job and show you that I am capable.
I believe that I can show the promise of being willing to work and be trained after having no restaurant.
I can provide our guests with upbeat, super friendly service while also being a fun host, making sure everyone is enjoying their night and I can promote this business on my social networks by bringing in more guests.
This is difficult because I'm sure this is a very popular place to apply I'm sure you'll see lots of good applicants. Maybe this is something everyone says, but I am a really, really hard worker. I love being active I love the bustle of a restaurant. Last summer I balanced working between two jobs. During the year I'm taking a full school schedule, but I also balanced volunteering at a lab and I sang bass in a choir once a week. And I also choose stuff that I'm really interested in. Like, I really love working in a resturant with the bustle and the regulars and getting to work with a huge staff. So yeah, maybe I've wandered off my point for a bit, but I would be really good at this job, that's what I bring to it.
I can communicate with customers clearly and effectively as well as be a dedicated employee.
I believe I could bring excellent customer service, with a happy attitude and overall benefit the function of this restaurant.
I can try my best to be the best employee and I can have a positive manner no matter what challenges I face during the job.
I think I have a lot of different experience working with all types of different people, so I think I could apply all those experiences to this one to contribute to the success and pleasant atmosphere of the environment to the best of my ability.
I am very determined due to my stay and labor I did in africa I find myself to be more mature than people my age and even older, I value things that most people don't necessarily value like water, electricity, microwave.
I know that there may be other candidates with more experience than I have, but I think I bring a fresh perspective and attitude to the position.
I am intrested in growing, and learning more then one area. I am more then willing to put time and effort which would be an asset to your company.
I am very friendly and im passionate about what I do.
I am a very logical person and I have developed exceptional problem solving skills.
I'm a fast learner, especially with technology, so I know that I would be able to juggle reservations and call-aheads with no trouble.
I can offer a sense of upbeatness, I tend to want to make sure that everyone is happy and calm.
I can bring lots of organization... And a new perspective with ideas that other people do not have.
I am more happy, jolly, easy to approach, hardworking, positive, More experience with customers behaviour, got longer patience...
I believe I have problem solving skills and people skills that makes me unique from other candidates.
Being an artist, I pay very close attention to details. I have exceptional organizational skills thanks to my work experience at my job at Forever21. Visual merchandising allows for us to make action plans which is a lot of what a hostess must do.
I can work as many hours as you want me to. I work very fast. I get my work done quickly and correctly.
I do not know what the other candidates are like, but with my past experience I believe that I have the communication skills and the organization skills to be very successful in this position.
My experience of being a greeter for the Apple Cue Conference has taught me how to deal with all types of customers, including impatient and angry customers, in a very polite and successful way. My strong listening and cooperating skills are what makes me a great candidate and I am a people person, so I will enjoy meeting new people daily.
Not much throws me off. When it gets crazy I seem to stay calm and focused and find the most efficient way to solve a problem.
I'm very enthusiastic, I will smile at every customer. And I will have my friends and family come to eat at this restaurant.
I can provide a youthful and driven attitude which could make the business look as if they support youth and rid stigma.
I've got a really strong work-ethic. When I start something I will finish it. I'm always very proud of my accomplishments and I want to be proud about what I'm doing. That means that I want to finish what I'm doing with quality no matter what kind of obstacles are put in my way.
I believe I have very good skills for be around people, Ilike give them an expectional treatment and also I can say I have a good communication capacity . Maybe I don't speak the best english you can hear around but I know how deal with people and I usually know what they are looking for. I love transmite good vibes. I'm very positive woman and I know what I am doing every moment.
I can provide a hard working attitude, dedication, and a positive attitude to work everyday.
I always bring a positive attitude to work. I'm also good at solving problems quickly and efficiently and making sure everything is handled that needs to be.
While I am not experienced I am dedicated to bringing a good experience to every customer, I am quick to pick up on skills, I am able to multi-task, and manage myself.
I am patient not a lot of people aren't patient now a days especially with technology that makes people want to get things done faster than ever. I am also very honest but sincere.
I would describe myself as upbeat and proficient. This combination is rarely found together and my ability to serve the customers with a smile while consistently getting my work done efficiently is unique. I am also available to work 100% of the time.
I can provide great customer service, im passionate about hospitality so I will do everything in my power to make the customer happy and pleased.
I'm available all morning and day.
Do my job with my heart and love.
I can be the most warming hostess since it is in my dna!
I have many years of knowledge within the tables games department and I also know how to run the TAB, I also have formed some amazing guest relationships over the years.
My ability to be a fast paced worker while maintaining my friendly and approachable person can help add to the welcoming feeling created here.
Knowledge of our casino's policy and all games, good relationship with all department and hard worker.
I will always exceed expectations, when I put my mind to something I like to do it right.
I speak multiple languages. I am proud that I grow from a country that provide opportunity to learn different languages since I was a kid. I'm interested in learning languages, Korean is my current favorite and I wish to continue explore myself in these languages so that it could be one of my specialization.
I would love to help in contributing back to the community and help bring the companies goals into full effect and notivate all co workers to perform their jobs to the best of their ability.
Multi task while still being entertaining.
I am local so I am always close and on call. I would be here year round and not just temporarly.
I will always remain positive throughout everything. I know how to separate my problems from home from the work place and will never bring them in with me. I am also very dedicated and put my all into every task that is assigned to me. I am a team player and will always be willing to help others.
I feel like I am accommodating to other people's needs, and I really do care about people. I'm a musician, so taking constructive criticism well is apart of my daily life. I am always striving to improve, and I am hardworking as well as reliable.