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What is the most recent skill you have learned that will assist you in this role?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Host or Hostess interview

Think about some of the skills that are so vital to the role of a host or hostess. Did you recently learn how to deal with difficult customers? Are you learning how to stay organized and move quickly between different tasks? Share a skill, like attention to detail or listening to customers. All of these skills would be helpful for your new role.

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What is the most recent skill you have learned that will assist you in this role?
Patients. I have learn to stay positive and not always think about the worst that could happen.
When It gets extreamly crowded and the waitlist is crazy I take there number down with there name and I call them when there table is ready in case they want to wait in there car or something because sometimes the kids get restless.
Communicating with customers.
The most recent skill I learned is to smile and make the customers feel welcomed.
I have learned that listening to people is a very powerful tool. So if a costumer was upset about something them being acknowledged and then knowing I am listening would help them to calm down and be more rational.
Lasting I have learn was direct communication with clients in confectionery.
A more fast paced work ethic.
Effectively managing multiple projects and deadlines.
Patience, being patiente because everyone has their own clock, and you learn to go with flow with others.
Patience. I am the mother of a one year old boy and he certainly has taught me to be patient.
Patience because with patience I will be able to assist the customers and be able to help them with anything.
Remain calm even if someone else is in a bad mood.
I've learned that you have to be very patient and polite. This will assit me in a lot of situations in being a hostess.
A recent skill I have learned is to be able to think a head of time. Planning for things, like a stressful situation. A vaction, ensuring I am caught up for homework assignemnts. And I feel that being able to think a head of time, or plan a head of time is great advantag not only in hostessing but in overall life as well.
Be patient and respectful.
The most recent skill I have learned is marketing, which allows me to think in a business perspective and actively avoid doing things that come off as unapproachable.
Be passionate with your work always.
I have learned how to not be afraid of the telephone! I recently have been helping out with calling customers and making appointments and callbacks and I really feel that I have exceeded my skill of talking on the phone with customers.
Patience. I worked with kids all summer at the YMCA and I think patience is the biggest skill I acquired there that can be used anywhere.
Recently I have learned to be patient. I have a newborn at home and I'm learning to be even more patient and understanding and it can difintely be important to be a patient hostess.
To have a confident voice.
Ive learned how to deal with angry customers as well as working in busy times.
Patience! you have to have patience with people.
Time and Stress Management.
Attaining patience and a sense of calmness.
Patience patience is the key to everything because there will be customers that will not be satisfied so you have to be satressed.
After I turned 21 I learned a lot more about different wines, spirits, and beers, and I think that knowledge would help me a lot when making recommendations. Additionally, although its not a new skill, how to deal with irate guests is also a skill that I believe would help me a lot.
Answering telephones for reservations.
I learned how to be more friendly, talkative.
My psychology classes make it easier to understand people, and I've learned that in conversations, that if you are uncomfortable, eye contact can consist of anywhere on the face, so it feels less awkward.
Patience is truly a virtue. Being able to brush off certain situations and being able to smile through it is truly an advantage.
The most recent skill would be learning how to get out of my shy zone.
Being talkative and friendly.
Overall, I recently learned more about patience dealing with multiple dogs. I think that patience is more useful than people believe.
I have gotten better and better at my time management skill recently. This skill will help me in the hostess position because if I am setting goals of what needs to get done in this restaurant, I must make sure that I can get it all done because I do not want to let my supervisors down.
^that grammatical/spelling errors can be a major put off to some people. Learnt?
Further leadership and customer handling.
I recently learning lot of patience. I believe it's essential for this position.
Going to college helped me be more comfortable communicating with strangers and talking to new people. I think learning how to converse with other people is a great skill when dealing with new customers every day.
Patience. I have recently finished coaching a tennis camp during which I worked with 6-10 year old children. In that aspect and customer service, patience is a virtue.
Welcoming to eat and serving food and beverage.
Patience. You can not work as a hostess if you do not have this skill.
Running front of house for an investment summit.
The most recent skill that I have learned that would assist me in my hostess position is learning how to handle all kinds of customers. I have learned different strategies that will assist me in doing so.
When I moved across the country, I realized I'd be going to a school with 2300 strangers. Being thrown into that was hard, but I learned how to initiate conversations with total strangers. Now, I am way less shy, and I'm okay with being in an uncomfortable situation.

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