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What are your greatest strengths?
Think of the traits that make you good at your job. Reflecting back on the top qualities of a host or hostess, you may want to draw from there. Having great people skills and being positive, detailed and motivated are all strengths worth sharing. Next, talk about how you use this strength in the workplace! Your positive attitude keeps you and your co-workers in a good mood all day. Being detailed helps you pay attention to customer needs and make important notes in reservations. Whatever your strength may be, link it back to how it positively impacts your work environment.

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your greatest strengths?
I am loyal, trustworthy, and I have a friendly personality.
My greatest stregnths is my bubbly personality, my ablility to learn quickly, my drive, my handwork and dedication, positivity, and communication.
My greatest strengths are helping others, doing what I am told, making sure everything gets done at time. I am a great listener and a great oranganizer.
Talking, fast moving, hands on.
I am very outgoing and honest.
Definitely my people skills. I really work really well with other people and the reason I got into this line of work is because I love talking to people. My costumer service skills and my ability to think through all my options rapidly are also some of my favorite things about myself.
I am a strong communicator, I am very persistent and like to do things right.
What do you know about our company.
I belive my greatest strengths are that im comunicative, passional about work, possitive, I am team worker and I am a good listener.
I'm a great team player, fast learner, very motivated.
My biggest strength would be my organizational and time management skills, but my greatest trade would be my ability to effectively handle multiple projects and deadlines.
Being a team leader, I can take action and follow rules, while enforcing them and being reliable.
Patience, determination, respect.
I think I am a very friendly person and I think I work pretty efficiently as well.
Welcoming customers and smiling at them.
I'm adaptable and a quick learner.
I am very punctual, fast learner, communicative, have a good personality and can handle the situation calmly on time.
Good communication Great honesty Awesome leadership skills.
My strengths are being organized and outgoing. I feel like I can be very approbalbe and easy to work with. Communication is another strength of mine.
I think my greatest strength is how modivated and driven I am, what ever I put my mind to I want to achieve and no matter how hard it is I will always find a way to achieve my goals.
My greatest strengths is porbably how determiend I am. Growing up I have always had this mindset where if I put my mind to it, I would be able to achomplish anthing I want.
Again, I am the best, I have no weaknesses. At all.
I am communicative, organized and friendly, eficccient.
My social skills, work ethic, and approachability.
I'm a very positive person, and a hard worker. I don't let the negatives stress me out.
I can do multitasking at the same time.
I am a very patient person, I am honest, and I believe that my easy going personality will contribute to your business as I will put every customer first before anything else.
My biggest strength is that I am a hard worker. This has proven to be true in my school work and in various clubs and sports I have participated in. If I am going to be a part of something I'm going to make it bigger than myself.
My strengths are my passion and my cheerful and optimistic attitude. Once I start a job or a project, I put everything into it. I try to do my very best at everything I do, and I never quit. I'm also very cheerful, I can make a bad situation not seem bad because of my optimistic outlook on life.
I am very patient and I am able to remain calm and cool and collected during stressful situations.
I can talk with confidence, and have a positive outlook on things.
My greatest strengths are my intelligence, my quality of work, ability to communicate with people and make them feel wantedmy organization skills, as well as my.
I am detail oriented and a great multitasker and I work well with people.
Communication skill, multi tasking, team player, relationship managament, costumer focused;
Efficiency, time management, communication.
My greatest strengths is communication and a positive attitude towards customers.
I am friendly/outgoing and know how to diffuse tense situations and manage conflicts. I am creative and excellent at out of the box thinking to solve problems. And I am a quick-learner and can master new skills for the job very quickly.
I am incredibly detail orientated but also have the capacity to look at the bigger picture. As I said I'm a quick learner, and above all I genuinely enjoy working with people and as far as I can tell they enjoy working with me.
Team player, very quick thinker, great with people, dependable.
I’ve always been known for my work ethic. I am committed to meeting deadlines and taking responsibility for the quality of my performance. I have a strong work ethic and im a people person.
I'm very honest and motivated I take pride in everything I do. I am very independent.
Passionate honest person.
Reliable, friendly, easy going, responsible, and a hardworker.
My greatest strength is being honest, and I am a hard working person.
My greatest strengths are that I go above and beyond for people. I try my absolute hardest to make sure that they are happy and taken care of. I am also a very efficient communicator, which helps my to understand what a customer needs.
I am hardworking, empathetic, a good listener, funny, persistent, and loyal.
Time-Management, Optimism, Strength, Adversity.
My greatest strengths are observing what the guest needs and pulling through for them. Basically, knowing what exactly they need before they even say a word. I am also a really friendly person, continually smiling at the guest letting them feel important.
I'm really hardworking. I'm really social so I love working with other staff....And I'd say I'm a little better at average at just kind of reading people and knowing how to interact. Just kind of sensing how people are and also just dealing with people. Like I can often separate the circumstance from the individual,
My greatest strengths are that I have a good personality, I can stand on my feet for long periods of time, I'm happy, and I am always polite.
I am Efficient, outgoing, very friendly, very hard worker.
I can be happy and get used to things fast.
I am a very hard worker. I am reliable, and I am passionate about people.
I'm a quick learner and a friendly person; I would get into the groove of the job quickly and keep customers more than happy.
My greatest strengths are that I'm extremely hardworking, and I dont take things personally. Usually when I work, or even do homework I get anxiety if I feel that I didnt do something to the best of my ability.
The ability to get work done and to be happy and energetic while doing so.
I am very fast and efficient. I like to think of ways to get work done faster and better all the time. I am also a very quick learner.
I am respectful, outgoing, hardworking, determined and presentable.
I can think quick on my feet. There isn't always just one solution to one problem so I prepare myself to fix things with a back up plan if they don't go as originally planned. Also I am great at being both a leader and a team player. I genuinely like helping people.
Motivated, helpful, Happy. Outgoing, willing, excited and always ready to learn.
I'm very responsible, honest, positive with big great desire to grow beside amazing people.
My greatest strength is that I am a very hard worker.
I am a very positive and enthusiastic worker. I dedicate myself to my job and take what I do seriously. I work well in teams and with other people, and have the ability to adapt to new situations every day.
My greatest strengths are my optimism and ambition. I am an extremely dedicated worker and can ensure all of my work will be completed.
I am always focused at my work and available to help.
Quality communication and professional service.
Making people smile and making a point of remembering the guest name.
As I mentioned my perfectionist as my weakness, I think it could be my strength since the personality allows me to push myself on completing the tasks in the given period and I would try my best to complete it without any mistakes. Besides, I think I am a very friendly person. For example, I had always been able to work with colleagues in a friendly environment.
Customer service multi tasking and strong mind.
I am a very friendly person. I have great communication skills. I am a very determined person and will put my all into all of my tasks. I am also a great team player and will put the customers needs before mine.
I'm good under pressure and I'm very organized. I'm attentive and caring to people, and I'm very social.