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What are your career goals?
Working in the service industry is a means to an end for a lot of people. Even those who stay in the industry are working on accomplishing other goals, like finishing school or helping your family meet loose ends. The interviewer doesn't expect you to say you want to work at their restaurant forever, but they are interested in hearing your future plans. Wherever you're at in your career, let them know how this job will fit into your career goals. Here's an answer example: "I plan to work for your restaurant while I finish my degree, which I plan to complete two years from now." shows you are working towards a goal. Your role as a host will help you to achieve that goal by providing stability and income.
Answer examples
"I plan to work for your restaurant while I finish my degree, which I plan to complete two years from now."

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your career goals?
Grow in hospitality industly.
To become a teacher for mental and behavioral disordered children.
My career goal is too further my knowledge in the hospitality and restaurant business.
To become the best worker.
To provide highest degree of satisfaction to the guests.
I would love to become a photographer and be my own boss one day, but I am taking up this job in order to make connections, earn money, and gain experience in the work field.
To become a manager of my own company some day.
Process Optimization, 5%-8% reduction costs.
I would like to work oversees with non-profits.
My career goals to have enough money to support myself.
I want to be a guidance counselor.
My career goals are to build a company where we can donate to those in need. Build homes for them, schools, churches, shelters by supplying them with everyday needs and building their characters to get them ready for society and the workplace.
My career goals are to become a Veterinary Technician.
I would like to be employed steadily for a long time.
I want to attend college, then law school, become a paralegal and be a freelance makeup artist on the side.
To go to college to become a pharmacist.
My goal is to become a host & knowing more about the job, upgrading my knowledge on high level of customer service.
For short term goals, I want to get a job like this so I can learn new skills and for long term goals is to get in the military in a few years after working a little bit.
My future aspirations for a career would include being an animator in a big time animation studio working with great people and doing what I love.
My career goals is to get better and to get rewarded.
I would love to work in a career that allows me to work in hospitality serving others.
My career goals are to find a job that I love and be happy happy to work somewhere were its very comfortable and family oriented.
Graduate from college, try and get as much experience as I can. Find something I love to do.
Well, I would like to develop my skills to be the hostess possible and I would like to become an expert within my role as a hostess.
I would like to graduate from school with a business and marketing degree. I would then eventually like to open my own gastropub.
FIU or UCF, to be an architect or go in the medical field.
My career goal is to ultimately be a pediatric cardiologist. I really like working with others and I want to contribute to society in a positive way.
I plan on getting a steady job and save up for college.
I want to gain as much experience as I can leading into college and maybe make some connections that might help me in the future.
My career goal is grow beside the company where I am working and be the best in the thing I am doing.
I want to be a Physical Therapist.
My career goals is to learn how to work on a team in a professional working environment.
Right now my goal is to finish college and figure out what I want to study. I have a lot of different paths I'm considering so just narrowing down that search is my first step at this point.
I would like to one day work at a crime lab or some other laboratory.
I want to do something am really passionate where I can combine my all my skills so im going into college undecided to find my career.
I am going to school to earn my degree in physics. I would like to either teach or go into the field of aeronautical engineering.
My career goals are to become a food critic, travel the world and learn different culture foods, and open mutiple resturants.
My career goal would be to become a Pediatric surgeon.
Well I would like to be as successful as possible.
Being an assistant food and beverage manager.
My career goal, as an ambitious person, is to reach a high level at my job and creat strong relationships with people around me.
To be working for Star well into the future at queens wharf and hopefully be in a managerial position.
Use my skills and abilities to bring great value to the company.
I love helping people. I want to be a teacher in the long run but seeing someone who's day is made better or life through my help is a great site to see.
I'm currently working towards becoming a flight attendant.
After few years in the industry, I foreseen myself to be at the management sides, growing more experiences that would allow myself to lead a team of people. I wish I could reach high satisfaction towards what I was doing and remember the passion that I always had in the start of my career, thus, instead of working hard for the jobs, I was enjoying the things that I was doing.
Being independent doing what I love, and giving my 100%
Well career goals changes all the time rightnow I would say being apart of a noble company and making my best of it and inturn recieve a satisfied appreciation of it so that I can be more than just an entry level employee maybe a manager or co manager or supervisor some day.
I'm a small business owner outside of this job.
I would like to work my way up for a company like shorts. They are so popular and just keep growing, I would like to grow with this company.
To be in a position where I add value while learning new skills within the working industry.
I would love to one day become a lawyer. I feel like to become a lawyer you must know how to interact with people well and I feel like by gaining experience with Red Lobster and their customers, it could really benefit me in the long run.
I plan to go to college to either become a specialized nurse, a veterinarian, a PA, or a PT. Along with that, I plan to minor in music. Right now, I'd like to get a job that further improves my social skills and that is close to home.