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Tell me about your experience.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Host or Hostess interview

Be honest with the interviewer, but keep in mind that you can talk about your past experience if it relates. This means, it doesn't matter if it was working in the same industry. Share any experience that is relevant, talking about your transferable skills, like customer service, administration and retail experience. If you have no relevant experience, talk about how excited you are to learn. Odds are that the interviewer will ensure you receive more training when you begin your new role because they know you will benefit from the extra knowledge!

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Tell me about your experience.
I actually have no experience as a hostess but I have worked in customer service situations before.
As I hostess I play a very big role in the company because I am the first person the customer meets. Therefore it is my duty to provide everything that red lobster stand for and be polite and spark up a conversation and just whatever I can to make the customer feel warm and welcome.
I'm very a people person I love to talk to new people and I'm really just open.
I started as a receptionist and I worked for basically a year as a receptionist. There I fine tuned my communication skills and improved on my ability to provide excellent costumer service. Then I started at Deanna's, which is a bar and grill. I've been working there for about 9 months and I really enjoy it. I love meeting people and talking to them, and I love working with my servers to help the restaurant run smoothly. I really feel at home there. But I feel like I could step up my game now and move onto a bigger restaurant, so thats what I'm looking for right now.
Since this will be my first job I have little experience hosting. But I have helped in many special Olympic events which deals with talking to people and helping them, so I am a strong communicator.
The job including from greeting customers to showing them their tables.Sometimes presenting them menus, and also be ready to listen guests special wishes and be ably to try accomplish the same or find another solution.
I have no expertise in being a hostess but I have been serving customers for over a year.
I know that as a hostess it's my job to welcome and greet incoming customers with a smile, to seat the customers in a satisfying spot to them and the server, and to answer phone calls.
I am a very upbeat person, fast learner, excellent at multitasking and a huge team player.
I like it ! It's very easy and fun.
I have had a fair amount of experience as a hostess.
Working at mcdonalds I know how important customer satisfaction is, and when you are a hostess, you are what customers see, and you want to be friendly, and welcoming to the restaurant.
I understand that I am the face of the company and am the first person to be seen and to greet you when you walk in the door and that I am responsible for making sure the customers are satisfied with their dining experience.
As a hostess, I will be expected to greet customers and make them feel welcome, show them to their seats, and give them their menus.
Polite, welcoming customers with a big smile and helping my co workers.
A hostess position is a position I have always wanted to try my hand at, the environment of good food and conversation amongst friends and family has been a welcomed experience for me in my life and feel you can never have too many friends to enjoy a great meal with.
I've never been a hostess but I can become a good one.
This is my first job, but my dad has been in the hospitality business for a long time. Through this I know that it's my number one priority to keep the customer happy and confrotable.
This is my first job, but my dad has been in the hospitality business for a long time. Through this I know that it's my number one priority to keep the customer happy and confrotable.
My expertise as a hostess is how detail oriented I am, poilte and having great communcation skills and constantly being able to send a optimistic energy out to all the customers coming into moxies.
I don't have such but I know how to deal with people.
I have never been a hostess previously but babysitting has really helped me learn people skills and what it's like to interact with people of all ages. Also, it has made me become a good role model for all people because I have been one for the kids.
Years ago, I was also a hostess for the illuminaqua event where I told guests information about the concerts, performers, venue, etc. Since then, I haven't necessarily been a hostess but have performed many duties as a hostess and always saw myself as a representation on the company I was working for. Under my cashier position, I was also required to clean the lobby, make drinks, sweep, and address any customer question/complaints. As the head of marketing, I need to be very informative on the club and its events, its owner, its objective. I need to be approachable, and be able to answer questions.
Polite, effecient and passionate.
I know that being a hostess, you are the face of the restaurant, being the first person to greet you when you walk into the building. A hostess has to be aware of the people who are coming in, calling, and waiting and also stay friendly and open to talk to the customers as they may have concerns or requests.
Although I have never been a hostess, all of my previous jobs have related to customer experience in some way. I have dealt with very unhappy customers and very happy ones as well. I've learned that if you just listen to a customers problem, then that right there will make them feel a lot better. They often times just want to be heard.
I have yet no experience.
Working as a hostess, I gained understanding of the importance of customer service. Being the first point of contact, its imperative that I give a great first impression. I also do well at anticipating a customer's needs and satisfying them in the most efficient and effective way.
I dont have any direct experience working as a hostess but I have however worked with a few different organizations and have really helped with customer service in those organizations. I have a lot of patience and I dont find myself troubled by stress. I thrive in a fast paced and constantly changing environment.
I have been in a situation where I had to seat and wait people in NCL.
I am very organized I am a great communicator and I know how to keep guests entertained while waiting for a table.
I have none professionally, however, I host parties at my home and for friends and family.
I have no expertise as a hostess, especifically. But my professional background working directly with different people and cultures helped to devolep an experienced communication skills, customer relationship which can help me to enhance my ability and performance as a hostess.
Having great communication and patience is key. Being able to work under stress and pressure without cracking. Asking for further help depending on the situation at hand, never being afraid to showcase my skill and quality as an individual.
Well as a hostess I know what is right and what is wrong i know when to come to a customer to ask I everyhing is okay while they are having a conversation I know that having a positive attitude is an important thing and patience is very will needed its the key.
My expertise as a hostess is help them bring their food out to the customers.
I have a lot of experience in customer service type roles. During my experience as a Business Development Associate and Manager, I have dealt directly with clients and been in charge of individual crm. I know how to speak with clients, how to upsell, and how to stay positive and friendly under pressure.
I have never worked in the restaurant business but I am willing and able learn the in's and outs. I have great interpersonal communication skills that would help be accomplish tasks as a hostess.
I have experience as a hostess at my job as a volunteer at the Outreach Center in Cloquet, I greet people at the door I put out the salt and pepper on the tables. Do lunch count help people with questions.
Although I don't have any experience as a hostess, as I said I do have about six years of experience working in sales and customer service. I worked for four years a lifeguard at my local pool, and we were in charge of all sales of merchandise at the pool as well as signing children up for swim lessons, swim team, etc. At that job I learned a lot about patience, and definitely how to deal with angry customers. That actually became my particular skill - when one of my coworkers was dealing with a particularly angry customer they often asked me to step in because I was able to defuse the situation. For the past two years I have been working at the cafe at my college where I was recently promoted to shift supervisor. Being in that leadership role has really allowed me to grow, and given me a greater appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes.
I have never been a hostess but I feel like I can offer positivity, personality, eagerness to learn.
Although I don't have any experience as a hostess my previous jobs allowed me to obtain certain skills that would be beneficial as a hostess.
I personally have never had to host but I know that as a hostess I seat the customers and bring them their menus. I would split up the tables between waitresses to not overwhelm one and others not have any.
This would be my first hostess job.
I have observed my friends who have hostessed and I think it sounds like a fun job because I am a people person.
I formally worked at Flip Flopz, so I have experience working at a popular bar and resturaunt, I really enjoy interacting with the customers that come in. As a hostess it is important to be friendly, because you are the first person they see when coming to the resteraunt.
I have no experience however I am open to learn.
The role of a hostess is very important to an employer/business as a host/hostess is usually the first person you see. You have to be polite, greet customers, smile, be warm, friendly and inviting, show them to their tables, present the menus, and potentially take orders.
I am a good listener, and I can use my empathy to show the customers that I understand how they feel and what they want.
I know that hostesses are the first employees that customers see. They represent the restaurant and create a hospitable atmosphere.
I have worked at numerous restaurants, nightclubs, also at a hotel. So I am very guest focused. For example, a PF Chang's restaurant, popular Bronx nightclub in New York called Mi Gente as a VIP host, and restaurant Corsair located in the Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Florida.
Well I worked as a hostess last summer for Culina. And there I would be in charge of greeting guests, managing tables and reservations. It's a really small space so that was sometimes hard especially on Sundays when it's so brunch is so big we make easily twice what we make any other day. And then if there is ever a minute like you're bussing tables and running food and whatever else needs to happen.
I understand that a hostess job is very important, as you would be a persons first impression of a restaurant when they walk in. It is important for a hostess to be friendly and inviting towards customers.
I never had the experience of being a hostess, but I do understand the challenges faced everyday and I do understand my tasks.
I have no current expiernience but im more then willing to learn and put in effort. I am friendly and nice and I have delt with costumers before, in a diffrent area but I know how to act.
You have to be friendly, show the guests to their tables and present the menus.
I have no expertise as a hostess yet but I am excited to learn.
I've never worked as a hostess, but I am excited to (hopefully) get to try it out and gain that valuable first experience.
Although I dont have experience in the hostess industry I feel that I can bring a certain level of comfortability to customers, and make their experience at the resturant the best I can.
I do not have experience as a hostess, but I am a very quick learner and I am very friendly. I love to meet new people, and having great conversations with everyone. I enjoy making people feel happy and comfortable.
This will be my first time working as a hostess. But I have had experience hosting a party with my mom before. I am very organized and respectful to others.
I worked at Zenful which is a center that has yoga and other stuff to make the body feel good. I worked the front desk. I would answer phone calls, set up appointments, do transactions, and guide each customer which room they would go to.
At my previous job I worked in a hotel. We had a constant influx of walk in guests, but also guests who would stay for weeks. With my experience there I found that it is beneficial to get to know your guests to better anticipate their needs. And to always try to take notice of what makes them unique so their experience can too be unique. For example, if you notice there are children walking in, ask for their names too. They want to feel just as special as their parents. Kids love to be noticed and parents will love for you to keep them happy. Nobody wants their dinner ruined by a crabby kid. Also tell the servers the kids names so they can greet them as well. Or ask their stuffed animals names or their favorite colors to make the experience unique.
I very little excet working at the Calgary Zoo, however I am a fast learner.
I don't have much experience specifically as a host, but I do have experience with basic greeting and interacting with customers. At my current job, I spend a lot of my time greeting and conversing with customers and making them feel welcome.
I'm a really open and I just love talk with people and make feel them very good as they come inside to the restaurant. I will be the first impression so I must be good on it.
I currently have no experience.
I don't have experience as a hostess but I am willing to dedicate myself to learning what it takes to work in a restaurant. I am a hard worker and when I put my mind to a task it doesn't take me very long to figure it out.
Well, I understand that part of the job is to greet the customers as the enter, I have experience greeting customers who are ordering food and ensuring that there is a continuous flow of customers when a line forms. I understand that it also requires the ability to seat the customers according to availability in the waiters/waitresses sections, I have experience with managing my schedule and working with teammates so I think that I could ensure everyone is getting seated in a timely manner and that the servers are receiving a fair amount of tables.
I am aware of the level of customer service that goes into being a hostess and am able to thoroughly serve guests.
My expirence as hostess is at school in one of the classes we take we had to seat about thirty people.
I am extremely friendly and outgoing, which will make good connections with guest from the moment they walk through the door.
Approachable, natural smile and communicative.
I was working as a hostess during summer time, whisch is a high season, for restaurants in touristic places in greece. That kind of a place was the restaurant I was working to. Many people would come to this restaurant as it is well known in pelion. So some times I had to work under pressure and finally everything was fine.
I have gained experience here at Treasury through being a part of the Rewards team and I was also a host with my previous employer.
None but I have other work experience such as a receptionist that has helped me develop good communication and people skills.
From greeting customers, to showing them their tables and presenting menus I can do all in the most effective way.
Honestly, I might not be in this field at all during my previous experiences. However, I think I was positive enough to receive criticism and capable of learning new stuffs. I believe hostess is the first person that would be encounter with the guests when they first enter a restaurant, hence, creating the first impressions in the sake of the restaurants. Thus, I think I am friendly enough to create a relax environment for the guests.
I have no experience as a hostess but im not doubting my self I know that I can do it and get the job done well as good as any experienced hostess can because I am determined.
I'm the engagement director for women grow. So organizing large groups is my specialty.
Hostess was my first job, where I worked my way up to bartender. As I worked my way up I continued to have the hostess responsibities in my new jobs as well.
I have not had experience as a hostess, however I do have experience working with customers. My main priority with dealing with customers is making sure they leave content and willing to come back. I also always make sure that their wants and needs are met.
I have never been employed by anyone; however, I taught piano lessons to some little kids in Indiana up until I moved here. Here, I've done mostly volunteer work, with a babysitting gig on the side. I volunteer at the children's ministry at church during first service, and play with the band during second service. I have also in the past worked at Foothills, an animal rescue right down the street. I stopped because of my hip surgery, but plan to go back to it soon.

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