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Tell me about a time when you gave excellent customer service.
Before you give an example, think about what excellent customer service means to you. Does it mean making the customer happy? What skills are required?
Answer examples
"A customer called to make a reservation for a large group. They were visually impaired and there were two small children in the group. I wanted to take extra special care to provide for their needs, so I informed the server and made notes in the reservation. When the group came in, I was warm and friendly. I made sure they were taken care of."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you gave excellent customer service.
I am very good with people. I stay positive. Even when the customer is upset I try to stay positive and control the situation.
My customer service skill are great im very friendly and attentive, I do what ever I can to make the feel welcome and happy.
Great. I have lots of experience from my job at walmart, and my receptionist job at enns brothers. I was surrounded by customers all day and I love working with them.
I believe my customer service skills are good. I am very helpful with helping others I believe that customers are like gold and should be treated with respect and like a king and queen. The customers should always have what they want and its my resposibility to meet their needs. I always talk to customers in a good friendly manner and make sure that they leave happy and will want to come back.
I would say very good I have worked my entire life interacting with different people.
I work very well with people, and have sting communication skills.
I belive my service skills are pretty good because I work at the places where is the most important thing work and communication with customers.
I am very good with problem solving, I am very friendly and have great communication skills, very motivated to make sure the customer is happy.
Great, im very social and giving.
I have six months of experience working with customers and I am confident in saying I can handle almost any situation.
My skills are pretty good. I am able to communicate and be friendly with customers easily.
They are very good as I can cater to each customers needs.
I think I have good customer service skills! I always believe that its imporant to put the customer satisifaction as our first prioty and ensuring that all customer have a wonderful one of a kind expirence.
I think I have very good customer service skills, customer satisfaction to me is always going ot be my number one pority and I will do all I an to ensure that all customers leave with a one of a kind expirence.
I deal with people easily.
They're excellent. I learned a lot at McDonalds about how to resolve situations and make customers feel that they were cared for. If I overheard someone complain that their fries were cold, I'd immediately offer to get them fresh and hot ones. I am attentive to a customer's needs.
Providing highest degree of guest satisfaction.
I have had a lot of experience with costumer service starting at The Beatnik Cafe and going up to my last job where I was interacting with clients and customers at the Puzzle Zoo here in Santa Monica. I also have done some telephone customer service with my parents company. I have had all types of customers who came to me in Puzzle Zoo and I was expected to help them as much as I could- which was a great learning experience for me.
I would say they have immensely grown throughout my years. During my first job I really learned a lot about how important customer service is. You want each customer to have the best experience each time they come in .
I do well at anticipating what the customer needs and how to respond to their needs. I also know how to make a customer feel at ease and what to say to make them feel welcomed and cared for. I'm also always smiling.
Calm, collected, patient, understanding, and I know when the problem is something that I can't handle on my own.
They are very strong, I have had to deal with every type of customer.
My customer service skills are great, I know how to deal with displeased customers as well as keep satisfied customers satisfied.
Excellent! I deal with people on a daily basis.
It is focused to do the best in order to mantain a good relationship for business.
I believe they are good, there's always room for growth to become better than what you are currently.
A great communication making them become welcomed and bringing them in with a good charisma to make them feel at home.
Amazing. But really, I have always had a knack for working with people, especially customers. In addition, I'm good at passing on my skills to the people I work with - taking them under my wing if you will.
I am great with customer service I try to best accommodate people so they will choose my restaurant again. Ive had a great deal of training about how to talk to customers and the right body language.
Great, I enjoy talking to people and will always be polite.
I have experience in my past 2 jobs dealing with customers. I always greet them with a smile and put their needs first. It is important to remember that the customer is the most important part of the resteraunt experience.
I have no customer service skills but I am open to learn how to be great customer service.
My customer service skills are very excellent. I smile at people when I see them, I ask them how they are and I always try to please them.
I haven't really worked before, but I am a fast learner, and my listening skills could help.
I love making sure that everyone customer is satifised beause each of their experiences matter to me.
Excellent. I always show concern, asking the guest is there anything that they need me to do for them, explaining the answers to their questions in full detail to the best of my ability, even anticipating what they need before they say a word.
I never did customer service, but I would say that they are good.
I love to talk to people, and I think I could handle an unhappy customer.
In my opinion, my customer service skill are good, I work with dog owners and their family members on regular basis, although I believe that I could learn a lot more.
I have exceptional customer service skills. Whenever a customer needs assistance, I make sure that all of their needs are fulfilled. I also enjoy making customers feel happy by striking up conversations with them about themselves and their day.
I believe my customer service skills are wonderful.
Seriously why is this quiz doing this no employer would do this rightnow.
I'm very good with people, I really enjoy being around of them. It's a pleasure for me. I have good humour and I like transmit that to the people. Make them feel amazing.
I have good customer service skills. I am very friendly with customers and try to make sure they feel heard and appreciated.
I have excellent customer service skills due to my patience and friendliness.
Patience, attentive, clear communication and knowledgeable.
I think they are excellent. I would also like to learn the restaurants rules as they differ from restaurant to restaurant.
I have great customer service skills. I always make sure to communicate well with my customer so that there are never any misunderstandings. I also make sure that the customer always leaves happy.