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How would you keep our patrons satisfied?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Host or Hostess interview

"I listen to customer requests and keep track of customer information when they make a reservation. I communicate to the waitstaff any special requests to make sure the customer is happy."

Your interaction with the customers will primarily be on the phone when they are calling for reservations and when you greet them at the door. When customers make requests beyond your capacity, you have the entire waitstaff to support you. Let them know you work as a team and communicate with the waitstaff to ensure the customer is taken care of.
Basic answer example
"I listen to customer requests and keep track of customer information when they make a reservation. I communicate to the waitstaff any special requests to make sure the customer is happy."

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How would you keep our patrons satisfied?
I would always have a friendly attitude toward customers and I would do my best make them feel welcome.
I would make sure they are happy entering the restaurant and just as happy as they are leaving. Making sure they had great customer service the whole time.
By always checking up on them to make sure they have everything they need.
By answering their needs.
Be respectful and communicate well.
What do you know about our company.
Having a welcoming gesture and smiling face, also using the surname in conversation to help guests to feel comfortable.I belive I can give customers all nessesery information.
I would make sure I do my best in selling the products and let the patrons know I can help their restaurant in succeeding .
By always remaining calm and polite and caring about the customers feelings. I will try my best to satisfy all of their wants and needs.
I would keep a welcoming composure and smile at the customers.
Do the right thing and work efficientry.
Welcome them as family, serve them in a timely manner, make small talk, remember their names, and thank them for patronizing IHOP
I would always smile and make them comfortable. I would do anything they they need and try to help them with the best of my ability.
By checking up on them, asking how their meal was, and making a small conversation with them.
With smile, eye contact respect and make them fell comfortable.
I would smile, answer any questions, address any concerns, and do my best to keep them updated on wait times and so forth during busy hours.
I would make sure they get my attention when they come to me for questions or concerns, I would also make use of the bar by letting customers know that they can sit at the bar and order a drink while they wait. I always remember that the customer is always right.
Always smile, have a welcoming gesture, make good eye contact and be polite.
Doing my best to serve them the way they deserve.
Check on them periodically, check to see if there's anything I'd be able to assist them in. Be patient with them insuring they can trust me to handle whatever issue they may have if needed.
Showing them that I am a very effective worker and showing them a positive attitude in work and out of work.
Be attentive, attempt to anticipate their needs before they asked, and make everyone feel as though they are my number one priority.
Get them a menu to look at, make sure they know about the cocktail bar so they can get a drink.
By checking with them if they are happy with everything.
I would maintain eye contact, smiling and having a welcoming gesture/greeting, as well as making sure that I speak first to break the ice and make the guest(s) feel comfortable. I can also keep them satisfied by providing friendly, efficient, and courteous service and by answering any questions that they might have.
Smile at them, speak to them first, and see if there is anything they need.
By making special arrival arrangements, maintaining their preference lists, escorting them to the halls and providing them with the best place to sit, assigning the finest servicing waiters for them.
I would keep them satisfied by smiling and being happy and keeping a positive attitude.
Always keep them informed on info.
I would be kind, and friendly. I would also work as hard as I can and be patient with them when needed.
By servicing them correctly and not making any mistakes in my job.
I would make sure that they are very happy and everything is in order for them. I would make sure that they feel comfortable and acknowledged.
I would greet them respectfully, check up on them occasionally keep them happy by talking to them regularly.
Anticipate what their needs our. Pace yourself efficiently. Be consistent. Treat everyone as an individual not just a group. Make a connection with them, don't just be there to be the man between them and their food.
By always smiling and ensuring they are having great time and fixing all faults.
My behaviour is going to be exquisite towards the costumer and you going to feel very happy with that.
I would always keep a positive attitude and always be helpful.
It depends on the emergency. I think the first step is to remain calm as to not disturb other customers and employees. I would try to fix the problem by myself quickly if possible but if not I would alert other employees to come help. If I could not fix the problem then I would take over another employees tasks and have them handle it.
I would live up to the standards the company pursues.
Providing an excellent job.
I would keep an eye contact, welcome them with a kind gesture and a warm smile.
Go above and beyond with out them ever asking for me to do so.
Providing guests with friendly and effective service while answering their queries in a professional and polite way.
By staying friendly and polite making sure I do everything I can to make them happy and recieve everything they want while there.
I would keep them satisfied by making sure all their needs are met. I would constantly check up on them to see if there is anything I could do for them. I would also make sure that they felt comfortable asking me if they needed anything.
I would make sure to accommodate them to the best of my ability, and I would smile and apologize for the wait if there was one.

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