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How would you deal with an angry customer?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Host or Hostess interview

Keep it simple. Think through the steps you take when handling demanding customers. Be prepared to give an example of how you have dealt with these types of customers in the past. If it's all new to you, be honest! Explain how you would use your communication and listening skills to relate to customers and calm them down. And tell them you're learning! You aren't expected to know everything in a new job, so just relax and do your best!
Basic answer example
"I stay calm, and I listen. I'll let a customer vent as long as they need to. Then I empathize and look for a solution or a compromise."

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How would you deal with an angry customer?
I would remain calm and immediately try to accommodate the customer with an apporopoate alternative.
I would listen to the customers complaints and handle the situation in a peaceful manner.
I would sympathyze with and acknowledge everything that customer is so that feeling are validated and then I would do what ever I can to make the customer happy.
I would show empathy to the customer. Make sure not to interrupt them, and listen to everything they have to say. Try to really understand how the customer is feeling.
I would handle an angry customer with the same respect I would any customer. I would allow them to tell me what the issue is so that I can assess the situation and calmly try to help them the best I can.
Listen actively, apologize emphatically and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Throw in something for their troubles.
I would be so nice to them offer anything they would want and let them be in control!
Remain calm, try to get to the root of the problem and then handle the situation appropriately.
Firsly I kept calm behaviore and lesten gust carefully what he or she is trying to then I take action.
First thing I would do is determine why they are upset and apologize for it. Then, I would ask them what I can do to help rectify the problem, and takes steps as necessary.
What do you know about our company.
I will stay control and first listen guest and after find solution.
Based on my experience and training, I learned to let them vent and never cut them off while they're saying their bit. I would not be rude to them, but I will be calm and not take any bad thing they say personally. I would then proceed to analyze the situation and diffuse the situation on my own. If a manager's assistance is absolutely needed, only then will I call the manager to get involved.
Ask them what the problem is. Consult with a manager on how to best solve the problem.
Calmly listen to their complaints, and accommodate with whatever they need. Do everything to make sure they walk out satisfied.
I think providing patience towards an angry customer and remaining calm will help and fixing the customers needs.
Listen to them attentively, apologize and find a solution to he problem.
I would calmly and politely listen to the customer and let them finish their rant, without adding any comments or language to kind of fuel the fire, and once they have calmed down I would analyze the situation and see what the next step would be, whether it could be relocating them to a better/different table, or bringing them a new dish, etc.
Remain calm and talk it out with them to resolve the issue.
I would be polite and understanding. If it got out of control I would refer to a manager.
Smile politely and try to calm them down.
I would find out the customers issue first and see what I can do to solve the problem from there to calm the customer .
Very respectfully. Apologetic and concerned. Assisting that their experience is very important to us.
Stay calm, listen to them, and fined a solution.
Keep them as calm as possible and handle their situation.
Say sorry. Let me bring my manager.
I would let the customer share their problem with me and never interrupt them. I would make sure the communication between the customer and I was strong, along with proper eye contact. I would then analyze the situation and take apporpriate measures and contact a manager.
I would be sure to maintain a friendly tone with them. I would make it a priority to let them know that I am doing all that I can to satisfy their needs and that their service is greatly appreciated.
I would be assertive and try and find a way to make a compromise with the customer. I am very patient and I'm able to communicate well and solve problems or complaints as soon as possible.
I my opinion the most important thing to do in this situation is to remain calm and keep your composure. I would make sure that the customer is completely done talking, apologize for their dissatisfied experience, and get a manager to further handle the situation.
Remain calm, dont take it personal, listen, actively sympathize and apologize.
Remain calm, and be at his service to make his visit better, apologize, and fix the issue.
I think so. Customers always have reason.
I would be calm and understanding and help them as much as I can because every customer deserves the best.
I would stay calm, and try my best to fix the problem without anger towards the customer although they could be irritating me, and if I can't find the solution I would contact the manager.
I would remain calm and not taking nothing the customer is saying personal and try to resolve the situation.
I will try to find out the problem try to sold it with a politly way.
I would be calm and try to solve there problem in a professional way.
I would deal with an angry customer by remaining calm and professional. Once they've had their rant I would analyzing the situation and take the appropriate action.
Make them feel like I'm listening and deeply care for their concerns.
The trick is to remain calm. Never interrupt the customer. Once they finish evaluate the problem and see if there's anything I can do to help.
Never be rude. Stay calm, keep composure and never interrupt. Analyze the situation then take appropriate action.
I am pretty patient so I would keep my calm and then analyze and proceed to find a solution to the issue as nicely as possible.
I would listen to them and let them speak, and I would remain calm.
First thing I would do in this situation is listen to their concern in trying to understand what the problem is apologize try and resolve the situation.
Stay calm and try to handle the customer in a polite way.
Fix the issue and apologize.
I would ask them what could I do to make their experience more enjoyable.
I would stay patient and listen to what they are trying to say. Then, I would try to find the best solution to satisfy their needs.
I would remain calm and collected. Try to accomodate them in any way possible. If I feel I am unequipped to deal with the situation then I will politely alert my supervisers,
Apologize and try to appease them.
I would ask them what's the problem and ask them what they would like to do to resolve it and ask if they would like to talk to the manager.
I would apologize for the misunderstanding.
Stay calm and then take appropriate action.
Figure out the source of his displeasure and try to fix it.
I will answer him/her calmly and ask what the problem is and talk to the manager, also apologie him/her for those things.
I would try to understand and sympathize with their frustration, and explain we were doing everything we could to remedy the situation.
Try to remain calm and solve the issue the best you can.
Remain calm and ask if there's anything I can help with.
I would stay calm and try to help solve their problem.
Try to keep calm and see if there is anything I can do, if not I would ask for a manager or supervisor for their assistance.
I would listen to them, and respect them until they finish talking. Then I would try to satisfy them to the best of my ability.
Find out what he is angry about. Try to offer him another product he might be interested in.
I would try to calm them down as quickly and systematicly as possible. To ensure that we do not disturb other customer. try to deal with the root of the problem, and if it is a small issue such as the soup is too cold, I would ask their server to bring them out another one. Or if the music is too loud I would ask them to turn the music a little lower because customer satisifaction is always going to be my number one piority.
I would try to calm them down as quickly and as efficently as possible. Because we dont want to cause anymore turbulance for other customers. And try to discover the root of the problem if it is a small issue such as their soup was cold I would ask their server to get them a different one. And if the music was too loud I would ask them to turn down the music. Because to me world class custoemr service would be to ensure that all customer leave moxies with a good memorable and satasfied expirence.
I would try my best to calm them down so we do not cause anymore turbulance for other customers in the store. And talk to them to discover the root of the issue, if it was a small issue like, their soup was cold I would ask their server to replace their soup or if the music was too loud I would ask them to lower the music because customer satasification is always going ot be a main piorty for me. And to me that is what world class customer service is, being able to deal with coustomer complaints and having them leave the store with a wondferful expirence.
At first I will apologize for him and then I will ask him/her the problems and I will try to sort out the problems.
Listen to them and try to respond.
Stay calm and let them knowing there table will be ready soon.
I would try to solve the problem in a calm manner, and if I need further help, ask for assistance from my manager.
Organizing tables, helping servers or at the kitchen.
I would stay calm, explain to them that I am doing everything in my power to meet their needs. And find a manager to see if there is anything we can do to fix the situation of conflict.
Be patient and understanding, do not interrupt them, try your best to resolve the issue, if things get out of hand, call a manager.
I would agree with them in a calm manner and take fault. Then I would need to know the company's policies after that.
I would agree with them in a calm manner and take fault. Then I would need to know the company's policies after that.
I would try to see things from their perspective first, empathize, apologize and try my best to find a resolution that satisfies the customer while adhering to company policy. If it were to escalate, I would ask the manager for help.
First saty calm and listen carefully about his complain. Analyze the problem and take an action immediately.
From my experience, it's important to not be rude to a customer. I would listen to what they have to say and make sure they're done their rant before I speak. I will remain friendly and polite to the customer and make sure to do whatever I can to improve or solve their issue.
I would act in a calm manner, trying to figure out what the customer wants and if I can fulfill their needs, otherwise I would calmly call for a manager or coworker.
I would listen to them complain for a minute to find out why they were so angry, then apologize repeatedly and offer an alternative solution to their issue. If no solution can occur, then simply listening to their complaing and apologizing will make them feel better.
I would ask them what the problem is and try to work towards fixing it.
I would here them out and let them vent. Then let them know that they are right even when I know they are wrong and try to help the situation turn around.
Explaining to them calmly.
Stay calm and aknoledge their concern.
Will be calm and down to earth try to cool down the customer and offer him or her something to drink on the house or dessert.
I would see if there would be anyway to try and calm them and see if there could be anything I could to do to help such as: getting their server or getting the manager involved to see if that would help their situation.
I would allow them to explain their issue to me and apologize on behalf of the entire establishment for their unpleasant experience. Next I would do my best to solve their problem myself, if not, I'd immediately try to find someone who can help.
Remain calm, allow them to speak and tell you the issue, analyst the situation and then act according. Sometimes it is something that requires a manager and so the course of action would be to go get that person otherwise it is best to deal with the issue myself.
Listen to them let them finish talking never interrupt the customer. Remain calm, and keep my composure. Analyze the situation, and take action from there.
I would reassure the person that I will try my best to get everything in order, and apologize for my mistake.
I would listen to their problem, apologize and let them know that you will get right to fixing the problem and if needed I would call the manager.
I would stay calm and polite and deal with the situation as well as possible.
I would listen to his complaints and calmly address the situation as best I can in order to make the customer's experience positive at our restaurant.
Deal with them calmly and try to solve the problem the customer is having.
The customer is always right. I would remain calm and try to do whatever possible to satisfy any needs that they have and keep the customer happy.
The customer is always right...So remain calm and polite.
I would tell them sorry for what ever that are mad at if it was the food and I would call my manager to see if there is something we could do about the bad experience they had.
Calmly tell them that we are going to try everything to fix this problem and to tell them I will get them the manager.
I would ask them nicely what is bothering them, and then I would come up with a solution to their problem.
With patience. We always need to try to understand the customer points and be focused to handle the situation.
First, asking what the problem is. Then simply listen to their problem, quickly analyzing their answer and coming with an efficient, quick and helpful solution.

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