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How would you deal with an angry customer?
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Apologize, offer a replacement meal and talk with manager and server.
Just listen to her point of view, show the calmness of your voice, let the customer talk it out before you interupt, explained & assured to her you are here to help as much as you can. However, You will check first with your manager your request and you will get back on her soon!!!
I would listen to his complaints and calmly address the situation as best I can in order to make the customer's experience positive at our restaurant.
I would listen to them, and respect them until they finish talking. Then I would try to satisfy them to the best of my ability.
I would utilize my listening skills and listen to the customer vent about what the problem is. I will then do whatever is in my power as a hostess to meet the customer's needs and make them happy.
I would first listen to all of concerns, sometimes customers just want their frustrations to be heard. Then I would then follow up with a sincere apology and ask if there is anything I can do to help mend the situation.
I will answer him/her calmly and ask what the problem is and talk to the manager, also apologie him/her for those things.
I would listen to their problem, apologize and let them know that you will get right to fixing the problem and if needed I would call the manager.
Stay calm and aknoledge their concern.
I am pretty patient so I would keep my calm and then analyze and proceed to find a solution to the issue as nicely as possible.