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Have you ever had a situation that kept you from being on time to work? How did you handle it?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Host or Hostess interview

Show the interviewer that you are reliable, even when your circumstances get in the way. Your reaction is the only thing you can control sometimes. Give an example of some sort of interference on the way to work, like a traffic accident or broken down car. Here's a good way to respond:

"I was working an opening shift and there was a huge accident on my way to work. I knew it was going to make me late. I called a couple of coworkers to see if they could come in earlier, and then I called my boss. I did everything I could to make sure someone was there to open the restaurant."

Show that you care about your work and strive to be dependable. Explain the effort you take to ensure your lateness will not have a ripple effect on everyone else at work.
Basic answer example
"I was working an opening shift and there was a huge accident on my way to work. I knew it was going to make me late. I called a couple of coworkers to see if they could come in earlier, and then I called my boss. I did everything I could to make sure someone was there to open the restaurant."

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Have you ever had a situation that kept you from being on time to work? How did you handle it?
No, I cannot imagine that. Communication in the workplace is extremely important. realizing that, if an emergency comes up, I try to communicate that to management as soon as possible.
No I have always shown up for work.
Not without calling in 5 hour ahead of time.
I am very committed to being punctual and not missing days. I can say that because in my present work, I am always expected to be there whether I am tired or sick.
My father and I both experienced the same life threatening illness and I skipped work then.
The only time I have ever missed work was due to either Illness or when I recently had a family emergency.
Well this is my first job.
I believe in honoring my commitments and as such I only miss work or other engagements when I am ill.
What do you know about our company.
Since I've never been employed, I can't truly answer that. But I can say that I can't picture myself being late because I don't live very far and I'm not in any after school activities at the moment .
I've never been employed before, but I don't expect to miss work unless it's an emergency.
No. I take jobs very seriously. I believe attendance is very important.
No. I take jobs very seriously. I believe attendance is very important.
No. I'm very responsible on that.. If anything I have an emergency I will let them know right away.
I have never had an actual job.
No. I am always on time. I am very punctual and usually arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of my shift.
For jobs, I can't really answer that because I have no job experience, but whenever I ad a project in school or another commitment, I never missed it.
I have slept in and woke up late but never not shown up.
I always attended my shifts unless it was medical, and even then I would help and try and find someone to cover the shift.
No, If I'm not available for a shift I always make sure to ask someone else to take it.
No, I've never not shown up for work.
On rare occasions when there was an emergency or if I was sick.
Yes, sick or family matters were reasonings.
Yes, but with a permission from my supervisor .
I am always prompt, and have never shown up late to any sort of work.
Only when my kids have been sick or I am sick.
No, I usually arrive early.
Without calling or permission no.
Never. I have never cancelled or bailed at the last minute nor have a not shown up.
Once Family emergency I was unable to make it.
Not without notifying a manager ahead of my shift of my absence, and only in an emergency situation.
No I understand that work is a very big commitment and it is a team here so I would be required to fill my responsibilities in the team including coming to work everyday and being on time or early.
No, if I say I am going to be there I will be there.
Once before but I gave my store manager a 2 day notice.
Not without giving a good amount of notice or unless I was sick in which case I would make sure to call in as soon as possible.
I have only missed when I was sick.
No. I even try to make any health appointments on my scheduled days off that way I'm not missing a day of work.
I'm always there, always on time, and i'm a very responsible person even if it's an emergency I will call to let my patrons know.
I always show up for work.
No, if for any reason I were to have an emergency I would make sure to notify my manager if I was unable to attend I understand that when one person is missing it causes a strain on everybody working that day and that is simply unfair to the business and to the workers.
No, but if I'm feeling too sick to work I will call in and let them know.
When I am sick, it's important that I get rest to heal and not get other employees sick.
No, I think it is important to always be at work unless there are emergency circumstances and you have spoken to your boss about needing to miss work.
I always show up for work.
No, I have been late to maybe one shift in my entire working career but I also make sure to let people know ahead of time if I think I'm going to be even five minutes late.
NO. For the past few years I've been taking care of my mother who has ms so it has made me become super responsible, reliable, and have excellent time management skills.
I show up for work everyday on time, many times early, unless an emergency came up.
I have never not shown up without calling hours in advance for a legitimate reason.
No, I am very responsible and I like to arrive at least 5 minutes early before my shift.
No. If a situation arises, I always make sure to phone in and explain a reason for my absence. I also will hopefully find someone to cover my shift if I cannot come in.
No because this would be my first job.
This would be my first work experience, however for the other commitments I had, I never missed a day.
No I have never not shown up for work.
I have no prior work experience.
No, and if there was a reason as to why I couldn't make it, I would always call 3 hours in advance.
No. I have shown up when it's not my shift, but luckily I've never read the schedule wrong the other way.
No, if something came up I would try and find a cover or call as soon as possible in order to find a replacement.
No never. I am very reliable and would not not show up unexpectedly.
The only work I did was volunteer work, and I was not ever late for it.
There has been a time when I have called off but it was an unexpected sickness and I would obviously not want to bring that into a restaurant.
Not without giving notice, but there has been a couple times when an emergancy has come up.
No I always make sure to show up to work early so I am prepared to begin working on time.
Only in the case of extreme circumstances.
No, I havent. I usually make sure that I call before I have to miss in cases of emergencies.
I have no work experience, but im always early to whatever it is, volunteering, class, hanging out with friends.
No. The only times I had to call out of work at my job in the two years I have worked there was because of jury duty.
This is my first job. But I know in the future if I ever have a problem I will always call first.
No. Showing up is the most important thing.
No, I have showed up for every single job I have had.
Not without finding someone to cover my shift in advance.
Not only have I never not shown up for work but I've never been late. Not even by a minute. Although I have had to call in sick before.
I never did that, never. I can't even imagine that.. If unfortunately I can't go to work I'll call with enough time for let the restaurant organise with enough time.
I have never not shown up for work.
The only times I can think of when I didn't show up to work is when I was really sick. I think being punctual and present is important especially in a work environment. It is a trait of mine that I deeply value.
I have not worked before.
No, unless it was an emergency.
I always come in on the days I am scheduled. If I would ever have an emergency that would not allow me to come in I will make sure to take the necessary percautions before hand.
No, I considered myself as a responsible person. I would never no show for my work. Even though there is an emergency, I would have texted or informed my superiors on my absences of the work prior my shift.
Not once and if I were to have an emergency I would call to let know as soon as I found out or the day before.
No. I have never not showed up to work without advising a manager. I hardly missed work but if I did it was for a legit reason and I always made sure to call in and let my manager know.
I've never worked for somebody else before, but I have had to be late for certain important things. I make sure to notify the person as far in advance as possible and I try to catch up on whatever I missed.

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