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Give me an example of how you have been reliable in the past.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Host or Hostess interview

"There was a snow storm, and I couldn't get a hold of my manager to find out if we would be open or not. I woke up extra early and made my way to work anyways, just to be on the safe side."

Demonstrate how you follow through by showing up and taking care of your responsibilities. A manager will be enthusiastic about hiring someone they feel can fulfill daily responsibilities with integrity. Give an example that proves you are dependable and can be entrusted to handle your duties.
Basic answer example
"There was a snow storm, and I couldn't get a hold of my manager to find out if we would be open or not. I woke up extra early and made my way to work anyways, just to be on the safe side."

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Give me an example of how you have been reliable in the past.
Extremely. My job is a responsibility and a source of accomplishment. I also realize how any sort of worker unreliability impacts not just the business, but your co-workers.
I see myself as very reliable.
I am very reliable worker because I love what I do and something I dont mind doing so if you need me to work a double or to work on my day off ill do it because I dont mind.
I am very reliable I make sure everything is handled and taken care of at the right time. I make sure I handle my tasks and duties. I am very obedient and respectful I always get to where im supposed to be on time and I am a responsible worker.
Very reliable I have never missed a day of work and I am always on time.
I would say I'm very reliable. I'm driven to do my best every day, and thats what sets me apart from everyone else. I'm a self-starter.
I am very reliable, I am a pleaser so I will do what I can to get whatever needs done done.
I am a very reliable like a person and more like a worker. I belive that people first need to love the job and more respect job and people with who they work or for who work.
Very reliable. Letting people down is one of my worst fears.
People that know me would say I I'm a very trustworthy person, my job is the upmost important thing to me and being to work on time is mandatory for me because I like to show respect for my fellow coworkers and managers .
I am a very dependable worker. Although I juggle school and work, I can devote as much time as the law allows me to.
Shows up to work, gets along with co workers and management, fallows orders, listens to instructions, is trust worthy, is a go getter and will not leave in a month.
I would considered myself reliable, I am never later, always make it in for my shifts, and always lending a helping hand.
I am very reliable. I believe that when working you should do everything you can.
I am reliable and will come when needed.
I am always on time, I am eager to work, I am polite and honest.
I feel that I am a very reliable worker who is always up to helping people.
Very reliable and dependable.
If you need me I'm there.
I am very reliable. I rarely can't show up to work, and if something ever comes up I will always let you know weeks in advance.
I personally think that I am a very reliable worker, I always show up on time for all of my shifts, and I never have given a reason for my previous employers to distrust me in any way.
I am a very reliable worker, I have never showed up late for work, I have never done anything in the past to make my previous employer to distrust me.
I am a reliable with excellent record in my job till now.
All tasks which are given me will be done in a time.
I am very reliable. I am very punctual and hardworking and I am always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
Very reliable. I always show up early, and always stay until my duties are fully performed.
Very reliable. When put to a task, I always do it on time.
I am very reliable, I have not ever had a no show in the past 4 jobs I have worked for.
I'm a very reliable worker. I understand the importance of punctuality, not just because its my job, but because its polite to my team members that I'm punctual and that I do my job at the best of my ability. If not, I'd let my team down and thats unfair for everyone else to have to pick up my slack.
I am very reliable. I know my part in the team and I would always make sure my responsibilities are covered.
I am someone that is determined to finish something and do it very well.
I am a very reliable worker because im always on time, I don't mind staying later if needed or even coming in a little earlier, im willing to cover other employees shifts if needed.
Very reliable, I usually on time or before time and have a can do attitude.
I am the one you can count to make your company move forward with hard work.
I find my peers asking me for advice and for help often. I assume they see my passion for the job itself and it makes me feel great that I'm able to step in and be seen as a reliable person in the restaurant business.
I am a very trust worthy and responsible person I will get things done when they have to be always on time and always presentable.
I am extremely dependable and am constantly looking for ways to help others.
Very reliable. As I mentioned, I have never missed a shift or even been late to one. I am very good at communication, and am also someone that often covers the shifts of my coworkers when they're sick or don't show up for their shift.
I am very reliable. If I say something, I mean it.
Very. I have never missed work, and am very reliable when a manager is not on site.
I have never missed a day of work unless it was an emergency. I'm always on time and productable.
I have always been very reliable I try to be 15 inutes early and leave late to make sure everything on my shift goes smoothly.
I am very responsible. If I say I will do something you have my word and I will do it. I make sure the job is done no questions asked.
I am a very reliable worker.
I follow the rules, listen to instructions, and am hardworking, and will work hard until the job is done.
I believe I am very reliable.
I am very reliable. When I say I am going to be somewhere or do something, I am there.
Very. I am always filling in for other employees when they can not work their shift.
I am very reliable, flexiable and if an issue ever comes up I let people know before hand.
I am very reliable, I will always show up for work.
I always follow through on any job I am given.
I would call myself very reliable.
I think of myself as an extremely reliable person in my personal life, so I would carry that over to my work. Therefore I think that I am extremely reliable.
I am extremely reliable. I keep all of my promises. I never lie to any of my supervisors. I complete my work fast and efficiently.
I am a very reliable worker because I will always get my work done. If I have a problem I will try to fix it or always ask for help. I don't give up.
I am very dedicated and driven which makes me very reliable. I like to be on top of things.
I am an extremely reliable worker. I always show up early and I only miss days if I absolutely have to.
You can count on me to do my work and anything else that needs to be done. Teamwork isn't just about how well one person does at their job. Its how the restaurant works as a whole. It has to be fluid. If someone lags on one end, another has to jump in to help out. That is something I can be relied on to do.
I'm very reliable. When I get asked to do something, I accept and I finish. I've never been late. I have called into work before and I hated doing it. I feel like, even though I'm not actually able to work, I'm letting my co-workers down. That's how much I care about my co-workers and my job.
You know, my job it's my responsibility. I can't avoid my duties if I have to do it i'm going to do and I'll do it GREAT. I
I am very reliable. If I say that I will do something, I will do it to the best of my abilities, and if I am assigned a shift I will make it.
I am a very reliable worker. I am always on time and am willing to help others whenever they need it. I think a work environment thrives when the employees are willing to help each other out.
I am very reliable and always ensure that I am on time and a little earlier before I am supposed to arrive.
Very reliable just like in school projects I am alwyas there to help and asisst other.
I am extremely reliable. As a leader, I pride myself on being consistent and accountable.
I am a very hard worker, responsible and trustworthy.
I am a very reliable and responsible person and these values got even stronger through my working experience.
You can cout on me to do whatever task is asked of me to the best of my ability.
I am a very dedicated person so when I focus on something to try my all to do it efficiently.
People have always depended on me I am reliable in all respects.
Very reliable I often have gone into work earlier if needed.
I think I am a very reliable workers. For the past experiences, I had always try my best to complete the tasks given before the deadlines given. Besides, I considered myself as a team workers. I would be able to work well with my team members and always respects opinion from my superiors or colleagues. I appreciated all the feedback and comments that were given as it would motivate me to do better.
I am 100% reliable and this can only show in actions through my work once hired.
Very reliable. I rarely ever get sick, and live very close so could be here in a flash.
I am a very reliable worker. When I say I will do something, I will always make sure to stick to my word. I am a very dependable person and will always be available to those who need help.
I am very reliable. When I make commitments, I keep them.

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