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Do you have any questions about the job description?
Be sure to familiarize yourself with the list of duties required for the position. If you do have questions, now would be the time to ask. However, make sure that these questions are not already answered in the job posting. Ask other employees about what it's like to work there before your interview so that you have an idea of what to expect and know which questions to ask.

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User-Submitted Answers

Do you have any questions about the job description?
Yes I understand what my position is and that I may have to help out people waiting on tables, cleaning bathrooms, and anything else that I may be asked to do.
Yes. I believe it would be at the front desk helping customers as they walk in, seating them, handing out menus, reading specials, answering phone calls, making reservations.
Yes I did read the description for this job and I am very clear on the tasks that you all expect me to perform.
Yes I have read the description listed within the application process and I think my personality and skills are great for this position .
Yes, I read it very carefully and clearly.
Yes, and I believe I could do it.
Yes, I read and understood all requirements and duties for my position.
Yes, siting customers, giving menu.
Yes. I read them and feel I can perform these duties proficiently.
I have read all details and willing and able to perform these task.
Yes I did, I think that I can do all of the tasks efficiently.
Yes, all is understandable.
Yes I am familiar in everything.
Yes I did and I understand just how important a hostess position really is, and I am willing to learn and train on the job so that I can benefit your business by giving my full attention while on the job.
I'm aware of the tasks I'd be handling while working in this position. If there are any further tasks that weren't listed of be happy to ask and know what that may be.
There was no job description but I am aware of what is expected.
Yes, and I am able to perform all of those tasks.
No I am not sure because I found out about this from my friend and she found out from her friend and she didnt describe what is it that you guys are looking for.
Yes, I will have to be able to greet guest, take the number of people, and help find seating.
Yes, I have read the job description carefully. I am pleased to mention that I can effectively manage the required tasks.
Yes I did read the description and and yes I am clear on the tasks.
I read them carefully and understand what is expected of me.
Yes I am. I am ready to provide exceptional service and work effectively as a team. I am more than ready to learn anything I am not experienced in.
Yes I have read everything I could about the position I am applying for. And I m 100% clear on what I will be expected to do.
There was no job description however, I Looked you some others and I feel capable to take on the responsabilites.
Yes, everything it's actually very clear for me.
Since I do not have much experience in a restaurant I am not entirely sure of the tasks that I would be handling. I am however prepared to take on any duties given to me.
Yes, I am aware of what I am expected to do and am confident in my ability to carry out these tasks efficiently.
Yes I read the ad. I think that it was clear.
As I mentioned in my previous email, I tried to ask for the job scope as I did not have any experiences on the job. Nevertheless, I had tried to do some research and I just wonder if it is the same job description as each company has different policies and rules on the job description.
I did read the description and I am clear on the tasks that I am expected to perform. I am aware that I will need to be interacting with people and that I will need to be constantly standing, which I am okay with doing.