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Describe your ideal job.
What sort of work environment do you thrive in? What kinds of personalities do you enjoy working with? Share what you are looking for in a job. Why are those aspects important to you?
Answer examples
"My ideal job would be working in a restaurant with coworkers I can rely upon and managers who treat me with respect. I do my best to keep a positive attitude, and it is much more enjoyable to be around others who strive to do the same."

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User-Submitted Answers

Describe your ideal job.
I'm not a person who has a difficult time with stress. When I'm under pressure, I focus, and get the job done.
A place that keeps me busy and energetic.
One whose priority is success through teamwork and creativity.
I would like to be a host at a restaurant.
A place that demonstrates respect, teamwork, has genuine caring, hospitality, and teamwork.
A job where I can be around customers all day.
A company who wants cares for their customers and employees, who also will give me lots of learning experiences.
Somewhere where team work is valued. I would love to work in a place where team work is considered the key to great service.
Right now any restraint job would be good to help me get started working. But later in life I would like to work in the medical field with animals.
The ideal company is Millennium Hotels, because of way how they work, and I think is the best place where you can improve knowledge and start with career.
I want to be in a comfortable but upbeat company where we all work together to make sure the company succeeds .
I would enjoy working for a company that makes it a priority to let me know that I am welcomed to work there. I need to be able to sense a warm atmosphere.
I like a work for companies that combine with my interests and experience.
An environment where everybody feels safe and calm with each other. It should feel like a family, obviously there might be fights but in the end of the day we all come together to make a plan.
Copelands, because they have an awesome environment and I love to work at a fast pace.
I would like to work at a smaller place.
A company which am able to use my knowledge and experience I have.
One that encourages a family environment amongst its employees.
A company with awesome employees and a company in which I can grow within.
A company that is friendly and welcoming, and can give me constructive criticism.
My ideal company to work for is a company where I am able to get along with everyone and be able to call everyone my family and have a good connection with. A team that works together to only build each other up and support each other.
My ideal company to work for is where everyone within the company gets a long very well, and has a good relatioship with all of the workers there and treats each other like a family. Where the atmosphere is encourgaging and the people there only want to help build you up and make your expirence at the company wondferul.
Your company is ideal company for me. To get work in your company will be such a big honor for me.
The company which gives me opportunity to learn more and where I can show all my skills.
A company that cares about its employees, and one that values a customer's experience.
The company who can inspired and motivate me more to do my best in work.
I company with friendly people that sells the best stuff.
Honestly, I would love to work for a creative space such as a photo studio or a photographers company. I love working with people to come up with ideas and get inspiration from one another.
Somewhere that has a good atmosphere to work in. I want to be around people that enjoy working their also, people I can get along with a create effective environment for customers.
My ideal company is one that not only cares for their customers but also one that takes care of their employees. A company that allows employees to give input regarding the way things are run within the company and make adjustments based on employee suggestions.
I haven't worked before and therefore I dont have an ideal company to work for but the type of company that would fit into my ideal would be a company who values their employees and has a really good environment and sense of team work.
My ideal company to work for is a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, with excellent communication with co-workers and providing amazing service to customers.
I would love to work here.
My ideal company to work for is one where the managers are understanding, a company where I have the opportunity to move up.
A company which has respect for its employees and values the work we put into the company each day.
The moral is perfect and everyone gets along.
A company that has opportunity for growth and treats their employees well.
The company that believe in my potencial to be part of its history.
A passion driven establishment where respect is not only demanded but given in return. Workers who's mind is set on guests satisfactory.
With a great environment and very frinedly staff gthat help each other.
My ideal company to work for is in the medical field for a EMT paramedic.
Restaraunt or entertainment.
A company that cares about the people who work there and provides a provides a positive and fun environment for employees.
Somewhere where I am constantly learning, making connections, and making a difference within the company.
My ideal company to work for is to become a EMT paramedic at a fire department.
I enjoy working for companies where the people are friendly and professional, and where we all hold ourselves to the same high standards. A large part of having that ideal company though is also the attitude you bring to the table - going into each day with a positive outlook and keeping that same perspective throughout the day can make a huge difference in both your work experience and the experience of everyone you interact with.
The forever 21 image is trendy and there are a wide array of style preferences for different groups.
A company that is thriving and is known for providing great service.
I would really like to work at a steakhouse because they feel like home to me they are what I spent most of my childhood at and I would like many other people to make memories as well.
Any company in the resturaunt/bar industry.
Friendly, understanding, team work, honest.
My ideal company to work for is one that will challenge me to do my best and will help me learn new skills so that I can excel at my job.
Four sesons which im giving interview now. It is my sream to be a member of it.
Barns and Noble, because I love to read.
A company that has a friendly and enjoyable environment.
I don't have one. I believe that the people behind the company make it an ideal work enviornment. People who are passionate about what they are doing, the people they are service, or what they are making.
My ideal company to work for is a positive, successful one.
I feel like it doesn't so much matter the company necessarily as much as the staff. Like I really enjoyed working for Culina last summer because all the staff there were so sweet and caring for each other, but also so hard-working. Like even when I had just started there and I remember I misunderstood the short hand on the drink list, I think it said "B" and I made a honeybee, which is like they're ginger beer cocktail instead of a Bailey's latte so we were a little behind and of course everyone was stressed because now we were a little behind and it was busy, but instead of reprimanding me like they certainly could have done, but I think they just realized that that wasn't going to make the situation any better, so they.
My ideal company to work for is one that I enjoy coming in to work for. One where I am not dreading to go in.
My ideal company to work for is a place where there is good attitude, polite workers, and a good atmosphere.
A company who respects their customers and their duty as a restaurant to deliver decent food.
My ideal company to work for is a company who value all their workers and a company with a positive atmosphere.
A company in which I can grow and a company that is flexiable that might let me go to collage, or even just make sure I have time for my family.
A friendly and encouraging company.
My ideal company to work for is one that treats me with respect; I believe that companies that treat employees with respect are the best to work for.
The ideal company I would work for is a company that is organized, and friendly.
My ideal company to work for is one that values individuals and always sets a new challenge for me.
My ideal company to work for is one that has a very strong team that is dedicated to their work. I enjoy seeing people feel passionate about what they are doing.
My ideal company yo work do is like I said a family oriented one. Because there is a very comfortable and friendly vibe going on in the restaurant.
My own company! but if I had to choose, a local company who is passionate about what they do and genuinely wants to make people happy and make a difference in society.
A company that keeps me energetic and busy.
I am still figuring out what career path I want to take. Generally I want to work for a company that cares for its employees. I want to be making a difference in other peoples lives and be in a positive atmosphere while doing it.
Any company who treats its employees as individuals and values their needs is a company would like to work for.
The one that would allow me to grow.
An environment where I would be around people that we could share a good communication and achieve our goals as a team.
Star.... Casinos are where I am comfortable.
A company with an intelligent leader because the company can be gpod but if theres no support team thats smart and knows what theyre doing then the company will not grow.
One that works as a team in a fun but structured environment.
My ideal company that I would work for is a company that accepts a diversity group of people. One that's main priority is to work as a team to accomplish the same goal. Also a company that is welcoming and makes sure their customers are always happy.
In the future, I want to do something in the medical field. I love working with and caring for people. I really couldn't imagine having any other career than something that directly helps people.