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In what ways can you improve your skills as a Health Educator?

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Health Educator Interview Questions

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    In what ways can you improve your skills as a Health Educator?

      No matter how experienced you are or how many great examples you have of how you have worked to develop and improve your skills in the past, you will need to prove it by demonstrating an open and flexible attitude. Share with the interviewer a skill you have that you would like to improve upon. It might be your public speaking skills or empathy towards your clients that you would like to improve. The only wrong way to answer this question is to not support it with a way that you are working on improving your skills.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Having worked in the field for close to five years, I have been solely focused on the education of the youth population. Knowing that I'd be looking to step outside of this box now, I've been reading and working with others in our field that focus on adult learners to help prepare me for this moment. If hired, you'll find that I'm adaptable and can take the skills that I've learned in working with children and apply them to working with the adult population that I'll work with here."

      Heather's Answer

      "Stepping into this career field out of college, I know that managing multiple projects and deadlines will be a part of this job. I have been working on my project management skills by taking an elective project management course during my senior year alongside my internship. During this course, I learned great techniques to managing several projects at one time that I'll be able to utilize from day one on the job."

      Ryan's Answer

      "In my current role, most of my sessions are given in a small classroom style setting. This role will be stepping outside what I'm used to with the need to present to large crowds exceeding over 50 people. Knowing that I'd be looking to move on from my current job, I have started giving volunteer presentations on fitness at our local YMCA and several of my sessions have been near 75 people. While it had been a while since speaking with a group this large, I eased back into these pretty easily and look forward to the challenge moving forward in this role."