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How do you typically assess the learning needs of your students?

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Health Educator Interview Questions

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    How do you typically assess the learning needs of your students?

      As a Health Educator, you use formal and informal techniques to assess your students' learning needs and styles. Tell the interviewer about a successful way you were able to reach your students. Describe how you know your techniques are working.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "One of my most common and easiest ways that I assess the learning needs of my students is by pausing every few minutes to see whether students are following along with the lesson. It not only identifies gaps in comprehension but helps break up lectures into more digestible bites. Asking for participation among the group is also a technique that I use to keep them engaged and continuously learning."

      Heather's Answer

      "During my internship, I was fortunate to be able to work with a private employer where I worked with groups of people that really needed and desired our programs and learning opportunities. We used assessments and surveys to gauge the general needs of the employee population and developed programs around the needs. Then, during training sessions, we utilized a classroom style training that engaged the learners in activities and role-playing activity. By ensuring their participation, we saw greater results and satisfaction in the classes."

      Ryan's Answer

      "In the actual classroom type of setting that I am used to teaching in, I start off with a question and answer session to help get a feel for the knowledge base that the group has that I am speaking to. I have fun prizes for participants and I find that this helps brings participation to a maximum level. Then, when I get into the meat and potatoes of my presentation, I watch for body language and facial expression cues to ensure that participants are listening and engaged. Through this part, I always ask questions to the audience."

      Anonymous Answer

      "Through participation, students’ engagement and discussions."

      Rachelle's Answer

      This is a good start! Try to bring your answer to life by walking the interviewer through your process in as much detail as possible.

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