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Health Educator

29 Interview Questions & Answers

How do you measure progress with your clients?

Example #1
"Progress is the client meeting their short term goals during our treatment together. Our job can be tough at times because in a lot of instances, we don't get closure with our students outside of our setting to see the progress that they've made. I most often rely on feedback from them long after we have had our meetings and I love when these people follow up with me later down the road to thank me for the skills and information I provided them to help make a positive change in their lives."
Example #2
"In this setting where I will be providing education on living with chronic illness in the hospital and clinical setting, any progress that is measured will have to be immediate and on a pretty subjective scale. Knowing that each patient will have a different background, personal needs, education level and cultural bias, I will rely on picking up on learning cues to assess the effectiveness of what I am teaching them. Before I would complete any session with a patient, I would ask them to speak to me on what they learned and why it was important to them."
Example #3
"I look to measure progress with individual patients that I see on a tangible and objective measures. With the diabetes patients that I counsel, my follow up appointments measure their blood sugar, weight and blood pressure to track their progress the same way a physician would. I use these measurable improvements or declines as motivation for each patient. With others where results aren't possible to record as objectively, the patient and I predetermine measures to monitor their progress and these often rely on the patient to be truthful and honest with their progress."
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