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Do you have experience with public speaking? What size groups are you comfortable speaking in front of?

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Health Educator Interview Questions

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    Do you have experience with public speaking? What size groups are you comfortable speaking in front of?

      Most Health Educator jobs require a person to get up in front of groups, both large and small, and give presentations and answer questions. While public speaking has always been a top fear of humans, you need to stress to your interviewer that you are an effective public speaker and love doing so in the process. If you have specific examples of diverse groups you've presented to, use those examples to show your interviewer that you can work in front of any group of people.

      Ryan's Answer

      "While most people are scared to death to get up in front of a group of people and talk, I absolutely love being able to do this. We have such an important and sometimes underappreciated job, and I take great pride in educating people on important health issues. I am comfortable in both large and small groups and can improvise based on my audience with ease."

      Ryan's Answer

      "From a very young age, I have been comfortable performing and speaking in front of large groups. Having participated in both drama and band throughout high school, I have a lot of experience performing in front of both small and large groups, and I think my confidence here will translate nicely into this job. Confidence is key in being able to do this, and you'll quickly find that I am confident in my ability to work with large groups of people."

      Ryan's Answer

      "I have experience through my career speaking to large crowds and small groups of folks, and I love the opportunity to do so each time. Perhaps more intriguing about my experiences are the diverse groups I've had a chance to work with. During my career, I've spoken at large school assemblies with over 500 high school-aged kids. I've done campus presentations working with groups ranging between 5 to 100 students at a time. In the business world, I've presented to company boards with CEOs and leaders and have also done community lectures in front of hundreds of people."