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Gym Teacher Interview

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Please tell me about your most challenging experience while working with children?
User-Submitted Answers
Geting student attention.
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Question 2 of 33
What challenges are you looking for in this position?
User-Submitted Answers
I love facing challenges. I think that they are really important to helping a person grow, so I am really looking for any type of challenge that would help me to become a better instructor.
Question 3 of 33
How do you feel when a student fails?
Question 4 of 33
Do you have any lessons that involves females and males equally?
Question 5 of 33
How do you handle stressful situations?
Question 6 of 33
How well has your college/university prepared you to become a gym teacher?
Question 7 of 33
If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?
Question 8 of 33
What is your greatest strength?
Question 9 of 33
What experience have you had with students from culturally diverse backgrounds?
Question 10 of 33
If two students get into a fight in gym class, what do you do?
Question 11 of 33
What was the most valuable lesson you learned in college that you believe will help you become a great gym teacher?
Question 12 of 33
Do you have any activities that promote leadership skills?
Question 13 of 33
Have you had any bad experiences being a gym teacher?
Question 14 of 33
What is the toughest problem you've had to face? And how did you overcome it?
Question 15 of 33
What is your most favorite team activity that involves every student?
Question 16 of 33
Why are you the best person for this job?
Question 17 of 33
What gym lessons do you have that you believe benefit the students the most? Why?
Question 18 of 33
What is your best technique for keeping students disciplined?
Question 19 of 33
What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved during a gym class?
Question 20 of 33
what is the dailey work in the job?
Question 21 of 33
What techniques would you use to be sure that all students are playing fair?
Question 22 of 33
If a student has difficulty learning a skill or game, what would you do?
Question 23 of 33
How will you instruct students in a gym class with varying abilities?
Question 24 of 33
What is your philosophy for work?
Question 25 of 33
What is your favorite gym activity?
Question 26 of 33
Was there a person in your life who really made a difference?
Question 27 of 33
What are you most proud of in your career?
User-Submitted Answers
Being a gym teacher.
Question 28 of 33
What made you want to become a gym teacher?
User-Submitted Answers
I want to become a gym instructor because I have a high level of interest in working with people in gyms and helping them to achieve their fitness goals. I enjoy working in a gym environment and want to further my knowledge of the equipment that is available and how it is used safely and effectively.
Question 29 of 33
Are you a positive and an energetic person?
Question 30 of 33
Tell me about your past gym teaching experiences?
Question 31 of 33
Why did you decide to become a gym teacher?
Question 32 of 33
Describe the best gym class you have delivered. Why was it successful?
Question 33 of 33
What was your most rewarding experience educating students?

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