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Describe what interests you about yard care, and maintaining the property?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Grounds Maintenance Worker interview

How to Answer

What is it about yard maintenance that interests you so much? This is an opportunity to tell the hiring manager a little bit more about yourself and your education.

Describe what interests you about yard care, and maintaining the property?
Answer example

"Every since I was young I had an interest in learning more about plants, the weather, and the science of it all. I find it very fulfilling to take a plain yard or property and turn it into an oasis that the client will love for years to come. It's like creating a live work of art!"

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Describe what interests you about yard care, and maintaining the property?
I love yardword and vreating things and keeping ground in order.
I enjoy working outdoors and keeping a good green clean yard with will groomed shrubs, plants and trees.
What interests me about yard work is just thats relaxing and enjoying the fresh smell of nature. Making also the buildings look spectacular with the prope landscaping.
What interests me in yard care, and maintaining the property is that I am able to create and maintain an area that is enjoyed by others. I take great satisfaction in seeing others who feel safe and comfortable in the environment that I have helped maintain and care for. I also really enjoy the outdoors I feel a sense of freedom while working in the environment.
I enjoy working outdoors, I enjoy fixing and maintaining things, I like seeing the finished product.
I enjoy working outside and doing working that is appropriated. I enjoy a variety of work indoor and outside.
Loving working out doors been doing it for close to ten years and learn a lot for different power machines and and maintenance field.
I like to work with my hands and understand the importance of conveying an image of the business to the public.
What interests me is having someone complement you on how well of a job you've done and wanting more workers like yourself around.
I love to be outside rain or shine. I like the fact that I can look back at the job that I did or the job the crew did and say great job guys or we did a awesome job today.
Makes look good and healthy.
The impact it has on the public. A well maintained environment is welcoming and peaceful. An uncared for or unmaintained property shows lack of care and is likely to discourage interested parties.
Ability to work with team members in performing work task.
Keeping and maintaining the yard clean and tidy to make sure its a sage enviorment thats why myvmost intrest is in the yard care and keeping the maintance to a high standerd.
I like the sites and smells of a beautiful landscaped area or athletic field.
What interests me is the final over all picture of the property. I'm really happy when someone complements on how nice the property looks.

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