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Tell me about your customer service experience.
You will be working one-on-one with clients and building relationships with them. Your prior customer service experience will help you to communicate effectively with customers and understand their needs.
Answer examples
"Through working in restaurants I learned how to handle difficult customers and keep a positive attitude. Everyone wants to be heard. I learned to be patient and listen to customer needs to give them consistent service and make sure they walked out happy."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about your customer service experience.
I worked as a cashier before, and in my job I encounter different kinds of people, when it comes to customer service, you should make sure that your client will be satisfied for your assistance.A good customer service is giving the customer's need and assist them beyong the miles...
Smiling . Follow up eye contact.
I used to work in a shop so I know how to deal with potential or rude customers. I am a happy person and always greet people with a smile, I also have good manners and am very approachable.
I believe that it is a personally choice for the person and I believe it is perfectly fine as long as the client is getting there complete nutritional needs.
I am fresher but yeah where I workout I do give tips to my fitness friends.
I work as a host in a fitness centre and I have done a lot of job where customer service is very important.
From working in the shop and been involved with the gaa. Ive a good bit of experience with dealing with people.
Worked at the administration department and have sound experience in sales.
I have been 10 years work in the hospistality.
Recognize what the clients needs are. Make the services exceed what the guest desire. Sure the guest are happy when they leave.
I currently work at pita pit which pushes for great customer service, and the program I am in and the personality I have gives me a great advantage with customer service.
Food service experience and personal trainer experience.
Working in a restaurant, student support and providing frontline out of hours support over phone or in person. AS a firefighter, regularly interact with the public during safety programmes and initiatives.
I worked as a waitress before.
Generally I have experienced great customer service which always leaves me with a happy feeling however when it is not so good it lowers the atmosphere.
Bradford and Bingley, Waitressing.
Working in retail as a checkout team leader. I am in constant contact with customers and so giving excellent service to keep the customers happy and returning.
I am a dance teacher, Iknowhow to train people.
I am a dance teacher.. I have a experience of teaching in good manner.
I did work in a customer based job in Tony and Guy a few years back, I would make drinks for the customers and make them feel comfortable and welcome.
I deal with people on a daily basis.
I have a lot of experience from working in a gym before dealing with clients everyday and as work in as a cashier and receptionist iv learned alot of new customer service skills and it is always best to approach with a smile.
I have worked as a customer assistant a couple of times and feel I have enough experience to build upon.
I work for the retailer debhanams for 4 months on the tills and on the shop floor.
Not much at all but I am very happy to help those that need assistance.
Through my years being self employed I had to always be on show! Believe that treating people that you come into contact with, well and above and beyond is not customer service it is just the way life should be.
Much more concerned about customer to take supplements.
My previous job working at a dog groomers meant I dealt with customers coming into the parlour, this meant welcoming them in, going through guidelines, general conversation, bookings and cashpayment. My work experience also worked alongside the public and therefore I had to supervise the public as a whole, also perform demostrations on site.
5 years customer service experience in a number of different roles.
Working with clients in the gym also taking inductions needing to show potential clients around the gym.
I have worked in accounts and often need to assist internal staff and external shareholders with their queries.
I have worked only in Accounts and have dealt with dissatisfied internal staff and external stakeholders.
I have experience from the stand point of membership enquire to professional fitness information given.
My previous job was a recruiter, I deal with people everyday.
A lot especially with seniors.
As a part of my work experience for transition year I went too a fitness studio and interacted with the customers but I would not classify myself as having much customer service skills. I would like to prove this in time.
Well talk to face to face give them advice.
I have experience with customer service with previous work/volunteering experiences. Also I have recieved 100% customer service feedback from my weekend job.
I'm very good at sales I can convince people's according to my terms and can crack good deal . My customers service experience I got best collection on the month and I always prepared for the challenge have 4 years of experience I always look forward to serve best to my clients .
I have been working with different people from different backround and age for many years.
I have been working as customer service for about 2 years.
Shipping import and export.
15 years in hairdressing.
A great deal - I like people.
I have 10 year working in sales and 15 years in a customer facing enviroment.
Having worked in a crèche setting for 14 years, we had many dealings with parents. A lot of the main queries were usually passed by management - fees etc. But as a teacher and childminder, I had a more professional and personal relationship with most parents, they would ask for advice on their children and activities going on etc. I'd like to think I was professional and caring in my role.