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Financial Analyst Interview Questions Go Back
1. How would you handle a conflict with a colleague or supervisor?
2. Which financial statement would you analyze if you could only choose one?
3. What are your weaknesses?
4. Describe the attributes you possess that will make you successful in this position?
5. Do you have experience in annual planning processes?
6. When did you start following the stock market?
7. Pick one financial concept and explain it to me.
8. Tell me about a time when you presented an oral report on a specific industry or corporation.
9. Describe a situation where you had to meet a tight deadline.
10. What frustrates you?
11. How is the current monetary policy affecting your decision making?
12. Why do you want to become a financial analyst?
13. Tell me about a time you failed.
14. What profitability models do you find most accurate for forecasting?
15. How do you interpret data concerning investment programs?
16. How do you ensure accuracy when making projections based on financial data and performance?
17. Which is more beneficial, increase price by a percent, or increase customer base by a percent?
18. What process do you follow to create reports?
19. What are your long term career goals?
20. What are your thoughts on the recent mortgage crisis?
21. How do you feel about travel?
22. What other factors should you consider besides NPV when selecting a project?
23. How do you see Greece's economy unfolding in the next few years due to their recent financial crisis?
24. Give me a time when you suggested an improvement at work and it was successfully put into practice.
25. In your spare time, what magazines, newspapers, journals, do you read?