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Tell me about the process you follow to create reports.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Financial Analyst interview

How to Answer

Financial analysts are very organized and methodical. Sticking with a process in your reporting is essential to your efficiency and consistency. Your interviewer is interested in the aspects you consider in your research to prepare your reports. There is a structure most reports follow.

Talk about the basic structure of your report to show that you know your audience. In this example, you are thinking about investors, which will affect the layout of your report and the information you include. Review one of your most recent reports to refresh yourself on your process.

Tell me about the process you follow to create reports.
Answer example

"I start with a company overview, investigating all of the deciding factors an investor will need. I often include this information in my investment thesis. Next I will include the key risks and valuation. I am thorough and make sure I have reviewed every aspect of the business to help investors make an informed decision."

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Tell me about the process you follow to create reports.
In the past I have used Peachtree and I am currently using QuickBooks. I am always willing to learn a new software package.
Hyperion financial management.
Mrcosoft excell and Ms Access.
As I said im very new I need to learn about this.
I have used both Microsoft Excel and SAS for coding. I have more experience using the excel system.
I think using Microsoft Excel coupled with Microsoft Access. They allow you to sort or create reports, which aids in looking for trends.
Analyzing the data, talking the data over with colleagues, and finally formatting the reports.

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