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What has been your biggest professional disappointment?
A good response is for the candidate to discuss one example of when they have been disappointed in the past in their career. A person may have accepted a job position they regret, or wished to progress faster in their career, as a few examples. The candidate should not only discuss why this was a disappointment, but how they recovered from it and found new hope moving forward.
Answer examples
"My biggest professional disappointment is that I did not get a raise in my past job. However, I realized down the line that the job was not the right one for me, and I am glad to be in the position I am now, applying at this company instead."

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User-Submitted Answers

What has been your biggest professional disappointment?
My biggest disappointment has been not have been able to find a profession in what I love doing.
My biggest professional dissappointment was shutting down my first start-up project after working as hard as I could on it for 3 years. An unbelievable learning experience and wouldn't trade it for anything.
Not being able to capture all the moments during events, weddings and documentaries.
I have new styles in video editing.
My biggest professional disappointment was not receiving a grade point average above a 3.3. I feel that if I had worked harder in my earlier years, I would have performed better. Lesson Learned.
I've always learnt of every project where I could work, so from my perspective I've not suffered a big disappointment yet. I would have like to have more success with some projects which pass unnoticed; but I accept that it's something outside of my control.
Week on theoretical question.
Perhaps being a failed actor - the stress of auditioning forced me to take a hard look at what I wanted and I took the decision to achieve success in the field of media and entertainment on a different path.
I have never been disappointment.
My biggest professional disappointment that I was not selected as video editor for music video competition.
None as of now. This is my first job .
My biggest disappointment was, a months ago, when de owner of my agency approve the script, and the storyboard I made, after a week he said all the work I did was a disaster.
Not doing enough narrative work.