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How would you describe yourself as a Film and Video Editor? What techniques and styles do you deploy?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Film and Video Editor interview

How to Answer

The candidate should describe what kind of editor they are and what styles they work best with while editing. Doing research on the client's style beforehand is a good idea to see yourself if you are able to produce work that is similar to what they have done in the past. It is also important to reference the different styles and techniques you use or have used that will help their film and video editing projects.

How would you describe yourself as a Film and Video Editor? What techniques and styles do you deploy?
Answer example

"I utilize a mix of various cuts when editing film or video from the 'L & J Cut' used commonly for documentaries and commercials, to 'Jump Cuts' used in interviews, to 'Cutaways' that are typically used as transition pieces to give the audience a view of what's happening outside of the main character’s environment."

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How would you describe yourself as a Film and Video Editor? What techniques and styles do you deploy?
As a matter of fact, it a dream come true to be an editor so that is all.
I'm an up-tempo editor, with an emphasis on pop-style and to connect emotional beats between cuts.
The way it look I would put the music to see how it sound and look.
I like the challenge to make all pictures fit in together and as far as the technique or style is concerned, it depends upon the material I am given.
I look at the flow of the clips and make sure that scenes fit and transition well together. Using fades and color correction to get a nice even flow.
Efficient, extensive use of bins is key for organistion.
A seamless editor. Editing to the beat of music, editing for emotion, acknowledging the sense of time.
I feel I have a good sense how to cut footage thanks to making videos where there are mulitple things happening that I want to switch between.
Creative efficiency and speed.
I have some professions in film editor I expected and I have interestes with editing.
Rough type and hand held shots, the story needs to grip through the lens.
As a film editor, I would describe myself as someone who.
I would describe myself as passionatel motivated and skilled. My techniques and styles include taking lots of shots until I get it right, editing multiple clips and taking time in my work.
I'm creative, I always look for original proposals. I don't conform with the idea of editing a sequence or a movie according to the academicism. I always try to express some emotion or idea, that's the goal that I have permanently in my head. And well, it could sound strange but I think that sometimes it's more difficult to not cut than to cut. The majority of editors are thinking all the time in the next point of cut, in my case I prefer thinking why I have to cut, why the scene is gonna be better if I decide put other shoot.
My work describe my self as a film editor. Techniques and styles depends on project.
Stringent, attention to detail, flare. I use a combination of techniques, jump cut vlog style, cinematic, documentary but I also like to blur and mixes styles. I love documentaries were alongside raw, factual footage we see, smooth, polished cinematic look. I am am also always looking for new styles and techniques, such as 2.5 D
I am flexible and easy to reach. Ability to go to places. Filming & video editing.
As a video editor and as per requirement high technologies will deploy.
As an editor I am creative, conscientious, efficient. I approach projects with an open mind and try to re evaluate the project as it progresses to ensure it can be the best it can be. With 9 years of experience in a variety of production settings I believe that I bring valuable expertise to any project I work on.
Cutting with precision to the story, each technique and style I deploy has its own unique and artful reason.
I will describe my self as someone that have passion for video production love to explore and create more ideas and covert it into reality ... The techniques and styles to always create new techniques and styles towards various video production .. Not applying one techniques and styles to a various video production it will not be interesting and it is not a way to move forward.
My greatest skill would be, film editing, I love to do it taking what I have and making it work is a puzzle.
Sensitive, meticulous, yet open minded. I take a step back and maximise my screen every few hours to get a better understanding of how the material is flowing, away from the 2cm squared box in my editing suite. I use my feelings, instinct and vision to guide me.
Unique and creative, outside of the box.
I'm one that gets inspiration from everywhere . I also try to insert some new trends that I find and make it as my own editing style.
I'm not professional but I love working as video editor and I can work as editor very good.
Its depend of scene if its a simple seen I make a simple editing and I use my best.
Firstly I focus on the film then I follow on the film and how editing in the film just like a new style in film.
I'm a little bit demanding with my work.I like showing the little details, lights effects and flares. I like when the flow of the images follow The rhythm of the music.
I'm decisive and clean as an editor stylistically as well as technically/organizationally. I look for footage to both further the story and reveal something extra - something special about character or moment. Music is the emotional spine to all my projects. Straight cuts, well chosen footage, minimal effects, and killer sound design - that's my jam.
I like to have a clear brief going into my project, planning is key for me! I like my videos to look clean and simple, but at the same time i'll give my client exactly what they want.
I describe myself as an editor of comedy. I love exploring different ways of timing jokes, dialogue, and physical comedy to produce different reactions from the audience. I also love montage editing.
Speed, creative and efficiency.

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