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Would you lie to a friend? What if it was for their own benefit?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a FBI interview

What do you think? Would you ever lie to protect someone from the truth? This question is tricky. Helpful hint: consider your audience. You are interviewing to work for the FBI. If you lie, they will be able to tell. If you tell the truth, you could rub them the wrong way. Think about the facts that you know about your interviewer and the rapport that you have built so far. How do you think they would respond? If you're really unsure of how to answer this, you might want to respond with, "it depends." Clearly each situation is different. If your end goal is to protect someone you loved, would you be willing to fudge the truth?
Basic answer example
"it depends."

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Would you lie to a friend? What if it was for their own benefit?
Yes, but just to keep their friendship.
I would if it was a life or death situation and could harm them.
Yes. That's like the age old question "does this dress make me look fat." The answer is always no.
Never. I care to much for their well being.

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