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Why should we hire you?
Consider the challenges of your future role. How will you go above and beyond to tackle the most difficult tasks? One way to show off your skills is to talk about your accomplishments from your education or work. What did you do that made your last presentation a success? How did your research influence an important decision or action? Review the job description once more to help you highlight accomplishments that are relevant to the expectations. Talking about a successful project you put together with a team or how you excelled in your internship are great examples of that speak to why any sensible employer would want to hire you.

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we hire you?
I am college educated/responsible/detail oriented/hard worker/selfless and would like to help put pieces of information together to perhaps spoil and terrorism plot/kidnapping and the like.
My vigilance and strong observation skills will contribute to making the United States a safer nation. If something appears strange to me, I will continue to investigate further. Once I am familiar with the norm, anything outside of that gives me reason to question. I believe that one is better safe than sorry.
I can make jelly donuts with smiley faces on them.
What can you contribute to make this a safer nation? Why?
I can be trusted to do the right thing because we need to al live in a world that is predicatabe and has a future.
I can contribute my problem solving skills, high energy face learning personality and dedication to make this nation safer with integrity and handwork.
Obviously my ability to train myself to utilize a firearm and the proper steps of basic safety.
I can use my physical ability to make it a safer place.
Always keep my gun or weapon that I get from this job if I ever get this job keep the weapon in a secret place.
I can help track down criminals and I will use my knowledge that I already have on them to do so.
Showing respect for all genders, race, and nationalities.
By using the skills I possess with the agents that are already employed, we can work together to make this nation safer and affect it in a positive way.
I can help safeguard this nation by utilizing my intelligence and experience to stop any threats I come across before they happen.
I am offering my mind and body. The more volunteers we have to make the world safer and make a promise to be a role model of safety, the more likely we can make a difference.
Study and observe the people to find threats.
What does anyone contribute to make a safe nation? Their sweat and hardwork and dedication. Every citizen makes this a safer nation by contributing to the economy and pouring taxes for our government to fund our military and special forces. We are being protected by every individual whether you think about it or not. I will do my part through intellectual analysis and deduction, and completing every mission successfully.
Common sense and the ability to recognize trouble before it takes place. Sound judgement in my actions.
I want to be able maintain the nations national security.
I can contribute my knowledge and my life.
I will give my time and contribution through a relentless effort to stop terrorism hopefully before another attack happens. I will do the best I can to educate myself and keep myself up to date with what happens all over the world in order to maintain the sanctity of this nation.
I am selfless, enthusiastic, is graduated to make the information piece by piece together to perhaps bring down the criminals, terrorists and any sorts of type that threats the nation.
Language background, dedication to the job, analyst experience.
My experience as a police officer with multiple different agencies and knowledge of crime I can bring a unique perspective into the federal bureau of investigation. I am very good at talking with people and getting them to answer my questions. I have a great bedside manner. I feel that will help me gain knowledge about a neighborhood and arrest criminals.
I shall use my painstakingly acquired skills, in particular my logical thinking and analysis to purse through intelligence data and make carefully thought out judgements to deal with threats in the country.
I have extensive experience as a United States Marine Infantryman. This experience, in conjunction with my college degree and professional work experience, give me perspective on how to perform well in and be confident in any capacity. I have a strong desire to defend this nation against enemies and investigate and arrest criminals.
By translating languages from Wolof and French to English and vice versa.
Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity - the three pillars that the FBI rests and builds itself upon. As a Special Agent for the FBI I will commit to the highest level of service to my country. I will serve my country by pursuing justice, investigating crimes, investigating terrorist activities, assisting in the efforts to prosecute crimes, and maintaining the highest levels of public faith in the system. When the nation's public believes in the efficiency and integrity of the agents, and believes in the calibre of service - a lack of corruption, a lack of abuse of power in a diverse FBI family - their is a confidence in the America people that is contagious. As a woman, as a minority, as a speaker of a somewhat rare language and Filipino dialect, I can connect with a special group of American people to let them know that the FBI is specialized in many areas and is committed to their safety.
Dedication to my job and team. I have strong integrity and loyalty.