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Why do you want a career in the FBI?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a FBI interview

How to Answer

Do you have an innate sense of justice? Are you interested in working in an environment where you are constantly learning and supporting a greater cause? Think about your future career plans. Discuss how this new position fits into your career goals. Share why you're excited about working for the FBI and what you're looking forward to. This would also be a good time to share your knowledge of the field and what you have learned from your research.

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Why do you want a career in the FBI?
My act of patriotism and commitment to the safety of all citizens domestic or foreign.
It's honorable, I think that I would perform well as a Special Agent, I desire to serve my nation still and go after bad guys, and it's a good and stable career.
I would like a career in the FBI because I have dreamed of it every since I was little, there is no greater honor than to be able to secure our nation and make it the safest it can be.
Why do you want a career as a fbi?
- well respected - avenues of growth.
I want a career in the FBI because I want to help our country get rid of all the evil people and bring justice to those who have lost their lives due to these criminals.
I don't. I just want do know the best questions to ask in an interview. So I can have honest, smart people working for me.
FBI is the premier LE organization in the world. It would be an honor to work there and I think I have a lot I can bring to the table.
Challenging, interesting, fits my style of working with a high interest, high need challenge.
To utilize my skills for the greater good and ensuring the worst criminals are locked behind bars. I will not stand for injustice.
To help people cheat on their English essay.
I want to make something meaningful of myself, hold myself to the highest accountability, and live under rules and strong standards.
Every since 9/11 I knew that I wanted to do something in some way to protect our country. I figured why not apply for a job with the FBI. It cant hurt.
Protect and defend the United states against threats, be it national or foreign terrosrist.
I believe in protecting my fellow citizens and making this country a better place for everyone.
I have always wanted to do this from a little kid till now I love how they handle things and the action.
Because I like dressing up in black suits.
I want to do good in the world. I love problem solving, and I want a work experience that is worthwhile, and ever changing. I thrive on the versatility and I want to work and improve myself in new experiences every day.

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