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What is your greatest weakness?
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My drive. It is both my weakness and my strength. I sometimes become so eager to achieve a goal or complete a task that my patience level drops. This is something I have learned to slow down with and be able to delegate certain duties off to my team, as a manager, to achieve a successful outcome.
I tend to get really engulfed in my work and let it take over my time, I will not rest until the work is done, which can lead to issues in the long run.
What is your greatest weakness?
Throughout the college I found myself trying to finish the work at the day the assignment was handed to me. It gave me a idea that I really wanted to complete the task as quick as I can without a mistake. After graduating, I'm still working on this problem.
Not being able to "completely" give up my sense of "self" and "completely" dedicate myself to a cause much greater than I can over be.
Not having the direct experience of being a FBI Agent but I have a tremendouse capacity to learn.
My greatest weakness is that when I become comfortable I will occassionally become complacent.
Love, guilt trips. Girlfriend.
My greatness weakness with respect to the FBI special agent role is that I lack extensive experience in the field. I don't have an investigative background in law enforcement, and my exposure has been primarily in the financial services sector. While I know I lack direct experience in criminal investigations, I know that I have transferable skill sets from my previous career paths. My exposure to CIP and KYC client and business verifications for AML, anti bribery, bank relations, and to determine anti corruption and anti terrorist relations, serve as a great foundations for the investigations done by the FBI. I am versed in risk control, EDDs, and the standards of the US Patriot Act, however, have lesses experience with the broad range of other types of investigations that the FBI touches. My lack of direct experience is by no means an inability to perform or serve with quality and success. I wouldn't be here today unless I knew I could apply my skills from the financial industry to perform successfully across the full scope of FBI work.
Take charge too often without delegating.
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