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What is your greatest strength?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a FBI interview

How to Answer

Think of a trait that has helped you get to this point in your career. You may have completed higher level degrees and worked in law enforcement prior to this interview. Whatever your background, you have strengths that have helped you to achieve your current status. Strengths can be skills or traits that can help you in all kinds of circumstances. Your strengths will help you to perceive situations with greater accuracy and be able to interpret conversations and evidence to notice the important subtleties. Attention to detail will help you make solid decisions and be precise. Think of some of the responsibilities and how your strengths will lend themselves to make you an exceptional addition to the team.

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What is your greatest strength?
To react or respond under great pressure or negative situations.
I am organized and detail oriented. My writing is impeccable. I am a great written communicator. I remember details, cut and paste into documents, and organize to computer folders. I have a great memory.
Dedication. I have a strong work ethic and have progressed my skill set exponentially through my professional work experience and hard work throughout the duration of my schooling.
I am enthusiastic on the work, selfless, careful, sometimes discrete but team-working depending on the assignment given. It can benefit me in almost any subject that I am deeply interested in, and also cause my self being careful and thinking before I act.
Being aware of my greatest weakness, acknowledgeing its presence and not to let it take me over during crucual times. So I work on my weakness to finally defeat it once and for all.
My greatest strength is the ability to connect with others and my communication skills.
Give me an example of when you were able to meet the personal and professional demands in your life yet still maintained a healthy balance.
The ability to see the big picture.
My greatest strength is my flexability, and adaptability.
My ability to not give in on a chance of life or death, quick to retaliate.
Ive been in a client facing role for the majority of my professional career and also have found great success and reward in political roles in my prior University setting - these roles have taught me much about human interaction, interpersonal skills, and connecting with people. At Goldman, my goal was to connect with clients to build strong lasting relationships and know and understand their financial dreams and financial struggles. My goal was at chip away at the outer shell and have him or her, over time, divulge the deeper motivations driving their financial dreams - the white picket fenced retirement home they dreamed of buying, the scary burden of their second child's college tuition, the desire to increase their risk appetite to match capture the upside of the market, and so on. In a way, I'm constantly interviewing, asking questions, and peeling away the layers of my client to get to the core - all interpersonal skills that will be useful in the Bureau. I have a deep interest in profiling, interviewing, understanding human conditions, and personal motivations and know I can be an effective agent in questioning, interviewing, interrogating, and connecting with the person at hand.
Being thorough. Triple checking things.
Greatest strength would be ability to handle issues and problems. To stay calm during the storm, and work through it stronger and better than before.
Tenaciousness--will work hard and creatively to complete a task thoroughly, with ease of implementation and follow up paperwork.
Perseverance. Getting a job done no matter what and being accountable.
My determination, grit, courage.
The greatest strength is to get as much information as possible.
Remaining calm under pressure.
I benchpressed 400lbs once.
My problem solving ability would probably be my greatest. I love seeing a problem and methodically finding the solution..
My greatest strength is my perseverance through difficult situations in both my personal life and in the workplace. Often times, tasks go uncompleted because of the tedious or arduous activities that make some tasks so difficult. I am able to turn my frustrations into motivation and push through the task at hand to achieve the best end goal which benefits the work team.
My fast learning quality is my greatest strength I am able to adapt and thrive in any environment.
What is your greatest strength?

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