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Tell me about a time when you used your analytical skills to solve a problem.
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Timing of an individuals driving habits. When and where could individuals go by vehicle and not be observed.
Virtually in every job I have had. But specifically when I was in a Business Development role in 2010 and 2011 to assess what the capabilities of a system we were trying to market actually were, and then marketing the aforementioned system accordingly, without spin or false statements.
When I worked at a nursing home, I was always looking for various physical, mental, and environmental challenges for the residents and put the pieces together in order to provide them with a safer and more comfortable living experience. Through analyzing the experience of the residents, particularly those who are unable to convey their needs, I was able to provide them quality care in accordance with health laws and policies.
I had to use my analytic abilities in order to interpret data and result inconsistencies within making the surveys for the Research center that I intern for.
I don't have analytic ability.
- linking people investigating together.
I had to use my analytic ability last week while I was doing my speech.
Almost every day. Specifically when a young man came into my office with his hand in his pocket.
Name a time when you had to use your analytic ability.
At the VA hospital I had an elderly man fall outside and cut open his head. I was the first on the scene and as a new officer was nervouse but I quickly composed myself and called a code blue and as more officers arrived I utilized them to clear the scene, take notes, photograph the scene, and remove the man's wife to where he was taken for care.