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Tell me about a time when you used your analytical skills to solve a problem.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a FBI interview

How to Answer

Your analytical skills help you to notice details and know what to look for when solving a problem. When you can break down something that can seem overwhelming into to a smaller, more manageable problem, it may be easier to solve. If you can break it down even further, possibly thinking of it in terms of a math problem where you are solving for "X" you may have even better luck! Give an example of a time at work or even in your own life where you effectively solved the problem. Some examples might include examining and gathering evidence, interpreting research or discoveries during an investigation. Explain the situation and articulate how your skills helped you to uncover the answers to the problem at hand.

Tell me about a time when you used your analytical skills to solve a problem.


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Tell me about a time when you used your analytical skills to solve a problem.
I analyze test results on a quarterly basis. I look for pieces of the puzzle that are missing, and that is what drives my instruction in the classroom. Then I teach toward filling the learning gaps that are occurring or have occurred. The ultimate goals are to fill in the holes in learning and make the test scores rise.
When I worked at a nursing home, I was always looking for various physical, mental, and environmental challenges for the residents and put the pieces together in order to provide them with a safer and more comfortable living experience. Through analyzing the experience of the residents, particularly those who are unable to convey their needs, I was able to provide them quality care in accordance with health laws and policies.
During an emergency in the ER when no doctor was around to assists me.
Name a time when you had to use your analytic ability.
One time I had to use my analytic ability was while I was working as a.
I once had to thing analytically when writing my thesis.
I use my analytic ability on a daily basis with my current employment. Everyday I have to analyze each case in order to determine dispositions for the trial.
I had to use my analytic abilities in order to interpret data and result inconsistencies within making the surveys for the Research center that I intern for.
The last time I had to figuring something out like that was four days ago.
Homicide/Murder of Family, Husband missing and neighbors claim that Husbands friend came over that night.
Almost every day. Specifically when a young man came into my office with his hand in his pocket.
In High School I had to give an oral report.
When my sister was about to hit me with a pillow.
I had to use my analytic ability last week while I was doing my speech.
When I was challenged to push myself to the limit.
I don't have analytic ability.
Teaching college level research and stats class.
Finding who shot someone.
When I conducting a research study, I had to go to numerous classes to have classmates fill out a survey and then I had to analyze and record it. This made me think and test my analytical skills and abilities.
- linking people investigating together.
At the VA hospital I had an elderly man fall outside and cut open his head. I was the first on the scene and as a new officer was nervouse but I quickly composed myself and called a code blue and as more officers arrived I utilized them to clear the scene, take notes, photograph the scene, and remove the man's wife to where he was taken for care.
I use analysis on a daily basis. We assess revenue performance, for example, and need to analyze why revenue is up or down.
All the time with my current role when I analyze client's server and environment data to estimate what they will require to reach target SLAs for performance improvements.
Timing of an individuals driving habits. When and where could individuals go by vehicle and not be observed.
Daily in my current role.
School. I had to write countless papers and use my analytical abilities. I also used it to an extant when I worked for Camden PD.
Virtually in every job I have had. But specifically when I was in a Business Development role in 2010 and 2011 to assess what the capabilities of a system we were trying to market actually were, and then marketing the aforementioned system accordingly, without spin or false statements.
I have always dreamed about working for the FBI, anything that included defending the United States of America, and that was decided since I came back here at the age of 7 right after the 9/11

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