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Name a time when your morals were questioned.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a FBI interview

How to Answer

If you are having difficulty answering this question, pause and think about your morals. Identifying your morals and standards will help you to think of an example of when they were in question. You may find yourself in life or death situations. You may also be faced with information that challenges your beliefs and ideals you hold to be true. You can give an example of a situation that questioned your morals; it doesn't just have to be a person. You may have even questioned where you stand, simply because of an intense experience where you uncovered disturbing information. See if you can think of an example and explain how it affected you and why it was so significant.

Name a time when your morals were questioned.

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Name a time when your morals were questioned.
Name a time when your morals were questioned.
Cultural competence, do I have it?
When my friend asked me to do somthing that would not to be good to my well being.
My morals where questioned when a kid in class asked me why I believed that there is a god.
My parents do not always trust my judgments because they honk I am atheist.
There are many places and times in my life when my morals were questioned: Simply studying for my Masters Degree and reading up on AL Qaeda some of those books are so informative that it could blind you from thinking clearly. That's why your morals always have to be strong.

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