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Name a difficult writing assignment you successfully completed. How did you organize it?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a FBI interview

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Explain your process and your reasoning behind it. As you manage various cases, you will be taking notes, organizing observations, evidence and interviews. You will need to keep it all organized in order to be able to present it in court and share it with your team. Think of a writing assignment from a recent project at your job. Explain the outline to show your writing abilities. Talk about your mission or your thesis statement. What was difficult about the assignment? If it was the topic, discuss how you researched supporting evidence or used conversations and data.

Name a difficult writing assignment you successfully completed. How did you organize it?

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Name a difficult writing assignment you successfully completed. How did you organize it?
State Dept security in DC 1990, filled out the time line and how we did the detail.
When I was in college I got an assignment to write an essay about my priorities. I managed to follow the steps my high school teacher taught me and I organized my essay by following The 8 step process.
Name a hard writing assignment you successfully completed and how did you organize it.
Think, organize, be clear and articulate.
I did it in chronological order.
A hard writing assignment was my To Kill A Mocking Bird essay and I organized it by making sure it sounded professional and used big vocabulary words to get a good score.
An official testing brief. I laid out the goal, the approach, why we want to approach it that way, the timeline, the evaluation criteria, any tbd details we still need to investigate, and any challenges or roadblocks.
I had to do a project for my masters degree with an individual who lived in Hawaii and we managed to work together an piece the project together with no problems before the deadline. We talked on google chat and communication was strong therefore making the entire project a success.
About my personal life, which was really hard because of the details I had to include, they were really personal.

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