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How do you handle stress and pressure?
Your job can be intense at times, so you will need a plan to combat stress before it gets you down! Discuss the tools you use to stay calm. How do you continue to pay attention to detail and work cautiously to ensure there are no errors in your work? Explain that you understand the pressure of your job and that you have experienced similar pressure before. Your experience handling stress well will speak volumes! Give an example. "When I was pursuing my masters degree I was also working full time. Both my job and classes demanded my time and attention, which was extremely stressful. I learned how to prioritize and manage my time to where I could allow myself breaks and deal with the stress more effectively."
Answer examples
"When I was pursuing my masters degree I was also working full time. Both my job and classes demanded my time and attention, which was extremely stressful. I learned how to prioritize and manage my time to where I could allow myself breaks and deal with the stress more effectively."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you handle stress and pressure?
I am very calm all the time. I like to handles stressful situation methodically and according to policies and procedures developed by those who have gone before me.
I thrive under stress and pressure and am pushed by these two things to do my best in the workplace. Stress and pressure can be excellent motivators for me and create a positive challenge for myself and my coworkers to do better.
How do you handle stress and pressure?
I work out four times per week and insure that get.
Work harder, decompress during the event as needed, prioritize, pllan a strategy.
I handle my stress and pressure better than most, I work best in a face paced and stressful environment and it motivates me to continue to work.
I go to the gym to handle my stress and pressure.
Depends if it's a client, my child or my husband. Things you can't control, there is no sense to get upset to only make the situation worse. I will raise my voice to my children or even my husband.
I take some deep breaths and continue.
A happy face stress ball.
I handle stress and pressure fine.
I analyze the situation and take care of it.
Always calm, never have a temper.
Calm down and take a deep breath.
I view stress and pressure as two positive things, I thrive on them because they help motivate and keep me focused in various situations.
If possible I take a second, breath, and reflect on the situation then proceed. If there is no time I will react with my best possible judgement to achieve the best outcome.
I have a high stress tolerance. The easiest example to explain is being overworked. I understand the value of work, doing a good job, being accountable. Under that kind of stress and pressure you take the time you can to relax and push through to get the job done.
Relax and stay confident.
My go to for handling stress will always be - funny videos. Helps the nerves ease.
Stop, think, evaluate, then proceed with positive action.
I exercise or listen to jazz music.
I like to believe I handle it well.
I take a deep breath and make sure to control what I am able to. I try not to let things that are out my power to stress me. Pressure is good. It pushes you to work better and faster and out of your comfort zone. Doing so causes you to grow and be able to handle more pressure.
When I am in stress I do a workout at my dorm or draw manga while listening to music if I have a spare time. If it affects my life I would solve any type of problem that causes the pressure or stress while being calm.
I am normally a calm person. I handle stress by working out, cooking, going to dinner with my family, outdoor activiities with my family.
I handle stress and pressure and a variety of ways. When I was younger, I developed issues such as stress and pressure. I have learned to scum to stress and pressure and focus on the situation and my surroundings by getting the job done in an appropriate manner. Although,
I take a moment channelise the energy, so as to avoid an overwhelming sense of panic. And then I start collecting my thoughts and determine the next course of actions.
Well. I try to remain calm and think logically. I try to analyze objectively and problem solve.
By sleeping, watch a movie or read a book.
With over 10 years in the big 4 and financial industry, I'm no stranger to high stress environments. I enjoy asymmetrical work settings and thrive in unpredictable situations. I believe in managing stress by directing and compartmentalizing tasks. There are issues aside my circle of control, and issues that lay outside my circle of control. For those factors I can control, I follow process and procedure guidelines to systematically check off what can be organized and made manageable. Additionally, I determine what's a variable, what the unknown are and seek assistance from others to brainstorm possible methods of approach for each factor. My stress and pressure is manageable if approached with a process that organizes and delegates the tasks in a systematic manner.
By understanding nothing can be resolved without logical thinking and the ability to stay composed in high pressure situations.