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How do you handle stress and pressure?
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I am very calm all the time. I like to handles stressful situation methodically and according to policies and procedures developed by those who have gone before me.
Well. I try to remain calm and think logically. I try to analyze objectively and problem solve.
By understanding nothing can be resolved without logical thinking and the ability to stay composed in high pressure situations.
I thrive under stress and pressure and am pushed by these two things to do my best in the workplace. Stress and pressure can be excellent motivators for me and create a positive challenge for myself and my coworkers to do better.
I handle my stress and pressure better than most, I work best in a face paced and stressful environment and it motivates me to continue to work.
How do you handle stress and pressure?
When I am in stress I do a workout at my dorm or draw manga while listening to music if I have a spare time. If it affects my life I would solve any type of problem that causes the pressure or stress while being calm.
I handle stress and pressure and a variety of ways. When I was younger, I developed issues such as stress and pressure. I have learned to scum to stress and pressure and focus on the situation and my surroundings by getting the job done in an appropriate manner. Although,
I take a moment channelise the energy, so as to avoid an overwhelming sense of panic. And then I start collecting my thoughts and determine the next course of actions.
I handle stress and pressure fine.
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