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How do maintain a balance between work and the rest of your life?
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I worked at a company and moved to a higher level of support. I lived with my girlfriend paying $600 a month for everything included. Awesome example.
So far in life I have not yet done anything unless you count me doing speeches that I put a lot of time and effort into.
Bring laptop and work on vacation during school year in order to keep up, yet only touched it during the quiet of th elate evening.
Any time I have a scheduled vacation, planning has to happen. What projects are outstanding, who will cover them, who will cover new projects that may come thru, will I be available in emergency situations, does their need to be training, etc. All of these questions needs to be asked in order to properly take your vacation which essentially recharges you.
My first year of college, I was sick throughout the whole second semester and still had to pass all of my classes, which I did.
I saw a healthy balance between professional demands and my personal life when I was working a 9-5.
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