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Have you ever stolen anything valued at more than ten dollars?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a FBI interview

If you have stolen hundreds or thousands of dollars, gotten away with it and somehow landed an interview with the FBI, we would be surprised! If you have actually stolen something of worth, you will need to fess up. How do you talk about this? Well, you'll have to be honest! Stealing can never be justified, but explaining the situation might help. The FBI can only hire people they can trust. You want to prove that you are someone who can be trusted with money or anything else of value.

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Have you ever stolen anything valued at more than ten dollars?
Yes I have, unfortunately. I do not appreciate you reminding me of my childish past. You cannot hold a Man back from his future because of his past, that is un-human.
No, I would never steal anything.
Yes - money from my dad. Outside of family, I've stolen but not above $10 that I recall.
No I haven't but i've stolen from my mom and she always knew.

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