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Give me an example of how well you can listen to and follow instructions.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a FBI interview

How to Answer

Try to think of an example that could easily be applied to the context of the job. What sorts of situations would you anticipate where it would be of utmost importance for you to be able to listen to instructions? If you misinterpret them, it could cost money, time or even someone's life. When you give your example, show that you not only listened carefully, but that you also understood instructions before acting.

Give me an example of how well you can listen to and follow instructions.

"My boss explained a process he needed me to follow that I was unfamiliar with. I asked clarifying questions to make sure that I understood what he needed before completing the task."

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Give me an example of how well you can listen to and follow instructions.
I know respect. I know responsibility. Show me the way I follow the path, obstacles may come, hell its part of life. Make a way. Listen, be observant, & wise decisions.
I hated having to go to school.
I pay attention a little and am good at remembering what they say but when i'm spacing out I don't really remember what they say.
I recently bought a road bike. Before I had ever ridden one, the instructor went over all the gears, how to mount it, hand positions, leg positions, launch, steering, and stopping. It may sound simple, but he specifically made a comment that I followed his directions perfectly which many people he trains disregard.
I follow instructions well and usually where ever I work I end up being the un official lead. Everyone comes to me to ask questions and find answers.

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