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Describe your specific skills and experience related to Event Planning.

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Consider the skills needed in order to accomplish the responsibilities for this position. Some may be new to you and some may be areas where you have experience. You want to discuss skills that could easily transfer to prove you are qualified for the job. All events need to be executed by the anticipated deadline, so talk about your time management skills. Whether you are a consultant or working with a team, you will need to be able to interact with others. Discuss how you relate with others, delegate tasks and work as a team.

Pro Tip: For each responsibility listed in the job description, list the skills required to accomplish that task. Draw from your experience, referring back to your resume if you need a reminder of how you have accomplished similar tasks.

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Describe your specific skills and experience related to Event Planning.
On-site management; logistics; negotiating vendor contracts; printing any materials; seating; bus assignments; creating drops for each individual at the hotel.
Multi lingual, results driven. Work well with others, in house and onsite.
My specific skills cover many components of the event planning process. Creating connections with vendors, meeting with guests to discuss details of their event, menu planning, and catering.
My years of experience planning a variety of events, everything from small student events to large tasting festivals, has really contributed to my overall skills in the industry. I am known by my colleagues as a hard worker, a team player and someone who gets the job done efficiently and effectively all while having a smile on my face.
High energy, adaptable, interpersonal skills, creative, resourceful, organized.
Certified wedding planner, I have delphi and daylight experience, I understand food and beverage, detailing banquet event orders, extremely detailed in my detailing of banquet event orders and group resumes.
My skills are vast for the role of Special Project Coordinator. My expertise is relationship building through sport and non profit which has allowed me to be creative and come up with new ideas and events to bring awesomeness to our community.
I have strong communication and organizational skills. For example when planning events I make sure I communicate to the team or members assisting their tasks to be completed and am organized with the who what where when and whys of the event.
Organised time manangement skills communication & listen skills people skills flexible attention to detail.
I am passionate about design and my experience would be designing client invitations.
List oriented, detailed, follow through on all tasks.
Grat interpersonal skills, Excellent communication skills, Great patience, and superior verbal communication skills.
Graduated from college, years of experience, passion and desire to further pursue career, confident to begin independent event planning business.
Well I would say that key skills are my passion for events and strong work ethic which has been evidenced in my current cv - with these skills I have been motivated to put myself out there and assume several events co-ordinator roles that have allowed me to gain invaluable experience and I believe that my enthusiasm is one of the reasons that I was asked again and again to provide my co-ordination services. I would also say that skills such as being very organised, a great multi-tasker, excellent time-manager and having the ability to prioritise tasks have all allowed me to plan successful events and will continue to do so in future events.
Having worked on this field for more than 5 years I consider myself a very skill-fulled person and thanks to the years behind my experience I have developed many aptitudes, such as undergoing multitasking activities(I once had to work on a contract while I was dealing with a last minute meeting inquiry), maximizing my time was a great deal for me as at the beginning was unable to coop with all my duties so that I do not have to stay over the schedule. Nevertheless, whenever the duty called I have always been available to stay after the program as in many occasions - mostly Sept to Dec-we have had to work extra.
MY specific skills related to event planning are my organizational skills, people skills, punctuality, flexibility, and my love for all things pretty! Experiences include my work with the fundraising for the 31Heroes Project and Joggin' for frogmen events. And my experience as a wedding assistant and behind the scenes preparations at a fashion show event.
Strong will, Excellent time skills, communication skills.
Servsafe certified, skills with table set up, bar and beverage certified.
Great organizational skills, very detailed, and strong problem solving skill.
I am very observant and organized. Everything takes planning, even my interview, taking the mock-up questionnaire now. Also its important to always have somebody whom I can trust at their station at all times. I am only a person that can only be in 1 place, so sometimes its important to be meticulous and its ok to delegate.
Listener efficient, strong oral and verbal skills creative and quick thinker.
Detailed, organized, exceptional time management skills and well as negotiation skills. I communicate well and am extremely creative and full of ldeas.
In college I was my sorority's membership recruitment chairman so I was responsible for all of the formal recruitment events. The year I was responsible I believe we had around 600 potential new members go through recruitment so I planned five days of events for that. I was responsible for the decorations, the food, the beverages, creating a video and other promotional tools and most importantly I was responsible for training the 150 existing members of my sorority on how best to recruit new women to our chapter. In addition to that I had a unique opportunity my senior year of college, our sorority's event chairman had to step down from her position half way through the year so because I had leadership and event planning experience I had to step and fill that role. I took over the planning for our sorority's formal which had 400 attendees. I was able to find a venue on relatively short notice, planned the dinner and entertainment for the event, and arranged transportation to and from the event for all 400 people and stayed within the budget that was predetermined before I took over the role. I had to fill out paperwork and event contracts with the hotel, the caterers, the bar tenders, the buses. In addition to that I also had to fill out paperwork to make sure the event was properly registered with Kappa's national headquarters as well as the Georgia Southern Greek Life Office. Outside of the sorority in college I held two internships, the first was with Rent the Runway where I was the team manager of the Georgia Southern campus representatives. We were responsible for planning two trunk shows and fashion shows a year so we had to promote those events on campus as well as secure a venue, models for the fashion show, decorations, and food while meeting our sales goals for each event. The second internship I had was at a store called fab'rik where I helped plan Savannah's Fashion Night Out which is an event that all of the stores in downtown Savannah help plan. So for that I had a similar responsibilities of helping to hire the models, finding a videographer, working with caterers and other event staff to make sure everything ran smoothly. So lastly that brings us to now, in my current position at Stein Mart as an assistant buyer I am responsible for planning the market trips for our division, booking hotel rooms and travel arrangements, creating schedules with vendor appointments. Then we also have two large meetings a year where all of the store managers come to visit our corporate office so I've been involved with planning their itineraries and putting together formal power point presentations for our large group meetings.
I have always enjoyed making lists and being able to organize my work so that it can make sense to not only me but others in case they have any questions. While interning and assisting in other events I have learned how important it is to pay attention to what the client wants so that you can make decisions for them in case they are unavailable. Also, I make timelines so that every one can be on the same page to know what is happening and when.
- Past Winter quarter as an Assistant Director, I worked collaboratively with another AD, Olivia, and coordinated a dinning etiquette with KPMG. While planning the event, we faced many unforeseen issues, such as the data cap on the google form, finding restaurant that is within the firm's budget, additional students invited to the event. - All these were successfully taken care of through constant communications --> updating each other about suggestions on how to solve the issues and what are the results - As a volunteer at School for Disabled Children in Yangon, Myanmar, I also helped plan field trips and workshops with teachers and parents. Recently, past winter break when I went to Myanmar, I volunteered at my brother's school and helped recruited volunteers for their Christmas carol singing event.
I have acquired exceptional organisational, time management and client relationship skills whilst working on a wide range of events including community concerts and festivals with the City of Stirling that featured local and international headliners and being local Government, introduced me to the wonderful world of "process", coordinating the creative minds at the Moomba Festival to assist in managing the parade and 1,200 participants, opening art exhibitions to national and international politicians and VIPs at the National Gallery of Victoria as well as working with high end clients such as Singapore Airlines, ANZ, Macquaire, Ernst & Young and Mercedes to facilitate their events at the gallery, I've worked with executive boards and committees to organise gala dinners and cocktail functions for the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, acquired project management skills whilst working on the national P2P campaign Step-a-thon where I coordinated direct mail and eDM campaigns, assisted with product design, developed copy for campaign websites and managed all communication with fundraisers and donors. At Jack Morton I was able to polish my attention to detail skills as well as gain valuable insight into client management and working with creative teams.
My skills involve a high standard of customer service. Fine attention to detail in all aspects of the event, from food, to setting, staff to entertainment. I have had much experience being involved in events from organising to working as part of a catering team to waitressing, chefing and entertaining.
I enjoy creating and designing things. I am good at crafting and paintings and have different ideas to implement my creative designs and to make things beautiful.
I am extremely organized and have great attention to detail. I have a large family and am constantly helping my mom organize parties and set up tables.
Organized, offer excellent customer service, have planned over 200 events of all types,
I've been in the hospitality industry for a long time - which requires me to be well versed with food and beverages. Being an event planner also requires me to know my facilities well, which includes set up, keeping connected with different rental companies, and even being well versed with our A/V system. At my current job, I work with the system, Savant. Which works sufficiently with apple systems. I've also been trained to connect with a lot of different people and corporate companies. Training includes public speaking, a lot of it and also writing. I have skills in writing press releases, sponsorship letters, blog writing etc.
Extremely detailed and organized, to the point of having a little OCD. The golf industry thrives on events; without events, golf courses would cease to exist. I worked hand in hand with the sales team and conference/catering. I see this position being a hybrid of conference/catering and golf ops. In fact, after my second season at the resort, the Director of CC wanted to transfer me to that department and out of golf.
Throughout my courses at iowa State I have taken many event courses and have learned out of the text book but through my experience at aspen meadows I worked closely with BEO's, set up, tear down, and mostly saw how the event planners and front of house closely work together.
I have excellent project management and communications skills. Excellent at managing events and onsite vendors. Coordinating production schedules and identifying event needs/issues. I have over 7 years experience working at and event firm. As PA, Production Manager, Production Controller, and Event Producer.
I want to make sure that clients are getting the event they want where they want it.
Generating BEO's and Group Resumes - planning table/seating arrangement.
I have organized many events over the course of my career and personal life. The largest event I managed was a multi-day Computation Physics Conference held in Lake Tahoe and attended by over 200 guests. From registration to the proper handling of secure (or secret) documents and information. I received an award for the excellent execution from start to finish.
Organized, detail oriented, multitasking, work well under stress pressure, adaptible.
Communication skills - I think I can communicate effectively and transmit my ideas and vision quite efficiently. I am also able to listen to others ideas and consider them as well as build upon the ideas of others. The best way to do his is group discussion among the whole team.
I am able to fuel a team with creative ideas and organised relevant elements of an event. This came about through delivering a university open day./showcase for creative talent. Completing an arts award in events management helped with hand on experience to create a one day youth festival - VYBE this has given me valuable liaison skills from communicating between peers.
Time management, organized, multi-tasking,
I am very detail- oriented and creative, but at the same time am able to maintain a sense of the bigger picture and the overall event objectives. I am also able to communcate well with different types of people, which is essential for event planning.
I am a very organised person, and good at prioritizing my tasks. I am very hard working and try to succeed in every ask I do. I have excellent time management always completing tasks on time. I have effective communication and I am great team working and enoy building relationships with collegeus and cutomers.
I have planned events before for friends and family.
Time management skills, ability to manage multiple events whilst providing a high level of work output.
I have over 15 years experience in Event planning where I have done everything from pack trucks for events to assist with venue selection, ordering signage, securing food and beverage, and registering attendees for the events.
Describe your specific skills and experience related to Event Planning.
I like organizing things and see come all the plan together. I am resourceful, patience and hard worker with an excellent people skills.
Attention to detail, checklists, biggest bang for our buck, garnering the interest of those invited to attend.
I am certified in both event planning and hospitality management.
I previously served as the Promotions and Marketing Director for Clear Channel radio where I executed on site, online, and on air promotions that ranged from local contests to national music tours. Prior to that I was Product Champion and Advertising Sales Executive for Metromix magazine. In that position I helped plan, promote, and execute events for young business professionals along with selling and designing advertising. I also served as the VP and Head of Recruitment for Delta Zeta Sorority as well as class President for 7 years. Over time, I've acquired and polished skills such as time management, attention to detail, customer service, written and verbal communication, multi tasking, problem solving, and the ability to work under pressure in fast paced environments and successfully meet deadlines.
I have planned banquets and band & orchestra concerts, which included invitations, decorations, and programs. There has also been a lot of outgoing calls to the place of the event (e. G. Hotel), DJ, and entertainment.
Previous trade show experience, good communication skills both internally and externally, previous space selling experience.
I have worked with different demographics and have had to adapted how I work and speak to people due to this. I would say common sense is a big part of event planning and being quick on your feet is essential. I have great customer service experience.
I pay attention to details, great listener and multi-tasking.
I have good creative thinking and a good food taste also.
I have planned multiple events, have experience with eventbrite, and email blasts.
I see things through, when a problem arises I am determined to find a solution. Not until after I feel I have exhausted every option I could think of and have researched am I ready to give up. I like to document processes so good things can be repeated and bad things can be eliminated form happening again.
During my time in school I helped plan student events, cultural/community events, scholarship events, and executive board events. I gained many skills from those events. I learned the full planning process. I have handled small budgets, ordering equipment, collating data for presentation, creating schedules, created risk management plans and evaluations.
Planning, organing, paying attention for small details.
Time management from inception to completion, understanding of the life cycle, budget management, delegate management, logistics of transport, food and beverage in terms of numbers.. E. G., 5 -8 canapés ppax depending on size, 3 bowl food… 1.5 bottle of beverage.
Time management, organization, event design, invitation/rsvp management, office applications, multi-tasking, communication, and customer service skills.
Able to motivate my teams and give specific jobs to work as a unit in a timely and efficient manner.
I love seeing how all the little parts of an event come together. Right now, I am working on Mankato's first TEDx event here on the MNSU campus. I take pride knowing that our school is open to hosting such an awesome event. I believe that my specific skills are my ability to work with various people to finish a product. What I mean by that is that I am easy to communicate with, and am eager to know how all of the different pieces of the event planning process come together. My organized style and great communication skills partnered with the leadership skills I have learned while in Student Council in High School and here at MNSU make my Event Planning process go smoothly .
Event strategy, preparing budgets, coordinating (choosing venues, working with vendors/sponsors, setup, provide post event analysis as well as building client relationships.
I started out in high school as a volunteer for pony express days. I was at every event, I volunteered under the special event director for EMC, I then had the oppurtunity to intern for the congressional award foundation in washington, d. C. In DC I was considered the event coordinator due to the actual one being on maturity leave. I planned a week long event for youth around the united states. Poker Tournaments, wellness dinners, golf tournaments with dikembe mutumbo and mutiple congressmen and senators. I was the main point of contact for the week long event for all congressional and senator offices. Once my internship ended I flew home and worked for angie ferre with emc to plan events. I assisted with a baby contest, rodeo, demo derby, city celebrations, marketing, sponsor calling, etc.
Communication, negotiation, teamwork & creativity.
Organized, time management skills, I develop plans and meetings to get as much information, I ask questions first to give me an idea of what type of event, I ask for budget, customer service skills, listen and manage conflic.
I can working closely with other people, I can use social media to promote.
I'm very creative, good with time management to meet my deadlines, I'm organised, quick thinking, good with problem solving and I have good communication skills.
Most of my experience in event planning honestly came most recently from this summer as a summer camp leader. In this position, we plan the meals, activities and supervise and lead all of the camp. I have also organized some club bake sales and events. Eg selling purdys chocolate and booths at carnivals.
While creativity and style are important skills I possess. I believe any planner must own time management and organizational skills to ensure tasks are completed on time and at the right time. These skills are imperative for a successful event and career. These skills allow you to handle unanticipated circumstances rationally while remaining calm.
I have handeled logistics for many meetings and conferences - preparing meeting packets, etc.
I have varying skills across differing sectors within event planning. I have experience with extremely logistical events and pride myself with a strong ability to organise and manage any event, large or small, no matter the time-scale or obstacle that come my way. I have experience planning events from start to end, from booking venues, to liaising and managing suppliers and budget management to managing and leading teams on the day.
I have done some work on the side for a small catering company planing an event on the food and beverage side of things. But my experience within the industry has given me a lot of unique skills that put together will help me transition into this position.
I am a very detail-oriented individual. My education in accounting has taught me how to prepare budgets and track expenses and revenue. I also have had the privilege of working with a marketing team throughout the past three years. During my time in marketing, I have learned how to promote and create interest in events. I have also had the opportunity to plan several events from the beginning to end including venue selection, contract negotiations, vendor management, and timeline creation.
I am resourceful, a great communicator, bilingual, organized, I respond quickly, and I have lots of experience speaking with individuals of all personalities, temperaments, cultural backgrounds, and languages.
I have experience planning events that range from 2-500+ guests from start to finish. I am able to outsource items from vendors and ensuring great client relations with those vendors. I am organized and am able to keep to strict time lines as well. I am also able to delegate to volunteers when required, ensuring we all stay on task, on time and on budget.
My skills related to event planning are organizing the function; from set-up, ensuring the function runs smoothly, to the clean up process. I have 2 years of Sales Manager experience.
I have been in the hospitality industry for over 12 years and I feel that the strong customer service skills, ability to multi task.
Setting up and event and breaking it down. Attention to the details. I love using Excel and Access to make lists to organize and plan everything from prices and equipment to delivery dates. Communication written and verbal. Personality; patient, service oriented and willing to do what it takes, the show must go on!
People person. I enjoy helping people solve their wants. I am a planner. I like to have a list of tasks needed to be completed. Detail oriented-I love creating events that reflect the couple or client in charge. Creativity- I love creating memorable events that one-of-a-kind.
My experience ranges from high-end to low-key events: fundraisers, gatherings and informational events. I plan and execute each event from start to finish, with the client's needs and wishes at the forefront. I handle all aspects of planning an event -whether it is a 600 guest wedding or an intimate gathering or cocktail party. From developing save the dates, invites, etc. To clean up, I have done hundreds of events. I also manage staff in a collaborative way, with the final aim of the event in focus.
Wedding, the bride and groom were fighting and creating heated tension before the ceremony and dinner. A lot of the event planning was being done by family members and there were a lot of issues. So even as just being caterers, we assisted in decorations, table and chair set up, bartending, We couldn't decide what to do as the caterers,
Ability to priotize and organize multiple assignments. I also have the ability to accept direction well and love constructive cricism. I am flexiable, a clear thinker and able to delegate work when needed.
I can work under pressure and I was one of the organizers in many events held in my Department of study.
Organizational skill, customer satisfacation, attention to detail, planning in my everyday life,
Usually low budgeted and tight on time... But always end in a big success.
Have organised, run or supervised weddings, cruises, banquets, Operas, parties, carnivals, tours and conferences, I have gained phenomenal communication skills (both verbal and written). Multitasking, organising & team coaching. Client consulting to determine size, budget, desired venue and purpose. Media and P.R. Services. Food and beverage planning, Ticket sales, Costumes and theatrical make-up organising. Venue hire or rentals and Travel and accommodation planning.
Social media marketing, organisational skills, negotiation, creativity,
I am very detail oriented and adaptable, strong time management skills, up to date knowledge of event styling. I have planned a variety of different events such as winemaker dinners, cocktail events, corporate events, education courses, project managed Taste of Sydney 2015 as well as styling pop up restaurants and a number of festive events in my private life.
I give them what they not what I think it should be, organized, good listener.
Organised with good time management - 3 conferences, same day different locations - plan staff, catering, equipment set up.
I planned my own wedding and after our event, the event planner at our venue asked me if I would be interested in working for her. I created detailed minute schedules for all our suppliers including caterers, staff, bartenders, DJ and our car service. Also, at my current work at IU, I was responsible for managing and running the summer intensive program. I had to organize and schedule all staff and counselors, develop evening and weekend events for the students, which included t-shirt tye dye, smores night, ice cream social, downtown exploration, and dinner reservations. I was also responsible for organizing all catering needs for lunch during the day.
I am creatively hands on where certain design elements are hand crafted.
Detailed and very good at delegating. I love to entertain in my personal life and for the 3rd year in a row I'm planning my daughters birthday/spring kickoff event. I always plan it at my house and usually have some volunteers to help me set up and take down. I am a perfectionist and my goal is to make sure people are not bored. I plan for plenty of food, decorations goody bags for kids while making sure the kiddos are plenty entertained. Each year is a different theme I plan for about 50-60 people at my house. And although it can be a bit stressful being the one person handling everything and making sure the party goes smoothly; my feedback is always positive and our friends and family look forward to it every year.
Animal clinic.
How to plan a party.
I was Ecology Club president in college, Inter-Faith network leader, Latino leader and planned potlucks for volunteer groups. Invited speakers to speak, kept a social network list, and connecting with certain people that had wide social networks to let others know.
The most important task would be managing your time and meeting deadlines.
I have Greta leadership skills. I coordinated a fashion show for our cultural night. I also was in charge of putting together groups for a college day event. I then came up with and directed team building activites for the college day event.
My specific skills in experience to event planning is coming up with ideas through which networking with the business community would like to see for a particular event. In addition it's getting out there pounding the payment for sponsorships and thinking outside of the box for new ideas and people to recruit.
I have worked large events such as recitals, golf outings, and dinner.
Interpersonal, detail oriented, organized, communication, able to work well under pressure, able to prioritize.
I started planning in high school. I was the person who everyone came to for vacation planning; budget, booking the house, etc. I even organized a protest to our tyrant of a principal. Once I was in college I joined the SAEM Club...
I am hard working, patient which comes in handy, I have good interpersonal skills which will help me to communicate with customers and I am resilient which means I don't sweat the small things.
Wedding planner.
I went to George Brown College in Toronto for two years for their special events planning course. After that I had an internship at a banquet hall where I shadowed the events coordinator allowing me to take my knowledge from school and put it into practice. Meeting with clients, ordering linens, meeting with the chef to go over the BEO etc. After that I got a job as a Conference Planner for a company in Toronto I have been working there for almos.
I am an extremely detail oriented person. I love using Microsoft Excel to organize and plan everything from prices to delivery dates. I also have superb communication skills, which are crucial in this industry.
I have assisted in event planning since the age of 14. I specialize in creative approaches to problem solving. Throughout high school and college especially, I dug in to each opportunity to oversee event set-up and take-down as well as vendor customer service. At EF tours and Evolve Vacation Rental, I have helped plan educational tours, weddings, family reunions and anniversary parties from the ground up - paying particular attention to offering superb customer service and attention to detail.
Ts, meetups, roadshows, executive tracks, user conferences, vip experiences.
Budget management and negotiation is one of my strongest skills .... I love the are of negotiation.
I try to think of seeing events from a guests standpoint. I look at things as if I was attending and cater towards that.
My strength is that I have created and managed a wide variety of events and worked with diverse groups of volunteers. I always deliver on time and on budget, keeping cost in mind. I took over the Crew Soccer Foundation Golf Classic from a predecessor and was determined to spend less while still maintaining a positive atmosphere. We got more donated services, cut out unlimited alcoholic beverages and created sponsorship packages.
Setting up and event and breaking it down. Most importantly marketing.
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