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What inspired you to pursue a career in the nursing field?

1 of 15 Entry-Level Nursing Interview Questions and Answers Written by Kelly Burlison

Written on June 4th, 2019 | Kelly Burlison, MPH, is an experienced professional
with over ten years of experience interviewing in the health care field.
How to Answer

Nursing is not a profession that is meant for everyone and the interviewer is asking this question to learn more about the candidate's motivation behind pursuing a career in nursing. A career in nursing can be both physically and emotionally challenging and it takes a person with with compassion and a willingness to care for others in their most vulnerable states to be successful. To effectively answer this question, the candidate should answer honestly, but focus on their passion for people and caring for others. A more successful answer would include a specific personal experience the candidate had in their lifetime that inspired them to pursue nursing as a career.

Professional Answer Examples
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"I have always wanted a career where I could help people, but when I first started college, I wasn't sure exactly what that meant. However, after volunteering at a hospital one summer, I was drawn to the nursing field. I feel like nurses are the backbone of the clinical system and not only do they keep the system running, they provide care to patients and their family members when it counts the most. Once I decided on nursing, I never looked back, and so far, it has been one of the best decisions of my life."

Answer example

"I am a career changer, as I worked as a corporate accountant in the hospitality field for over a decade. However, when my mother was undergoing treatments for cancer sever years ago was when I was inspired to pursue a career in nursing. Seeing the nurses care for my mother so compassionately through all stages of her cancer treatment made me realize I needed to devote my career to something more meaningful. I have nothing against accounting, it is a great career, but I feel like my time will be better spent if I am caring for others in my career instead of sitting behind a spreadsheet."

Written by:

Kelly Burlison
Kelly Burlison, MPH, is an experienced professional with over ten years of experience interviewing in the health care field, half of which are focused on an IT subindustry of health care. As an administrator in a managed care organization, Kelly has successfully interviewed and hired many clinical and support staff positions. Through her IT experience in the health care field, which includes roles in telemedicine, registry operations, quality measurement, and business process management, Kelly has been involved in the interview process for many different positions, from entry-level to executive.
Published: 06/04/2019
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