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When would be a time to call the parents to give positive feedback?

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    When would be a time to call the parents to give positive feedback?

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      The interviewer is looking for examples of times parents were called for something positive. The stigma is that parents get called when their student is in trouble. Changing the narrative can go a long way with parents and the administration.

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      "I had a student who was struggling when we were working on analytical essays. Over time, I saw the progress that was changed the way he interacted in class, among his peers and myself. I, of course, told the student that I saw growth, but I called the parents as well to speak about the progress. This example needs mimicking in the classroom as much as possible."

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      "At my school, the administration wants us to call 10 parents every semester. The conversations involve positive feedback. I love getting to speak with parents about how their child is succeeding."

      Shane's Answer

      Positive feedback conversations with a parent can include a student working with in groups, a student adding to a discussion, and a student acing an exam, to name a few.

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