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Shane Reinhard is a high school English teacher focused on English 9 Honors, English 11, Yearbook/Journalism, and AP Seminar.

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When did you accomplish something satisfying in teaching?

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English Teacher Interview

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    When did you accomplish something satisfying in teaching?

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      By answering this question appropriately, the interviewer will see achievement in your life. Speak about the growth of a student. The interviewer wants to see how success has happened with the job applicant.

      Shane's Answer

      "Having success in life is all about the stretching process. When I was teaching 9th graders, I had a student who was not particularly satisfied with the class. The rest of my class seemed to be engaged and interactive, so I stuck with this student. I listened to the student and what I could do to help in the process. Over time, I built trust with the student, and they started enjoying my English class."

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      "I try to look for satisfying moments in teaching all the time. One recently was having a student come back and thank me for their experience at the school. If I only taught that one student, teaching would be worth it."

      Shane's Answer

      Isn't it amazing when a student comes back to thank you? Cherish that for the end of time. Not all students will come back, but a few will make your day. Continue to teach knowing you have students watching.

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