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What would you do if a student has asked to go to the bathroom every day for a week?

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    What would you do if a student has asked to go to the bathroom every day for a week?

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      Classroom management is in how you handle minuscule tasks like bathroom breaks in your class. Students can learn to manipulate a teacher very quickly if they start to see loopholes. Telling the interviewer what your protocol is in a situation like this can be enlightening to the process.

      Shane's Answer

      "I have had students try to do this at the beginning of the year. My policy is to give the students two hall passes per quarter. They can use them whenever they need them. The hall passes are extra credit if they do not use them. However, if they go over that amount, they will start losing participation points, and I will remind them of their lost points each time. This protocol makes sure that my students do not manipulate the situation without consequences."

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      "Having an honest conversation is the right way to go. Just check into see if the student is alright. Remind them you have expectations to be in class for as often as possible."

      Shane's Answer

      Of course, there are emergencies where students should be able to go to the bathroom. But, more than twice a quarter is not needed for most students.

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